37:114 And certainly We conferred a favour on Moses and Aaron.
37:115 And We delivered them, and their people from the mighty distress.
37:116 And We helped them, so they were the vanquishers.
37:117 And We gave them both the clear Book.
37:118 And We guided them on the right way.
37:119 And We granted them among the later generations (the salutation),
37:120 Peace be to Moses and Aaron!
37:121 Thus do We reward the doers of good.
37:122 Surely they were both of Our believing servants.



I’m asking you to study the above passages from the Holy Qur’an carefully. Assume nothing.

In my last three articles, I’ve written of an experience, which affected me, deeply. I’ve reacted to it and I’ve made it public, up to a point, through The Final Call.

I ended the last article with this: “According to several witnesses the lights ‘changed colors’. Chinese lanterns in the sky are usually described as ‘orange’. So far we’ve discovered four videos from four separate witnesses of the ‘UFOs’ spotted over Chicago Saturday night, April 2nd, and video of the ABC 7 news report.

“Based on the news reports and the videos, the mysterious lights seen by what could be hundreds or thousands of witnesses.”

I know that thousands, or more saw, what I saw. I know that this event has been reported to the public.

I saw what I saw. I reacted to it. That is why I’m writing about it. It reminded me of what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad told me years ago. I can’t prove it, but it happened. Allah, the Supreme Being and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad know this. This involves my Brother–Minister Farrakhan.

For example the letter that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote me that is in Is It Possible That The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Is Still Physically Alive ??? and the context in which he wrote what he wrote to me, if I did not have the letter, then I can’t prove to you what he wrote me.

I’ve seen those who planned to kill my Brother and me too and a few others. But Allah–Master Fard Muhammad and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad see all of this!

Earlier this morning over coffee, I was in a discussion with Dr. Patina and raised a question about this article. She reacted. At some point, I told her that I wanted her words.

Dr. Patina is a doctor. She said this: “Some people lie, but they are not aware that they are lying. I come across this when dealing with people’s health. They come to me because they need help, so I don’t believe that they intentionally lie. Some lie just out of ignorance. So there’s lying on different levels. For example, children lie because they don’t want the pain of a whipping.”

What is at the root cause of lies on all levels?

Now, I’m ending my reaction to what I saw. I’ve put it in context, and why I reacted the way I did and why it has taken a “long” time to write it.

I’ve been bearing witness to the truth ever since I saw what Allah blessed me to see of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan for many years.

I’ve given my witness to and of Minister Farrakhan, by speaking and writing and making this public, and in private. My witness has received all kinds of reactions–some good and other evil. But I never stopped doing it.

I’ve also have been doing it to help others, to do the same–bear witness. What does “bear witness” means–especially now at the end of this time?

Does this involve lying, in any way or manner, at “the end of this time,” which is now? What does this mean? Your knowledge/reaction to this question comes from whom or what?

Children lie. How do we see this? Do you hate them because they lie? Do we see them as liars when they are “grown-up?”

Bearing witness, at the end of this time, in which we are living in it, right now, does it involve knowing and telling the truth carefully or does it involve telling lies? Where or whom does your knowledge come from? Does it come from one or many persons?

Everyone, in this country can understand the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, when he speaks and when he writes.

I’m bearing witness to him. He is making the “The Final Call.”

I’ve never lied about Minister Farrakhan and his position in relation to Allah, Himself, Master Fard Muhammad and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Never! I’ve also given proof with 100% accuracy.

In the Oxford American Dictionary, “Bear witness” means, “(or testimony) to testify to, give evidence, give testimony, attest to, confirm, corroborate, prove.”

Some will come to see by prayer and study. But you will see that I have not written lies and spoken lies about my Brother, over all the years since I started and continue to do it sick or well.

I have had many, many problems, before and since he got up. I’ve faced death, several times, right in the face. But, I’ve never lied to anyone, when I saw him, before he got up and after he got up, in 1977. I’ve explained him publicly, why, he went down, and why he arose. I’ve explained why Allah put him in this position.

His history is a blessing for both Blacks and Whites.

I live here in America. We all live in and at the end of this time. What does this really mean? Where does your knowledge come from? Have it been proven 100%?

I’m very aware that everyone who reads this article will not agree, but … . I’m not finished yet. Read next article.

More next issue, Allah willing.