‘It’s Not Over ‘Til Jesus Speaks’

Photos: (CW from left)The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan; Rev. Paul Jakes Jr.; Lafayette Gatling Sr.; Choir delivers spirit moving hymns during the program. Photos: dbarge.com

CHICAGO (FinalCall.com) – Amidst songs of praise and thanksgiving, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered the keynote message for the 25th Anniversary celebration of Gatling’s Chapel Incorporated June 5.

On a sweltering hot day in Chicago, the combined choirs–dressed in crimson and cream–performed a medley of songs asking for the continuance of God’s blessings and protection.


The celebration themed “It’s Not Over ‘Til Jesus Speaks,” featured Lafayette Gatling Sr., telling those gathered of their accomplishments, including the purchase of over 480 acres of land in Country Club Hills, Illinois, representing the largest underdeveloped property in Cook County. Once development is completed, The Gatling Community Development site will represent “one of the largest minority developments in the country.” Additionally, Gatling’s Chapel Inc., is the largest Black owed funeral home in the United States with over 130 employees.

Rev. Paul Jakes Jr., during his introduction called Minister Farrakhan “a quintessential preacher and theologian, a prophetic visionary and community builder.”

“I am so honored to be here with my brother and my friend Mr. Gatling and his beloved wife and the Gatling family, to celebrate with you, your 25th anniversary.”

Describing Mr. Gatling as a “visionary” and a “business genius” who definitely found his purpose in life.

“What I saw tonight reminds me of the beauty of God’s plan in Genesis, when He created a man after his own image and likeness, and gave him a job, to dress the garden that he had made, but he didn’t want Adam to be alone, so he said ‘it’s not good for a man to be alone,’ so he gave to man a woman as a help-meet, not mate. Well anytime you have an assignment from God, you need a helper and with God made Adam, he gave Adam a helper to help him meet the obligation that God had placed upon him. Blessed is the man or woman that finds their purpose in life and fulfills it,” said Min. Farrakhan.

Mr. Gatling’s wife Marguerite, who holds a degree in Business Administration, went back to school to learn mortuary science so that she could support and assist her husband in the family businesses. She is now the Chief Operating Officer, also with licenses for other Gatling subsidiaries such as their charter transportation company.

Referring to Mr. Gatling’s wife, Min. Farrakhan said their union was another example of God’s plan for a man with a mission and a vision.

“As I listened to his wife, and looked at her, and felt her spirit and her song, I knew exactly why this man fell in love with this woman,” said Min. Farrakhan as the crowd applauded. “Any wise man, is always looking for a woman that would be his kindred spirit that would help him meet the goal and the purpose of his life.

Minister Farrakhan said everyone is feeling pressure, especially in the Black community where drug using, drug selling, crime, police brutality and murder is the order of the day in the cities of America. Many Blacks are living in the shadow of death, filled with diseases and no insurance to pay for medicine. The people are seeking peace, but unable to find it especially in the places of worship, because many of them see too much hypocrisy among those who profess religion and as result, the houses of worship are desolate because the people to not see Christ-like people in the church.

“Either you represent Him or you don’t and if we love Him, discipline our lives that His life can be reflected in us,” said Min. Farrakhan. “You are heirs of Christ. What is he the heir of? Everything! And you are joint heirs with Him that what He has as an inheritance belongs to you as well? Do you know what He’s coming to offer you? He’s coming to offer you God’s mind!”

Mr. Gatling told The Final Call that he was glad Min. Farrakhan was able to keynote the 25-year anniversary and he hopes they both will be around for the 50th anniversary.

“We couldn’t have had it any other way and wouldn’t have had it any other way,” said Mr. Gatling. “That’s my long-time friend and I love him. I really enjoyed it.”