The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered a short, but powerful address, in a church, October 1, 1989. I was there. I know what led to this up to a point. What does the word “obligation” mean?


I’m continuing:


“God is perfect. He creates us with the essence to become as He is–perfect.

“But sin separates us from God but not only does sin separate us from God, sin separates us from ourselves. Sin separates us one from another. Sin reduces us to nothing. Yes.

“Can you imagine that sin begins to break us up on the inside? Sin begins to make us sense a void in our lives. Sin reduces us to zero. When we are nothing, God sees something in nothing! “The Qur’an teaches us that He created us from worthless water called sperm, but in the sperm there is something of value: If it is placed in the right environment–at the right time–something can come forth from that which is considered nothing.

“Nothing is the field in which God expresses Himself.

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and the earth was without form and void.

“God loves the condition of nothingness; for it is out of nothing that He created the heavens and the earth. And the heavens and the earth glorify God.

“So, when you have been reduced to nothing–God is. “All praise is due to Allah.

“He now sees nothing. There’s a possibility for Him. I’m going to make something again out of nothing. But I’m going to wait for nothing to cry out to me. And even when you’ve been reduced to nothing by sin; God makes Himself available.

“Then He allows you and me to recognize the void in our lives–the nothingness. Yes, people are praising you, “Oh, you’re so great! You’re this! You’re that!”

“But on the outside you look one way, but on the inside sin has reduced you to nothing.

“So, from the inside out you cry out, as you cried in the beginning, when you came into the world, and there was one to hear our cry.

“You cry again from the void in your life and He comes quickly to say to you, “Yes, sin reduced you to nothing, but I’m going to take nothing and use it for My glory.”

“Forgiveness allows God to come to us but forgiveness allows us–even though we are stained by sin; forgiveness allows us to approach one another, to see beyond the pain that our sin of evil toward self and others has produced.

“Many of us in this beautiful audience and in the world outside are separated one from another because of some trespass; either that we made against others, or that they made against us. And right now, maybe we’re holding something inside–a grudge against somebody.

“Maybe it’s mom; maybe it’s dad; maybe it’s sister, brother; maybe it’s husband or wife; maybe it’s the rulers of the present world; maybe it’s somebody that we feel did us wrong. “Have you noticed that the things that people do to us that are evil: they stick. The things that people do to us for good, we can hardly remember because–that’s a sign. That’s a sign that your nature is good and evil is an aberration.

“So evil just stays with you. So you can remember everything that somebody did to hurt you. Is that right? You can remember, sometimes, words that are said that go inside and shatter–you’ll remember.

“You know Jesus said, “It’s not what goes in that defiled the man. It’s what comes out.” I wonder how do you understand that. “The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to us that in life there are circumstances, and God–either by His active will or by his permissive will–allows things to happen in our lives, to bring out of us what is within.

“So somebody does some evil to you. It isn’t what goes in– but how do you respond? It is not what they do that defiles us, it is how we respond to what is done to us that defiles us.

“So the evil that people do to us that we don’t handle well, sets up blockages. It is the blood that has to circulate through the body to give it life; but when there are blockages in the veins and the blood can’t get through, then the blockages have to be removed, or they bring about the death of the organism.

“When people do you wrong, you set up in your mind dislike, hatred. This is disease and it presents an impediment that does not allow us to keep on our journey to God.

“I wonder do you understand?

“Of course, you do.”


He ended this profound experience, which people may call a speech, lecture, sermon, address, disc lectures, discourses, etc. It only took 45 minutes for him to end it. Everybody stood up and applauded even louder! This was shown or heard live in Los Angeles at the same time.


Some years ago, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad told me, he knew the exact year he would have 10,000,000 followers.

I said, “Yes sir!” He told me this in the mid-1960s. Later, I saw clearer and deeper. We all have experiences like this when we hear something, and then come to know or understand better.

One day the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to Minister Farrakhan: “I did not make you, brother.” The Minister responded, a little excitedly, “Oh, yes, you did, Dear Holy Apostle. Yes, you did.”

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad sternly told him: “Be quiet and listen.”

He repeated that he did not make him. Then he said: “I taught you like I taught the rest.

“But only Allah made you able to put the teachings together, in the unique way that you have of putting the teachings together. “Allah prepared you for me.”

What does the word “obligation” mean, if we believe and/or know this is the 100% truth?

More next issue, Allah willing.