NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen talking with Robert M. Gates (U.S. Secretary of Defense) and General David H. Petraeus (Commander, International Security Assistance Force) Photo: MGNOnline/NATO

(FinalCall.com) – The Obama administration and NATO allies were reveling in reports that so-called rebel forces had entered Libya’s capital Tripoli and were trying to consolidate control over the city.

If the rebel claims hold true and if the pronouncements by Western governments are true, this is truly a sad day for those who love justice, progress and those who stand for the oppressed and the weak.

It also portends hard times ahead for Libya and its likely transformation back into a poverty-stricken backwater and haven ripe for misuse by Western imperialists. Their intention all along was never to protect civilians, as called for under UN Resolution 1973, but was always to open the way for the destruction of Libya’s revolutionary leader, Muammar Gadhafi, who Western nations really desired to kill and tried to kill through direct bombings of his personal compound.


Prior to the leadership of Col. Gadhafi, the nation of Libya was a poor, backward state that was under the influence and control of the West and America. The country’s oil wealth didn’t benefit its citizens and it was a strategic prize during the Cold War between the forces of communism and the now-defunct Soviet Union and Western capitalism.

For 40 years, Col. Gadhafi worked to build and erect institutions in his country, stamp out illiteracy, create a third political way that was neither Western nor Eastern, and support liberation struggles around the world, from the ghettos of Soweto in South Africa (when the American government supported the murderous, minority White ruling regime and called groups like the African National Congress terrorists) to other parts of Africa where Black liberation forces struggled. He sought Arab unity and when his fellow leaders decided not to join the effort; Col. Gadhafi turned to Africa and invested time, resources and effort into creation of an African Union as the continent moved toward a United States of Africa.

His access to oil wealth was never used to line his personal pockets or build huge palaces for a small circle.

Col. Muammar is dangerous to Western domination, imperialists and monopolists, said the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, speaking Aug. 13 at the Millions March in Harlem, a gathering held to protest the attacks on Libya, the plots to recolonize Africa and assaults on Blacks in America. Col. Gadhafi is “dangerous to the Western oligarchy that wants to suck the resources of the world to a small group of international bankers and thieves,” said the Minister.

“It was Muammar Gadhafi who educated his people. … He set $70 billion in an African Development Bank, in the city of Sirte, so that Africa would never have to go to the International Monetary Fund or the World Bank to borrow money at high interest rates. … This is a leader doing that for his own people and for Africa, while America and the West are sucking the blood of every nation, including your blood,” Min. Farrakhan noted.

“Gadhafi has championed the idea of building railroads and infrastructure in Africa. He set up an African satellite, where Libya paid $400 million, and the other African nations put up $100 million. Whenever we would call to Africa, we would have to go to Europe to get to Africa; that gave Europe $500 million a year of your money. Now that the satellite is up, we talk directly to Africa, cutting out Europe. Europe lost $500 million last year when our satellite went up,” Min. Farrakhan added.

The deadly episode in Libya is another horrendous failure by the United Nations and further proof that there is little justice or peacemaking to be found through the workings of the world body.

As an institution, the United Nations has allowed murderers to hide behind her noble principles and allowed processes designed to end war to provoke and justify war that benefits America and her Western sister nations.

But these heady times and claims of victory don’t bide well for America. And despite President Obama’s assessment that “the Gadhafi regime is coming to an end and the future of Libya is in the hands of its people,” Libya’s future is not in the hands of her people. It is in the hands of those who have made war on the North African nation and those who will be persuaded, cajoled and bribed by the onetime warmongers as they pursue wicked aims and theft of Libya’s oil.

America would be wise to remember warnings from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his helper, Min. Farrakhan, and scripture that warns those who love to make war that the Supreme Being will make war and give them their own blood to drink.

America’s “victories” with the apparent destruction of Libya and the killing of Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden aren’t signs of a resurgent nation or a renewed acceptance of American values. They are simply signs of an end of life rally by a dying, decadent and disobedient society.

And as Min. Farrakhan warned in New York, those who oppose defenders of freedom, justice and equality should not see victory on the horizon: “What is it about Gadhafi that they are conspiring to do this to him? Now, he’s a very unusual brother, let me tell you why I believe they want him dead. But we don’t need to just look over there, because you’ll soon see: If they can’t shut my mouth, which they can’t; and if it appears that you are awakening from the sound of the Truth from our lips, then they will want to silence me as well,” said Min. Farrakhan, speaking in Harlem.

“I say to the government of the United States as the prophets of old said to the wicked of their day: Come against me with all that you have, and give me no respite! And in the end, I will be standing because I’m standing with Allah, and Allah is standing with me!”