(FinalCall.com) – Hypocrisy and conspiracy are not new elements of U.S. foreign policy but it is shameful when a head of state is targeted for death by forces supposedly empowered to protect civilians.


NATO forces dropped bombs on the compound of Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi in Tripoli April 24 following days of calls for more to be done to support “rebel” forces and calls from Republican Senator Lindsay Graham that the revolutionary leader be taken out. “Cut the head of the snake off,” he urged, saying the compounds of Col. Gadhafi’s inner circle should be hit, according to reports aired over CNN.


“It was a barbaric bombing,” said Libyan government spokesman Mussa Ibrahim, according to Reuters. The spokesman showed reporters pieces of shrapnel that he said came from the missile. “This contradicts American and Western (statements) … that it is not their target to attack this place,” Mr. Ibrahim told the news service.

Assassinations and support for death plots are old hat for the United States and Western allies hitting the North African country. Just consider the fates of Congo’s first prime minister Patrice Lumumba, killed in 1961, Mohammad Mosaddegh, Iran’s elected president killed in 1967, Chile’s Salvadore Allende who died in 1973, and leftist leader Maurice Bishop shot down in Grenada in 1983. Their lives were snuffed out by U.S. operations or operations supported by the United States. The common denominator in all these deaths? These men were political leaders with views, visions and policies, particularly in protecting their countries’ resources and seeking alliances outside the purview of the U.S., that were seen as threats by America.

The second bombing of a Gadhafi home proves these despicable and deadly acts by the West aren’t limited to yesterday or the “bad ole” days of the Cold War against the now defunct Soviet Union and the bogeyman of Communism.

What began as a so-called mission to save lives and protect civilians has turned into an outright plot to kill a man who has served his people for over 40 years and someone who was supposedly brought back into the good graces of the West in 2008. Col. Gadhafi made agreements with Western nations to make amends for past misdeeds he was accused of and Western corporations benefited from doing business under a man who is now cast as a murderous dictator.

Leading neo-con Richard Perle, a onetime Defense Dept. and high-ranking White House official, was among lobbyists deployed to Libya to help Col. Gadhafi and his government improve their image and chart a new course. It appears as though the only course charted was a familiar one: Offer an olive branch of peace, make false promises and then move in for the kill.

Britain, France and Italy announced April 20 deployment of “advisers” on the ground in Libya and CIA personnel has already been on the ground in the North Africa nation, not to mention an Obama administration promise of $25 million in “non-lethal” military aid–uniforms, boots, tents, radios, personal protective gear, and medical supplies. Deadly unmanned predator drones have also been dispatched to attack pro-Gadhafi forces.

All of this is a long way from UN Resolution 1973, which was supposedly enacted to protect civilians and promote a ceasefire. But a cessation of hostilities was never the goal of the resolution; it was legal cover for murder.

“The Americans and the Europeans obviously got the Security Council to authorize an imperialist adventure. There can be bad wars that are legal wars, in the sense of not violating international law,” Michael Mandel, professor of International Law at York University in Canada told The Final Call. Prof. Mandel is author of “How America Gets Away With Murder, Illegal Wars, Collateral Damage, and Crimes Against Humanity.”

“In this case they’re getting away with murder, what in fact is murder, but legally speaking is not. It’s like saying an execution that takes place in Texas is murder. It’s legally authorized, but it’s morally murder.”

“NATO motives are dressed up in humanitarian rhetoric but humanitarian military intervention usually causes more inhumanity than it prevents. Also, the execution always follows the geo-strategic goals, in this case pretty clearly a desperate attempt to control the course of the Arab revolutions and the oil,” Prof. Mandel explained.

Prof. Mandel was describing the overall military assault on Libya. The assault on the nation is not enough, the murder plot is now focused on a man who has stood for his people and supported oppressed people across the globe.

After Libya was accused of supporting armed groups in Europe in the 1980s in response to European powers supporting anti-Gadhafi Libyans and attacks by European militant groups, the Reagan administration decided to strike directly at Col. Gadhafi. In April 1986, following sending aircraft carriers to Libyan waters and skirmishing with Libyan forces, President Ronald Reagan ordered a strike on Libya. Some 60 tons of munitions dropped on the country in 12 minutes on April 14, 1986. Some bombs hit residential areas but the compound of Col. Gadhafi was targeted and struck, killing civilians and his adopted daughter.

Shortly before the bombing, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan went to Libya and warned Col. Gadhafi of the plot to bomb his nation. The Minister boldly declared at the time and has since said repeatedly that he received the information from the Hon. Elijah Muhammad on the Mother Plane, or dreadful plane in the sky that fulfills Ezekiel’s vision and is commonly called a UFO.

The U.S. government is angry with Col. Gadhafi because he opposed America “sucking the resources of Third World peoples and putting in place dictators that would be amenable to America’s policies,” said Min. Farrakhan in a March 31 press conference at Mosque Maryam, where he condemned the U.S. war on Libya, U.S. hypocrisy and plots. “And whenever a government arose that wanted to use the resources of the nation for that nation’s people, America through the CIA would plan insurrection, coups, terrorist activities and even assassinations of good leaders to put in their place America’s dictators,” the Minister said.

The horrible and deadly activity of the U.S. government is leading the country to ruin financially, with billions spent on war, and ultimately to her spiritual and physical demise. Her seeds of evil will reap a backlash from those who have suffered or have seen suffering she has inflicted on others. Most importantly, America faces punishment from the divine hand of Allah (God).

No fine words or seductive lies can hide the truth and in this hour. The judgment of God and the warning that those who delight in war and bloodshed will see it brought home appears destined to be fulfilled.

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