A New Mind: ‘Think like a ruler!’

CHICAGO (FinalCall.com)  – The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan told parents, students and educators that the time is now to create a new educational reality, rendering the old White supremacist educational system and its curriculum irrelevant.

“If a curriculum does not prepare a student for life itself, then it is a worthless curriculum,” said Minister Farrakhan during his August 6 keynote address wrapping up the Nation of Islam’s 4th Annual Educational Conference themed: “Developing A Nation of Readers.”


“The first words that Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, heard in the cave at Mount Hira was the word iqra (“read”). A command was given to a man who could not read, but yet he was commanded by Allah through the angel Gabriel, read. That word–read–that command is the command of God to all of us who languish in the bowels of ignorance where our greatness can never be manifested until and unless we learn not only how to read, but what to read, and why reading is required,” said Min. Farrakhan.

He told those present and those watching via internet that they must also continue to analyze what is read, because in order to be critical thinkers, they must also be critical readers and all are required to read, from the very young to the very old.

“No matter how long you live, you will never exhaust the wisdom of God, so we learn to read from early in our lives and we never stop until death overtakes us. There is no such thing as retirement from reading, there is no such thing as retirement from study,” said Min. Farrakhan.

“There is no other book more valuable to read, than that which God reveals for the destiny of human beings. The Word of God, whether you find it in the Bible or Qur’an is valuable if understood. The real value of anything is never ascertained through misunderstanding,” said Min. Farrakhan holding aloft the Holy Qur’an, which he referred to as his favorite book. He reminded the audience that the Holy Qur’an in Surah 3 says that some verses are decisive and others are allegorical but those in whose heart is a disease, they prefer the allegorical verses, so they can deliver their interpretation. Allah (God) stops the interpreters by saying, “none knows its interpretation save Allah and those firmly rooted in knowledge.” However, even those who are “firmly rooted in knowledge” still do not know, said the Minister, they are just “giving it their best shot” but now, The Guide has come.

“So then if The Guide has come, then how does The Guide guide our reading?” asked Min. Farrakhan. “Wouldn’t we like to enroll in the classroom of the guide who guides our reading and understanding of a book that has been in the world for 1,400 years yet none knows its interpretation but Allah? That man that comes at the end of the world of Satan teaches–His Messenger–teaches not reveals, teaches the book and the wisdom, the Torah and the Gospel, so that one that is taught is taught of God!”

Reading and the proper spirit

“When you read right words, with the right heart seeking understanding of what you read, the spiritual energy that comes from that reading electrifies the cells and energizes the human spirit,” said Min. Farrakhan. “To be poor in spirit is worse than being poor materially, because spirit–as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us–is the energy of life itself and when you are poor in spirit that means that the life force of your being is being strangled by another force that is limiting the energy of your being.”

Unprincipled, corrupt and immoral rulers have been in power and as a result, many within today’s society lead degenerate lifestyles that they have learned in a world in which wickedness and sin are commonplace, said the Minister.

“Sin strangles the human spirit. Violations of divine law strangle the human spirit. So most humans have broken spirits because sin has kept the energy of their life force curtailed (and) that’s why Jesus said, ‘You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free,’ but you’re not free even though you are readers, your mind is shackled by living a life that is contrary to God and contrary to the nature in which He created the human being.”

Masses victimized by poor education

Today’s educational system extols the accomplishments of White people and removes God, the ultimate author of all knowledge. The values and mindsets of White supremacists with a will that contradicts God’s will has been in command over the people of the earth.

“What kind of ruler is in this earth?” the Minister asked. “Are you the one that is creating mischief and causing the shedding of blood? That’s the wrong ruler!”

Minister Farrakhan said the Western world’s educational system was designed to place educators under the control of the society’s elite rulers making their student’s unfit to become masters of their own destinies creating perpetual servants and slaves.

“He never educated you to be a ruler! He educated you to be ruled and to love it!” said the Minister. “You are a dreamer but not bringing dreams into reality.You live in a dream world, you live in a world of illusion that’s why you go to sleep at night tormented because you never have achieved your dreams!”

This world’s educators are unable to acquaint the student with God’s mind. He compared many of today’s teachers to used car salesmen who have sold an education that can never be used. The true measure of a master educator is if he creates other masters, said the Minister. Master Fard Muhammad–the Great Mahdi–came to acquaint people with the mind of the Originator, The Creator, God himself, which is why he gave the Honorable Elijah Muhammad–and through him to the entire Nation of Islam–The Student Enrollment, Rules of Islam with the first question being asked: “Who is the Original Man?”

“A rule is a guiding principle that is to guide your study to set your mind for what you are about to learn,” said Minister Farrakhan.

“He came to give us the mind of the Originator. He wanted you to understand that in this classroom you are a student of The Originator and you are a direct descendent of the Originator,” said Min. Farrakhan. “If you are a direct descendant of the Originator of the heavens and the earth, is there anything that you cannot accomplish?”

An educational blueprint

Student Minister Nuri Muhammad travels across the nation representing the Nation of Islam and the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan and strives to follow the blueprint the Minister has provided as he directs Muhammad Mosque No. 75 in Indianapolis.

“He laid out the blueprint, and of course a blueprint puts all of the dimensions and measurements down in advance of the structure being established and all it takes now is for us to follow the blueprint and go to work and we can build that new educational system that will build the new and perfect people and perfect rulers that our lessons talk about,” said Nuri Muhammad.

The Believers in Indianapolis are doing just that with a school, several businesses and community service components in full operation as well as a recently launched agricultural farming project.

Conference presenter, activist and hip-hop icon Professor Griff, whose seminar dealing with the subject of subliminal messaging in hip-hop is a popular favorite nationwide, told The Final Call though he has heard Min. Farrakhan many times throughout the years–the message he heard shed light on some areas he had long pondered.

“He said to be persecuted for the sake of righteousness is an honor, I’m taking that away with me with all that I suffered for the truth and to raise the teachings, and not only that, all this time, coming through my elevation and trying to get knowledge of self and trying to incorporate ancient kemetic (teachings) and sciences coming from off the (African) continent, today it finally hit me–it’s not African centered education, it’s God centered education,” said Professor Griff.

“He has made our next step as clear as it can be made when he said we have to treat the current school system and educational system as thought it does not exist,” said Attorney and Student Minister Ava Muhammad. “He talked about the life force, and life energy and how we are suppressed and robbed of our life energy because we are really being taught and trained by a people whose interest is contradiction to our own and unless and until our children are taught in the school curriculum preparation for life–which he said today begins with land–then education is useless.”

Attorney Muhammad also said the power of these types of gatherings must not be underestimated, and that more should find themselves involved in presenting their views as preparations are made for a separate and independent nation.

“People need to understand, this is not a PTA meeting, these gatherings are not faculty meetings, these are gatherings for nation builders, and we are forming a new system and a new way of life,” said Ava Muhammad. “Everyone who is interested in freedom, justice and equality needs to be at these conferences,” she added.

Twenty-three-year old Christian youth minister Melech Thomas, a recent graduate of Howard University and a panelist for the enlightening conference discussion on the relevance of historically Black colleges and universities shared that same sense of urgency.

“Anybody that was not here needs to hear this message whether it is through the mouth of Minister Farrakhan, or through the mouth of a preacher or another imam, they need to hear this message if they want to truly reach their destiny,” said Mr. Thomas.