In my last article I wrote:

“I intend to make myself clear why I use the word, ‘explain,’ next article, Allah willing. I also intend to quote from Mother Tynnetta Muhammad and explain why I quoted from her in this series.”

But an event forced me to write this article, differently than what I intended. Each of us knows of events, or experiences, that involve all of us, which we know up to a point, or we may not know. Allah, Master Fard Muhammad knows it all. He knows best.


We all agree that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has the unusual power to speak, very clearly. This statement also involves those who do not agree with him. But you cannot say you did not understand him, when he writes or speaks.

Did Minister Farrakhan explain himself clearly last year on February 28, 2010, that which involves everyone on this planet? This involves the most powerful Jews and Black people in America that came out of that event. Yes!!!!

I’m writing this article on April 7, 2011. I was in Chicago with Dr. Patina Muhammad and Brother Harold Muhammad on the eve of April 4, 2011.

This is what Dr. Patina had to say about an event the three of us experienced.

“Monday evening April 4th around 6:00 PM Brother Jabril, myself and another Brother (Brother Harold who was driving us to get something to eat) were downtown, on our way to get some dinner when we witnessed many, many baby planes flying low in the sky. I would say a fleet of them. At first we thought they were birds. Then the three of us realized that they were not birds.

“We were so ecstatic over seeing the amount of them and what they were doing. It was like they were ‘dancing’ in the sky. They really wanted to be seen.

“One by one the planes would make a certain smooth move across the sky over to where the others were. I never saw anything like that before.

“We see them often in Phoenix, but nothing like this. In Phoenix there would be four to six of them in a straight line and then make a formation and the majority of the time it’s in a triangle formation, before they would just disappear.

“I could see the joy in Brother Jabril’s face and in his voice. He was loud and very clear; he said, ‘Is this real? Is this real?’ While looking up at the sky with a big smile on his face. His voice tone was excitement. He said something else, but I don’t remember, because I was so busy looking up at what I was seeing.

“Then Brother Jabril said in a calm voice that it was connected to what he has been bearing witness to the world. He also said that what went through his mind, requires some time to tell exactly what he saw.

“I went to the Internet to see if there were any news reports of the sighting we witnessed. There were none, but there were plenty news reports of the ones that were seen on Saturday, April 2nd, 2011 on the South-Side of Chicago.

“Other news report was comparing those lights seen in Chicago on Saturday to the Phoenix’s lights. But the ones we saw on Monday were more fascinating than the Phoenix lights. I was among those to witness the Phoenix ‘lights’ in 1996.

“The Phoenix lights were doing formations and they were flying very, very low. As a matter of fact, I felt the sense that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was present in one of them.

“The planes we saw right there in Chicago on Monday were a fleet of them, flying very low and they were ‘dancing’ in the sky and it were many, many more of them.”

I asked Brother Harold to write what he saw of that event.

“I, Harold Muhammad on the eve of April 4, 2011, while in the company of Brother Jabril along with his Doctor, Sister Patina Muhammad, we shared an experience that I don’t believe I will ever forget.

“While at a traffic light on North Michigan Avenue, in Chicago Ill, at approximately 5:30 p.m., I observed a number of lights in the sky ahead of us that were moving around in strange yet graceful patterns that I immediately associated with what this world would call UFOs.

“I don’t recall clearly if I had shrugged Brother Jabrils’ leg or arm as he sat next to me, however, I do remember pointing and excitedly telling both Brother Jabril and Dr. Patina to look ahead at what I believe I was the first among us to see.

“Dr. Patina, also excited at what we were witnessing then said, ‘look Jabril!’ I remember Brother Jabril also being excited in his expression, and simply saying the word ‘Timing,’ of which he may have said two or three more times.

“As I was looking upon the ‘moving objects’ ahead of us, I felt a sensation in my being that I can only describe as very peaceful and calming. In my estimation, this experience lasted for approximately 8 to 10 seconds.

“Although I did not want to look away from the planes that we were observing, the knowledge of which the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad has introduced to the world, I had no choice because I was driving and the traffic light had changed.

“As we turned off of Michigan Ave., I remember the calming sensation lingering, however I did not feel that I was actively experiencing it as I had while we sat still at the traffic light.

“I thank Allah for this experience and allowing me to share it … .”

As Brother Harold made the left turn in the car, the planes were still visible.

Do any of us agree with the Satan on any levels, but don’t know it? Get and read The Synagogue Of Satan by Brother Ashahed.

From his book he wrote:

“While there appears to be a plethora of sports, information and news channels to choose from, the reality of the matter is that most of these stations and media outlets are controlled by the same people. It is obvious that the outlets of this country–whether radio, television or print–are controlled by the same people.

“As stated previously, members of a symphony do not play the same tune by accident. You will find yourself mesmerized by the slick production techniques, and the way that the news organizations appear to be everywhere all at once.

“It is because of the smoke and mirrors presented through the media, most fail to realize that they are being manipulated into thinking a certain way about certain people, places and events as a result of what is being said and as a result of what is not being said.

“News is no longer reported. It is filtered and then distributed. The newscasters are not respected for their objectivity and professionalism. They are marketed like actors, actresses and entertainers because this is exactly what they are.

“They are given a script, and are told to perform the act with little regard for truth.”

More next issue, Allah willing.