The World (under the rule of the white race) that we have been living in had a duration of time of 6,000 years. We have been living in The World for the duration of her time, and now her time is up, and she (The World) is conscious to the fact that God Will Rule the people in a government of Righteousness.

The Old World (of the white race) that is now going out cannot rule the people in righteousness because nature did not give them any righteousness!

Therefore, the two (the righteous and the unrighteous) disagree with each other and they cannot live in peace with each other.


Therefore, the two must be divided, and the followers of each can go along with their own leader. The righteous will follow their own leader and the wicked will follow their own leader.

This is symbolized in the Bible under the symbols of “the Sheep and the goats.” If you study the nature of these two animals, you will find that there is a great difference between them.

One Animal (the sheep) is trustworthy; and the other animal (the goat) is untrustworthy. By nature the Black People are good, but the Black Man is like a sheep–if the wrong people, the evil people, teach and guide him, he will become like his evil guide.

But as soon as you take the Black Man away from the evil guide and put him under his own good guide, he will go to his own good guide and he will follow him because, by nature, the Black Man loves good.

This is why the Bible prophesies of a great separation (of the people) coming about before the end of The World of the wicked who love to take people and mix them up and make them to believe in other than right.

As you may have learned, if there is any good Black Man in America, and if his goodness is such that he refuses to teach people to follow the guide who is no good–then the no-good man becomes a hater of that good person and seeks the death of the good person.

The no-good man speaks evil of that good man just because the good man makes manifest the no-good man. Being no-good he does not want to be made manifest to The World because the no-good man seeks to keep The World under his no-good guidance.

The Doom of The World (of the white man) and the Time when his doom will come (now is the time of his doom) but those whom he has made blind, deaf, and dumb do not know who he is nor the time that he is to be taken away.

So, therefore, The World (of the white race) is filled with confusion and they do not know that to do themselves. They have confused the Black Man to the extent that the Black Man does not know now whether he should go for himself or remain seeking guidance from the devil.

But Allah (God) Will Not Let any of us be blind, today, to the truth. This is why He Came Himself; to be sure there will not be any mistake made. Allah (God) Makes For Himself A Messenger.

Then Allah (God) Guides the Messenger Himself. He does Not Leave the Messenger to do all of the Guiding. Then Allah (God) Sends Angels to see that His Guidance is carried out like He Taught the Messenger to do.

Great World of confusion–fighting is raging all over this World of those who love fighting. The proper thing that we Black Folks should do, today, is to unite together behind the Divine One whom God Approves–the One whose work is seen–the one whose work is made manifest to the eye of The Whole Entire World.

This is He Who Wrote This Book!

Hurry, Black Man, And Get Out Of The Name Of The White Man Before It Is Too Late!!!

(Text from from “Our Saviour Has Arrived,” 1974.)