The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan recently addressed the American Clergy Leadership Conference on May 17 in Chicago, Ill. and in Harlem, NY May 28. Photos:

HARLEM ( – A beaming Minister Louis Farrakhan was welcomed with a standing ovation upon his arrival at the historic Salem United Methodist Church here May 28 to deliver a message to over 500 spiritual leaders from around the East Coast.

It was a follow-up to a message he delivered two-weeks prior also to those affiliated with the American Clergy Leadership Conference.

“I want to talk about Christ. I want to talk about the Jesus that I know. See, you talk about some milquetoast Christ, a Christ that tolerates foolishness. There is a time for grace, but grace doesn’t last forever. There is a time when Christ acts to destroy a world,” said Minister Farrakhan.


During the first phase of his mission, Jesus was the teacher, the healer, the redeemer, Saviour and reconciler, however, there was another aspect of his mission after becoming Jesus the Christ, in which he would execute judgment and much of the prophecy dealing with his second coming has been fulfilled, said Minister Farrakhan.

Photo: Ken Owens

“Satan deceived the whole world. Are you in the world? Have you been deceived? The greatest deceit that this world could practice is to deceive us about Jesus Christ because to deceive us about Jesus Christ is to keep us away from that one who comes to end this world and bring in a new and better world. No, God did not love this world. When this world started it was doomed to be destroyed,” he said.

The Minister said God is looking for spiritual leaders who are ready to do the work of bringing His kingdom into existence and forming Christ in the people, but it cannot be done by undisciplined reverends that do not live the lives they are telling others to lead or who preach for money and popularity, instead of salvation.

“It starts with the word disciple and in the word disciple is the word discipline,” he told the spiritual leaders. “First, before you can become an apostle, you have to become a true disciple and if you are going to be a true disciple then you must sacrifice some of the things that you like to be exactly what he said he’s like because he overcame the world and if we want to overcome the world, we have to be as close to him as humanly possible,” said Min. Farrakhan.

The scene outside Salem United Methodist Church in Harlem. Photo: Ashahed M. Muhammad

Many pastors run from adversity, and cannot handle being maligned, evil spoken of and rejected because the praise of men is sought instead of honor from God. Ill motives and vanities must be removed if the work of resurrecting the people is to occur.

“Satan loves to play on that weakness in human nature,” said Minister Farrakhan. “They love to call us by these big titles and get us all puffed up.”

Using himself as an example, the Minister said he was taught humility from his teacher, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad who told him “Brother you’re not heavy enough to step through the Earth. Neither are you tall enough to equal yourself to the mountains, so take your place among the creatures of God as one of them.”

The best way is to walk humbly working toward self-mastery, not being egotistic and boastful, he said.

“We use these expressions of greatness and whatnot to hide something that is a deficiency in the self that has not been addressed,” said Minister Farrakhan. “To master Satan is to master yourself and if you can master that Satan from within the Satan from without cannot affect you.”

Angela Joseph sings.

Minister Farrakhan said the “Death Angel” is already in America. This is shown by the devastating tornadoes that have destroyed towns across the land over the past two months and the winter storms that struck over the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011. Even with a Black president, Barack H. Obama, Minister Farrakhan said, America will not escape God’s judgment.

“We voted for our brother Barack, a beautiful human being with a sweet heart, and now, he is an assassin. They’ve turned him into them,” said Min. Farrakhan. “America can sit down tyrants, but who will sit her down? She puts her trust in her weapons of war and she threatens the nations of the earth and has my brother calling for the assassination of brother Muammar Gadhafi.”

Minister Farrakhan reminded the audience that initially, it was said that the U.S. was only intervening in Libya for humanitarian purposes, saying Col. Gadhafi threatened to kill his own people.

But similar to how the Bush administration lied about Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction, the masses believe the lies of media controlled by Satanic forces, the Minister continued.

As an instrument of God’s Will, Minister Farrakhan said he will continue to expose Satan’s lies and warn God’s people of what is prophesied to come.

“I met a man that taught me and now I can teach the whole world. I met a man named Jesus and he opened up my eyes! I was taught by a superior mind and I am not bragging. I want to share what I was taught with you so that you can go and teach others,” said Min. Farrakhan.

“I have a power behind me that is bringing America to judgment as we speak,” said Minister Farrakhan. “You talk Jesus, but he is in action now!”

Reaction to a powerful message

Angela Joseph sings.

Queen Mother Dr. Delois Blakely, community mayor of Harlem, called May 28 a “day of clarity” for the spiritual leaders and a “divine alert.”

“Today it was a holy day, redefining for those of us that are seeking divine enlightenment for our people, and where I should have been on a plane to Nigeria to celebrate the inauguration of Goodluck Johnathan, the divine creator had another plan for me that I was to be here in Harlem to welcome our elder brother Minister Farrakhan home,” Queen Mother Blakely told The Final Call. “This is a divine alert to the ministers and pastors of different denominations to come together in one sacred energy and that energy is the energy of God,” she added.

Rev. Dr. Luonne Rouse of United Methodist Church in New York agreed.

“Minister Farrakhan always speaks truth, and he comes with a spirit that is greater than where we understand currently within humanity, but he brings that spirit so that we can reach it and that is what is needed now throughout the world,” said Rev. Rouse. “Because he is bringing it, those of us who also can know it and identify with it can be energized to carry it too. That is going to make the difference. When we call for a new world ethic, it is going to be a globalization of the true ethic of God and that is what Farrakhan represents and speaks.”