The general public is always unaware of the findings of those on the frontier of knowledge. The light of the sun always strikes the top of the mountains before it goes down in the valley.

Those who learn “first” are duty bound to share our collective birthright: divine truth. They will suffer. They must “deal with it.” How?

We must see this. We must understand that this involves suffering and why. We cannot be shot away; voted down; cursed out; nor talked into nothingness. We must now study it. Why?


The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has made it very clear that we all are living, in the time, when the Honorable Elijah Muhammad met the Supreme Being in America.

But all that heard Minister Louis Farrakhan are not in agreement with him that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad met the Supreme Being, in America.

I know many don’t agree with this, that we are in it 100%.

All of us are in this, which is called, “the end of time.” Whose end and why?

We are living in the time of the Supreme Being’s presence. When you present a person with the true knowledge of how the Honorable Elijah Muhammad met Allah, Master Fard Muhammad, from Whom he received his infinite wisdom and the Source of his unique success–and when you provide a person with the proof of that truth, that person is going to react in one or two ways.

He, or she, will either accept or reject it. This involves all levels of reactions to both of them. One level has bore witness of the truth of it. They believe, but on different levels.

Those who reject the truth do it in different ways. Some do it very public. Some do it that is not seen by others. Others do it in ways that are not easy to see. This rejection can take more than one form. Doubt or uncertainty is one form.

Disbelief, appearing as indifference or disbelief leading to actual opposition, is another form of rejection. Virulent hypocrisy, appearing first as an acceptance, but later on becoming manifested for what it is, is another form of the rejection of the truth.

The Hypocrites and their evil designs to trap the righteous are working with us today as they did yesterday.

We must read history in the past, present and future tense to fully understand the trial and tribulations that we must suffer to establish truth.

This is the time we can see, in the Bible, Daniel spoke of: the time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation! That is a very long time.

He spoke of this time as a time when everyone will be raised in terms of a tremendous explosion of knowledge. Daniel 12:4 reads”… knowledge shall be increased.”

We are living at that time–right now!

Information released by the Lord of the Worlds and certain acts by Him, produced by God first and then through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Minister Farrakhan came first up to rebuild the Nation of Islam and others came to help him. We must study them to help ourselves and to help others to help others.

Nobody can overcome the Supreme Being, Himself, who is the root of this change. His power is the irresistible power.

Prophet Daniel also pointed out that there would be a conflict between those who would come to understand and those who would fight this increase of knowledge from God. This is going on now.

Mother Tynnetta Muhammad wrote in the September 8, 1992 Vol. 11, No. 21 issue of the Final Call newspaper the following; here is an excerpt:

“Those who love that scandal should circulate respecting those who believe, for them is a grievous chastisement in this world and the Hereafter. And Allah knows, while you know not.” (Surah 24, verse 19)

“The reason that this aspect of Muhammad’s Domestic Life was given such prominence in a Divine Revelation of the Holy Qur’an is that it would serve as a sign going on now.

“This is a teaching and a lesson to us today, that something similar would befall the community of Muslims in the last days in the establishment of the Lost and Found Nation of Islam in America under the Divine Leadership of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad.”


The first time you heard this truth were you willing to learn more? Some people reject the truth several times. And then time passes and you see better.

“Thus, the believing community is warned in verse 21 not to follow the footsteps of the devil. “And whoever follows the footsteps of the devil, surely he commands indecency and evil. And were it not for Allah’s grace on you and His mercy, not one of you would ever have been pure, but Allah purifies whom he pleases. And Allah is Hearing, Knowing.”

How does He do that?

“Thus the scandal arising in Muhammad’s Domestic Life will be thrown again. We will be tested to the hilt. Will we pass the final part of our examination, our evolution to God?

“Thus the scandal arising in Muhammad’s Domestic Life will be thrown again. We will be tested to the hilt. Will we pass the final part of our examination, our evolution to God? Allah is the best knower! May he shine his Light upon the Believers that we may earn His Grace and Protection?”

In Farrakhan: The Traveler article, which appeared in the Final Call newspaper dated April 20, 1992, I opened this way.

“On Friday, the 13th of March, as we were driving in the desert, discussing this and that, Minister Abdul Rahman (of Atlanta, Georgia) told me something that bears directly on an aspect of that which appeared in my last two articles.

He said that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad once told him, and others, at his table (in Chicago), with direct reference to his domestic life: ‘If you can defend this you will see the hereafter.’

This is something to ponder. Moreover, the Holy Qur’an teaches that the hereafter is something to pray for.

Years ago many misjudged the value of the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, solely on the basis of the relatively few who had accepted it, at that time.

Many judged him on the basis of the numbers of those who have accepted it and who were struggling to grasp it, while making mistakes.

This is such a phony excuse to avoid the responsibility each of us has to examine and respond properly to God and His truth. All is very shallow thinking. Now the number is growing.

He is well on his way to that number, and then some, through this specially made man: the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Of course, that “future” is now and goes on into the future.

The end of time involves envy and jealousy, but how to deal with it–100%? There is only one form of envy, which is very, very, evil. But there are at least two forms of jealousy, one is very, very, wicked. See and understand it 100%. Why?

Allah Himself allowed envy and jealousy, up to a point to come into existence. Now He–Master Fard Muhammad and these men and their helpers are in the process of totally erasing it.

I repeated myself in this article. I know that. Do we really understand why God produced Aaron for Moses to help the people?

More next issue, Allah willing.