“America is on her deathbed,” is the title of the opening chapter of the book titled “A Torchlight for America” by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. In the book he outlined the myriad of problems plaguing America and their spiritual and divine solutions.


Though it was written during the 1990s, it still has relevancy today in the current state of America and its leadership under President Barack Obama. The Minister’s core warning and message contained in “Torchlight” have remained consistent and constant–but there is little evidence his warnings have been heeded. If the weather is any indication, wicked plots continue to be hatched as Min. Farrakhan reminds America of the divine warning delivered by his teacher, the Hon. Elijah Muhammad.


But it cannot be denied that President Obama is facing major challenges that are connected to the future of this country.

He is administrating a country on the verge of collapse, an economy in serious disarray, very expensive military adventures in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya and re-election concerns for the upcoming 2012 national election.

The recently-passed national budget sacrificed the most vulnerable in society and bears witness to the trouble in America. While tax cuts have again been granted to the rich, those cuts are offset by cuts in programs that serve the poorest and most needy Americans, according to the Congressional Black Caucus and advocacy groups.

“America is clearly suffering, and from my vantage point, America lies on her deathbed in dire need of guidance, and a new direction,” wrote Min. Farrakhan in “Torchlight.”

“If you examine her vital signs, you will have to agree that they show America is steadily on the decline,” he continued.

The decline is shown not only in unemployment, rising prices and losses in property values. It is also shown in the inability of leaders to find any common ground or a common vision for the nation. It appears as though there are no answers to the problems faced by the United States and growing anger about social and economic insecurity, not to mention the old demons of race hatred and old-fashioned greed.

When President Obama campaigned for his current job with the optimistic “a change that we can believe in,” it contrasted the chaotic government of George W. Bush, who was a front for a neo-conservative agenda that permeated the White House.

During his eight years of misrule, the neo-conservative movement drove President Bush into unbridled government spending and two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that mortgaged several future generations of Americans to pay the debt, which is nearing $15 trillion.

While Congress reached a last minute budget agreement that kept the federal government from shutting down, at Final Call presstime economic shivers reverberated through the U.S. Capitol and Wall St. as a top credit rating agency expressed worry about the government’s ability to fix the debt crisis. Standard & Poor said April 18 the outlook for U.S. fiscal health had dropped from “stable” to “negative” for the next two years. If Congress fails to increase the limit on the country’s “credit card,” investors in government bonds will balk and the economy could take another hit.

As one news outlet explained, the “White House has warned that failing to increase the limit in the coming months could be ruinous for federal finances and the economy as a whole, because the nation’s creditors may lose confidence in the United States’ ability to pay its debts.”

The country and the president are fighting a losing battle. There is little room for discussion and negotiation to determine the national interest and make principled moves to protect the national interest. Instead corporations and the well-heeled influence lawmakers and angry ideological chatter fills the airwaves as Tea Party-affiliated congressmen appear intent on pushing the country to an eventual showdown—regardless of the consequences.

The American people, mesmerized by sport and play and the “Real Housewives of Name Any City,” are worried but without the information needed to make an informed decision or rally to the aid of their nation.

“It is the purpose of the wickedly wise to hide the truth so that people won’t see a way to get themselves out of their present circumstances, so those who rule can continue to dominate and subjugate the people to feed their own lusts and greed,” Minister Farrakhan further wrote in “A Torchlight for America.”

As the 2012 election looms, both sides are lining up for a fight and campaigns that will cost millions–if not a billion dollars. Campaigns that are ugly and polarizing can be expected and intelligent discourse and debates on the merits of ideas sadly can’t be expected.

With these conditions and God’s hand set against this great nation, where is the hope for change or even survival–especially when divine warnings have been issued and ignored?