I wrote these words in a previous article: “But an event forced me to write this article, differently than what I intended. Each of us knows of events, or experiences, that involve all of us, which we know up to a point, or we may not know. Allah, Master Fard Muhammad knows it all. He knows best.”

The word “force” means: “Strength or energy as an attribute of physical action or movement.” I’m aware that the word force also means more, but I’m using this definition in this article.

All of us know, or should know, that we have the power to agree or disagree with others. If you disagree with this previous sentence, you know it in your heart that you are a liar. If you disagree with this, you are force to lie to others.


Millions or billions of people are involved in this. Why?

This statement involves those who do not agree with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. But you cannot say you did not understand him, when he writes or speaks. I know this involved when he traveled around America and then around the world, which also involves the USA, as you know.

This involves the English language, which Allah allowed it to spread all over the planet. Nobody can disagree. I know there are different forms to the English language. When you read this, you will agree.

Minister Farrakhan had traveled all over America and the world. We can prove this and others around the world can prove this.

I’m aware I’m speaking, writing and repeating this point above.

For example, when Minister Farrakhan went to Africa, he spoke to many people who understood him (the English Language) and then they translated his words and thinking to others, who further translated his thinking and his words to others and then others translated his words and thinking to others. And all of them said, “Yes!”

Now, I think that all people will agree, that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has the unusual power to speak, very clearly, to make himself understood.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan explained himself clearly last year on February 28, 2010, that involves everyone on this planet. I mean just what I wrote–this involves everyone–those who don’t love him and those who hate him. This also involves those who love him!

This also involves the most powerful Jews in America. This involves what is called the end of the world. What event is called the end of the world? That involves much. That involves agreement and disagreement on all levels.

I’m writing this article as succinct as I can, right now. Succinct means: “Something written or spoken briefly and clearly expressed.”

What caused me to write this (and the two previous articles) is my reaction to what I saw.

According to Oxford Dictionary the word “reaction” means, “an action performed or a feeling experienced in response to a situation or event.”

This word means more, but you can study it for yourself.

I’m aware that these words will cause people to see this and the previous two articles differently. But I must write it 100% and my reaction to what I recently saw while in Chicago.

Dr. Patina, also was excited at what we were witnessing then she said, ‘Look Jabril!’ Brother Harold said these words, ‘I remember Brother Jabril also being excited in his expression, and simply saying the word ‘Timing,’ of which he may have said two or three more times.’ ”

Dr. Patina said the following words, “… Then Brother Jabril said in a calm voice that it was connected to what he has been bearing witness to the world. He also said that what went through his mind, requires some time to tell exactly what he saw.”

I was excited and then I was calm.

I’ve been bearing witness to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and then to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan from the time he stood up to rebuild the Nation of Islam, both privately and publicly.

That experience, that I saw, with others, in Chicago on April 4, 2011, and my reaction to it, involves my articles–all of them!

This article involves this series and why I interrupted the series I was on. I intend to tell the readers why I used the words “all of them.”

This involves the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and that he is actively involved in what is happening now and all over the planet. Now, there’s no way to understand this situation here in America and the planet without understanding Minister Farrakhan.


This is the time of judgment we are all in! Everything is being manifested today as it was written. Who wrote it? That involves interpretation. I’ve seen many, many books about it. You also know this.

What are the best interpretation of these two books–Bible and Holy Qur’an? Does this event, or others like it, what we saw in Chicago, involve the event?

Below are excerpts from news reports of “UFOs” in Chicago and elsewhere.

“Photo of UFO’s over Chicago, April 2, 2011. Update: Similar UFOs were filmed Friday night, April 1st, over the skies of Miami… .”

“ ‘I’ve never seen anything like this in my life!’ 
Chicago witness said.

‘That was crazy! That was insane! How many did you guys count? I seen over 20.’
Witness who filmed mysterious lights remarked … .”

“Mysterious lights over the skies of Chicago Saturday night, the lights flying in formations that turned ‘multiple’ colors are causing ‘UFOs’ buzz, the lights witnessed and filmed by multiple people and a follow up news report from Chicago’s ABC 7 News.

“Technically the mysterious lights are UFOs, unidentified flying objects until they’ve been identified. (In the majority of mysterious lights cases, a serious lack of explanations from the government and ‘experts’.)

“If they remain ‘unexplained’ the questions of, are they intelligent life from another planet—rather bold aliens, blatantly flying over Chicago in plain sight, or, are the objects top secret military ‘Area 51′ flying saucer technology? Another theory bandied about the web, some UFOs are ‘holograms’ that could be part of a top-secret government UFO ‘False Flag’ operation.

“According to several witnesses the lights ‘changed colors’. Chinese lanterns in the sky are usually described as ‘orange’. So far we’ve discovered four videos from four separate witnesses of the ‘UFOs’ spotted over Chicago Saturday night, April 2nd, and video of the ABC 7 news report.

“Based on the news reports and the videos, the mysterious lights seen by what could be hundreds or thousands of witnesses.”


From volume 30 number 15 I wrote:

“Moreover, he went on to announce, that his teacher was even at that moment very much alive and that he had come into tremendous power and was exercising that power in America and throughout the earth. Minister Farrakhan then went on a series of addresses, throughout America, that his teacher’s return was imminent.”

Have you read The Synagogue Of Satan written by Brother Ashahed?

I saw on television two years ago in January where the scientists of this world reduced Pluto numbers way, way down. The same year in the summer, I saw/read that Minister Farrakhan and Mother Tynnetta communicated to the world, what we–the Muslims–were given in our Lessons concerning the planets. That involves Pluto.

I’m not saying that they talked to each other or anybody else, about that, but they did it.

In December, that same year, on TV, I saw the scientists talk about Pluto, again. I’m not saying they repeated themselves. But the scientists of this world made Pluto very, very small in numbers.


More next issue, Allah willing.