We must not forget how we are warned by prophecies for one hundred years and for one thousand years that an end must come to his world.

The rulers of this world must be removed and the crown must be taken off and placed upon another head, and they will rule in justice and righteousness.

The people of this world have now become so wicked and so fearful of the consequences of their own rule until the almost thoughtless vision is gone, and fearfulness has taken hold of the people.


Their head is going to and fro to the nations of the earth to find a way of peace between the heads of the nations. “A Great Time! A Troublesome Time! A Terrible Time!”

The hearts of the people all begin to weaken and to fail because of what is going on and what they see is coming!

America and her people have lived so rich and so joyfully in wickedness, murder, robbery and hatred of one another until it has hardened their hearts so much they are made to think that they can make friends and live on with those upon whom they had no mercy.

They crushed all the weak nations of the earth with their power and brought them into the clutches of slavery. They forced other nations to bow. They pushed their borders around the earth as Nebuchadnezzar did in his days and time.

But, in those days, Nebuchadnezzar boasted–and think over it, England made the same boast. England used to boast that the sun did not set on her empire. Take a look at England, today. There is no British Empire for the sun or moon to set on!

This morning, May 30, 1972, the radio news announcer said that they found mines in the Chicago River. This makes it altogether more frightening: for if a mine should blow a ship up in the city limits it would be dangerous to the lives of the people.

And just think over this. The Chicago River runs through the down-town section of Chicago, Illinois! No one wants to frighten the people more, but the frightening of the people sometimes does good.

“The Great Days, the Terrible Days!” People are just being shot down on the streets; right in their homes; or while walking the streets. They are blown down as though their lives are nothing. “The Great Days, The Terrible Days!”

(Text from “The Fall of America“, 1973.)