“And Moses said to his brother Aaron:  ‘Take my place among my people … . ‘ ” 
(Holy Qur’an 7:142)

Aaron was chosen before he was born? What caused Moses to see this?

What caused the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to see, in 1955, that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, was chosen–by the Supreme Being to do what he has been doing?


In the book, Closing Gap we can read this: “Now, Brother Minister, that’s getting really deep into the very origin of the word–its very spirit!

I asked this: “There is an obvious and profound relationship between the ‘We’ who wrote what they wrote in the original scriptures and its power so deep into the nature of things that it’s as good as done, long before it takes place! It passes down through the generations and it has everything to do with the very genetic makeup and the DNA of that human being. Please comment.”

Minister Farrakhan: “Those who write the future of events and circumstances and write the future of persons who create these events and circumstances, know that there are circumstances that surround the womb of an individual of consequence that helps to manifest what is already in the DNA.

“No matter what’s in a seed, if it does not have the right environment in which to manifest what is within, the seed never comes to fruition.

“So many of us die as seeds that do not fulfill the aim and purpose for which we are sent into the world because sometimes we are placed in an environment that literally stifles the expression of what God has put within.

“So every circumstance has to be made right for what God has put within to manifest.

“When I was listening to the T.V. early this morning, and they talked about the nature of Jesus’ birth–the circumstances, the hiding from a circumstance that was felt to be destructive to that one’s life; the lowly manger or ox stole in which he had to come to birth and all of those circumstances plus the star that pointed out to the wise men where the baby would be, these are circumstances that allowed what he was programmed, before birth, to bring about–those circumstances and conditions allowed what was in him to come forward.

“So none of us are separated from the environment that produces us if God intends for us to do great things, He supplies the environment, the circumstances that others may see as negative, but He knows that those circumstances are absolutely positive to bring forth this person to fulfill his purpose and thus glorify God.”

Now, I ask a question of Minister Farrakhan. He said this, “An unanswered lie resembles the truth.”

Not long afterward he used the same words that you can find in Chapter 7, verse 142, of the Holy Qur’an, that Moses used in speaking to Aaron before he left the physical presence of the people.

Aaron was chosen before he was born?

Now, are we living in “The Day of Judgment?” This involves the “end of the world.” People have many views of these words and use these words in America and elsewhere on this planet.

The Honorable Louis Farrakhan delivered a short, but powerful talk, in a church, October 1, 1989. He opened the body of his talk with these words:

“We talked this morning on principles and the Reverend Doctor Coleman asked me if I would talk on that theme this morning.

“My dear Brothers and Sisters, divine and human nature is built by God on principles. A principle is a rule of action. God has built you and me on certain principles that form the basis of human nature and divine nature.

“These same principles form the basis of what we call religion. All revealed scripture is built on the nature of God and the nature of the human being; otherwise the revealed word could not attract human beings.

“There must be something in religion that attracts human beings.

“There are over eight hundred million believers in Jesus Christ, on this earth.

“There are nearly one billion believers in Islam. In all of these religions, they started with a man and a message. That message had an appeal to a wide array of human beings because inherent in the message is the very nature of the human being to which the message was sent.

“Since all revealed religion is built on the nature of God and the nature of the human being, religion is not outside of self but true religion comes from within.

“For anyone to say that there is no God speaks against the nature of your own creation. Your whole being cries out in recognition of a God superior to yourself.

“When you come into the world you are born with a nature to submit to one greater than yourself. That didn’t come to you in a book. That is ingrained in the very nature in which you are created.

“So, belief in God is the very essence of our nature, and belief in God is the essence of all religions.

“This is a principle. A rule of action, which if it is fed properly, and exercised properly will cause us to do great and magnificent works in God’s name.

“Each one of us is born with that essence to believe in God. If we carry that principle into practice, if it is fed, and it grows, and we use it; we can do great and marvelous things in the name of God.

“Moses delivered all of Israel with that one principle–I believe in God. David slew Goliath with that one principle; that one stone–I believe in God.

“Muhammad built a world on that one principle that is the essence of our nature–I believe in God. Faith and trust in God and the acknowledgment of him is a part of our nature.

“You don’t have to be taught that, you already have it. It just has to be fed and exercised.

“The baby came to the world with faith; and knowing that one answers prayers. What was the baby’s first prayer? It was a cry. Each of us have cried. It’s a universal expression. The sound coming in is the same. The sound going out is the same.

“But during life we all make different sounds, and it appears as though a tower of Babel has been built because we don’t seem to understand each other.

“But every mother understands the cry of her child. So when a child cries that child instinctively knew somebody would be there to answer that cry; that indwelling instinctive knowledge–God is.”

More next issue, Allah willing.