“On the day when the heaven will be in a state of commotion, And the mountains will pass away, fleeing. Woe on that day to the deniers, Who amuse themselves by vain talk.”
—Holy Qur’an, Surah 52, verses 9-12

Quoting from Book III of the “Women in Islam” Educational Series entitled, “The Divine Light,” on pages 16-17, we read under the subtitles, “The Veil Has Been Lifted,” and “Hypocrisy From Within,” the following words:

Mother Tynnetta Muhammad in receipt of a beautiful crystal diamond-shaped gift along with the other Mothers of the Faithful at the great M.G.T. gathering this past Saviours’ Day 2011 from the National M.G.T. Captain Sandy Muhammad and her staff. Photos: Courtney X Powell

The Veil Has Been Lifted

“This is the great day of gathering or the Day of the Manifestation of Losses, the day in which hidden things are manifest and brought to the Great Divine Light of Truth by Allah’s Messenger striking at the root cause of imperfection in self, so that the self-accusing spirit rises up in Judgment. Through the Messenger of Allah, the Veil has been lifted and our eyes are sharp this day. Even though we are conceived in a state of triple darkness in our mother’s womb, yet, Creation after Creation, we are brought out into the Light of our True Colors by the Presence of Allah and His Messenger shining the Bright Spiritual Light of Truth on everything within its Sphere or Power forcing everything in God’s Creation to bow and Submit, willingly or unwillingly to the Divine Will of the Master of this Day of Requital in which we now live. “The day when they come forth, Nothing concerning them remains hidden from Allah. To Whom belongs the kingdom this day? To Allah, the One, the Subduer (of all). This day every soul is rewarded what it has earned. No injustice this day! Surely Allah is Swift in Reckoning.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 40:16, 17

Hypocrisy From Within

Full image and beauty of the crystal gift.

“In this time of War with increasing trouble and calamities coming upon the Nations, we must take our precautions and guard against any behaviour that would be looked upon as a default in duty. We must warn our families– wives, husbands and children– to guard against hypocrisy from within. Restrictions and Guidelines are revealed to Muhammad’s wives and children and to the Families of Believers in the Holy Qur’an throughout the Madina Period in which hostilities and incursions from the enemies reached their zenith. Particularly did Muhammad receive the most virulent attacks in regard to his Domestic Life to the extent that he is charged with being a voluptuary. But just the opposite is true when studied in the light of history and the Light of the Holy Qur’an. “In order to understand the extension of this critical period of Muhammad’s History as it applies to the life of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad with its present implications, we must study every step taken by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in the light of history and the Holy Qur’an. The Holy Qur’an’s Teachings to Muhammad and to his wives and families make it very clear that no foolishness was allowed and they were not to be given to luxurious pamperings. The strictest code was enforced and in wartime, they, too, entered into the defensive battles of their Nation and nursed and cared for the soldiers and their families on the battlefield.”

In continuing my Mother’s Day address delivered on May 8, in Long Beach, California, we read the following excerpts:

Whatever is disturbing you or me, all of us together, it is the outcome of having been under the domination and rule of our former slave masters. That is not being a racist. That’s identifying the problem psychologically of why we’re so damaged and why we can’t seem to move beyond a straight line. To come back to ourselves again is the basis of what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches.

Sis. Antoinette, our host in the Bahamas for the MXODUS Retreat, gazes with amazement at the small crystal skull presented by Mother Tynnetta Muhammad, at one of our gatherings. We will also note the water glass nearby. Photo: Fred Muhammad

This teaching is not to bring about the old world. You don’t want to get trapped in the old world. You don’t want to be a Catholic. You don’t want to be involved in the Vatican in their decisions made in the College of Cardinals and all of the false teaching; but yet in secret they have the Black virgins that they pull out every year, right. This is because they have to cling to the Black original magic, as they call it, in order to survive. And then we have the secrets of Fatimah, right, and that was in Portugal. But Fatimah is that particular part of Portugal where these three girls purportedly saw the vision of Mary. And when they got those secrets, they were told that they could only tell them gradually. Two of the sisters have passed away, and the one that remains continues to unfold what is said to be a secret. It’s so secretive that the Vatican and the Popes for all these years have refrained from touching on that secret. Fatimah, in Islam, is the very famous daughter of Prophet Muhammad, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him who lived 1400 years ago.

Now, how is it that this little city in Portugal called Fatimah turns out to present a secret revelation that cannot be told to the entire world but that city is called Fatimah and thus called the Vision of Fatimah. Then you go to Mexico and you have another apparition of the appearance of what they say is the Mother Mary and it was impressed on a shroud and they have the Black virgin in Mexico City of Guadalupe. All of these sacred people had to go back to seeing revelations, or seeing apparitions that connect to Black people. When you trace the origin of Chinese history, they boast “Our history goes back 5,000 years.” Five thousand years, that’s like drinking kid’s milk. Then you go to the Buddists and the Hindus and they say they came from the Bramans. They came from Aryans, Caucasians that invaded India and they put to death the original Black population in India, the Dravidians. They are like the forgotten people, the Untouchables. They’re the people who clean the toilets over in India; and they’re the people that sweep the streets and gutters in India.

And it is said, according to the caste system, that you cannot go into any other stage or class of people. You’re always going to be on that level and you are the Untouchables. That happened to Black people all over the planet. So everywhere you go, it is our home and we have given our home over to all of the other races, and all of the other people to show us what is in the Black man’s brown germ; and these are all races from which the term racism evolves. There are historical and scientific explanations, including genetic coding and the DNA, and we can prove that the first parents, according to the geneticists right now and the genome map came from Africa. Africa wasn’t called Africa then because others were given the power to rule and to rename all of these continents according to their system of power.

“The day when they are driven to hell-fire with violence. This is the Fire, which you gave the lie to. It is magic or do you not see? Burn in it, then bear (it) patiently, or bear (it) not, it is the same to you. You are requited on-ly for what you did.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 52, verses 13-16

To be continued.