“Almighty (God)! By the glorious Qur’an. Nay, they wonder that a warner has come to them from among themselves; so the disbelievers say: This is a wonderful thing! When we die and become dust–that is a far return. We know indeed what the earth diminishes of them and with Us is a book that preserves.”
—Holy Qur’an, Surah 50, verses 1-4

Dr. Jin Moon, founder of the Global Peace Festival Foundation greets Mother Tynnetta Muhammad, Vivian Lee and Anita Muhammad at the closing banquet of the Leadership Conference.

In reviewing the history of the Mongolia Nation, its past, present and ongoing evolution into the future, I was awed by the striking parallels to be found between Mongolia’s remote history in past, geological ages, its so-called prehistory counting back to some 500,000 years with fossil remains in the Gobi Desert, to its present rising status following its revolution against Communist Russia winning her independence in 1990. We, too, the Black original people captured in servitude slavery and bondage in the West, are also fighting for our freedom and liberation from our former slave masters to gain our independence and sovereignty as a people and nation. Even more amazing to me were the great comparisons to be made between the enigmatic heroic leader and father of the Mongolia nation, Genghis Khan, and his victory in unifying the Nomadic Mongolian and Turkic Tribe into one nation or family under God.

This history of conquest was accomplished by Genghis Khan and his successors in a brief period of time as it was with the spread of Islam by Muhammad and his successors in Arabia opening up the East and the West from China all the way to Europe in their ascendency. We will also note that there was in each of these histories a 300-year setback to their progress. In each case, the power of Genghis Khan and that of Muhammad began to wane and disintegrate after a prophetic cycle of 300 years. In the history of the Black man in America we, too, were confined to a 300-year period of captivity until the birth and coming of the Great Mahdi, sometimes referred to as the 12th Imam in hiding who will suddenly reappear and bring justice and order in a new kingdom in the time of this world’s final judgment.


Among the Mongols, too, it is believed that through their descendents would arrive another prophetic figure or voice, the likes of Genghis Khan, who would bring peace, stability and an era of happiness in a new world order. We will note that in the prophecy of the Great Mahdi, he renewed old alliances in consolidating his new Kingdom and works to bring justice into a corrupted world. Among the progeny of Genghis Khan, the same principles of enlightenment are applied, not with the sword but with the Divine Word of truth from God making Himself known from the eternal heavens. As we look at the tattered and torn world today, all nations appear in battle array going to war like great armies to destroy one another. Wherein do these great prophecies apply with the Great Mahdi and his army on one side being united with the return of the Genghis Khan figure to the picture of the world’s armies in battle array?

According to the Holy Qur’an, the shock of the hour is a grievous thing wherein every woman giving suck would lay down her burden and the earth itself would be shaken with a great shaking. Geographically, Mongolia is located in the northeast corner of our planet. In the same corner of the map is the sacred Black Stone in the northeast corner of the Ka’aba in the Holy City of Mecca. If we metaphorically take the Ka’aba, the cubicle house of God as symbolic of the world, and then travel from Mongolia to the U.S.A. to the founding of the Lost Nation of Asia (Islam) found in the West by the Great Mahdi, he revealed himself to us in the northeast corner of the United States in the state of Michigan. We represent the precious Black Stone found out of place to which the whole world is being called to help in raising us back to life and prosperity again to serve as the head of the New World Kingdom to be established on earth.

“Nay, they reject the Truth when it comes to them, so they are in a state of confusion. Do they not look at the sky above them?–how We have made it and adorned it and it has no gaps. And the earth, We have spread it out, and cast therein mountains, and We have made to grow therein of every beautiful kind–To give sight and as a reminder to every servant who turns (to Allah).” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 50, verses 5-8

To be continued.