In Vol. 30 No. 28 I wrote: I intend to make myself clear why I use the word, ‘explain,’ next article, Allah willing. I also intend to quote from Mother Tynnetta Muhammad and explain why I quoted from her in this series.

“But an event forced me to write this article, differently than what I intended. Each of us knows of events, or experiences, that involve all of us, which we know up to a point, or we may not know. Allah, Master Fard Muhammad knows it all. He knows best.

“We all agree that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has the unusual power to speak, very clearly. This statement also involves those who do not agree with him. But you cannot say you did not understand him, when he writes or speaks.


“Did Minister Farrakhan explain himself clearly last year on February 28, 2010, that which involves everyone on this planet? This involves the most powerful Jews and Black people in America that came out of that event. Yes!!!!”

I’m ending my response to what we saw weeks ago about the planes. I know that everyone who read it did not believe it. That’s in scriptures. Some people will accept it; others will reject the truth of it. This statement involves my reaction to what I saw, but not 100%.

In Volume 30 Number 23 of The Final Call on the front page we can read this: No Farrakhan, ADL Dialogue. How much have we studied the relationship between Minister Farrakhan and others and the most powerful Jews, here and there? He stated it deeper than ever. That involves “the end of time.”

In the same newspaper we can read an article from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan titled: Preparation of the Mind and Qualifications to Act for Christ (March 15th edition). Did you read this? Do you agree with him 100%?

Now, in The Synagogue of Satan by Brother Ashahed on page 108-9 we can read:

“On July 27th 2003 Minister Farrakhan delivered a lecture at the National Headquarters of the Nation of Islam titled “Death Stands at the Door.”

“In this lecture, Minister Farrakhan discussed the ideological foundations of activist groups specifically naming The Black Panther Party of the 1960s and the Five Percent Nation of Islam.

“Both group were raised into consciousness and highly impacted by the answers to questions regarding race, economics and Black self determination given to them by the doctrinal base laid by the Nation of Islam.

“Minister Farrakhan pointed out the fact that even though there are many who would not actually consider themselves “members” of the Nation of Islam, their lives have been influenced in a very profound and significant way by the ideology.

“This is undeniably true. Consider the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of Black people in America who have changed their names to reflect their newly found identity. They have continued the legacy by giving their children names identifying them with elevated levels of consciousness and responsibility tied into the liberation struggle of their people. Black people, after all, are the largest victims of identity theft ever known in the history of man. Others have cast themselves in the position of the Chosen People of God, when in fact, the value and identity of the Chosen People still remains a mystery to many.

“More are now however, coming into the knowledge of their identity at the same time.”

We know that it requires effort to get out of this condition. Part of it involves knowing history without lies on any level.

There is no way to understand why Black people have been so emotionally attached to what they have been taught of Jesus without going back into history.

Much of this can be read in books to be found in America’s libraries and bookstores. Certain facts, however, have been concealed in whole or in part. These facts can now be learned from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

This history is not pleasant to read. Nevertheless, Black people should know it. Too many of us, however, have not given this the attention it deserves. Therefore, most Black people do not know, nor understand why, our ancestors accepted what the white slave-masters taught them of Jesus.

Furthermore, the majority–or all–of our people have accepted Christianity on face value. So, they do not see the importance of this history, in relation to the kind of beliefs we now have of God; our miserable state of condition; nor its connection to the present fall of this world.

It is impossible to adequately describe the horrors, impact and significance of slavery–nor the full context in which it developed–in these few pages.

There are two points, though, that must be remembered as we try to see why Black people believe in Christianity by the millions, despite what they have learned of the truth.

You must know why we have a hard time to accept 100% the truth that came from God.

First, when introduced to the false teachings of Jesus, our ancestors were going through the worst kind of enslavement the mind can conceive.

The white race was teaching our people of Jesus while at the same time giving them the worst kind of hell that the minds of men can conceive.

Next, the crushing weight of slavery produced in our people a yearning for deliverance. Although the slave-master directed this longing for relief to that which did not exist, this prayerful longing for deliverance had much to do with the answer God has provided.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches that our enslavement began in 1555 not 1619. The wisest White scholars know the bearing this fact has on today’s situation. The time Black people were to serve white people in America was 400 years. They also know that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is right when he says that the white Christian slave trader, John Hawkins, or Hopkins, first brought our people to America, in 1555, on a ship named Jesus.

In an article written in June 1956, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote:

“This ship, when on its way back for another boat load of our people, our fore-parents stared at the old slave ship, as it departed and begged to be carried back; but to no avail. And they said that, ‘You can have this new Western World, but give us the ship Jesus back to our people and country’, which has now become a song among our people and goes something like this: You can have all the world but give me Jesus.”

Some historians report that Christian Queen Elizabeth reacted to learning of John Hawkins’ voyage by saying that it would call down the anger of God. But when he showed her his profit sheet, she not only forgave him, but became a shareholder in his next voyage.

For over three centuries, millions of Black people were forced from their homes and people. They were never to see their loved ones again. They resisted. So they were murdered.

The victims were tied together, usually in chains. Then they were forced to make that long, awful march from a few hundred to a thousand or more miles to the seashore. Many never made it. Many were killed. Some took their own lives, preferring death to slavery.

The survivors who arrived to the seashore left behind them a trail of the bleaching bones of their brothers and sisters. Penned up like cattle in buildings called factories, they remained dejected and fearful.

Their captors wanted their prisoners in as good condition as possible. A sickly, cripple brother or sister would bring no money. Still, all kinds of outrages were done to the innocent victims of this ghastly trade, while they awaited the slave ships. This included the rape of Black women and girls by white men.

When a ship arrived, the victims were subjected to further humiliation. They were forced to undergo inspections as though they were animals. The White Christians treated them like merchandise. Those who passed were purchased. The rejected ones were left to die.

Now, accept the truth of these books; The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews Volume one and two and Auction Sales Jews Selling Blacks. If you don’t accept them, why not?

In volume two of The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews we can read in A Note on Sources, Footnotes, and Notation, “And finally, the subject at hand should be approached with great sensitivity. Those who would use this material as a basis for the violation of the human rights of another are abusing the knowledge herein. The wise will view this information as an opportunity to develop a more equitable relationship between the families of God.”

This is a short article. If you are not willing to do properly then this tells anybody ‘what’ about yourself!

How do you really see Minister Farrakhan without lying on any level? Does this involve God, the Supreme Being and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Angels reaction to you?

More next issue, Allah willing.