If you really see, believe or know, that we all are living in the end of this world, and see, believe or know, that we are in it, then how do you really see this?

Do you see that this world is 100 percent evil? Do you see how to get out of it? And, you’re going where?

Where did your knowledge come from? Has it been tested, 100 percent? How do you know the truth of it in your mind? Or who tested it and how? Or did you find out the truth of it by yourself? I just wrote three ways to react to this question.


Are you in the best position, to test your reaction to these questions? I want to ask more of these questions later.

I had an experience yesterday, when I read something in The Final Call newspaper. That caused me to write the above words and what I’m writing below.

I am a student of the teachings that came from Master Fard Muhammad, through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and now through the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, and others who bear witness tells the truth that came from them, and others don’t know it.

I know that I must explain what I mean by this. I cannot explain why I’m using this word “explain” here. This is a short article as you see this is not a book.

I must tell why I wrote it on this date, March 28, 2011. I know the paper is not due out for many days.

I know that there are people on this planet that do not live in America and there are others who live in other parts of this planet who know the truth of which I’ve mentioned above.

The following I wrote in a book.

“The fact that Paul reached far more people than Jesus, did not mean that he was greater than his teacher. He worked in the name of his teacher and did greater works than his teacher. Why did working in the name of his teacher (Jesus) enable him to succeed on a greater scale than his teacher in terms of reaching and affecting the masses? His teacher went to the Father (God).

“What did his going to the Father have to do with the greater success that Peter and then Paul had with the same people? What is there in this term and the reality to which it pointed that explains the success of Paul? Did his teacher gain added power from God and did he use it on those below? How did he do that from where he was to where Paul was?

“According to the writers of the Bible a far greater measure of the spirit of God was sent down through and by Jesus, upon his followers. His spirit was released and sent in greater measure than they had before he departed from among them; after Jesus went to the Father. How come Jesus was given a far greater measure of his Father’s spirit after he worked and suffered among the people for a set time?

“He was given the wisdom and guidance of the next world, in full measure; that which eye had not seen; ear had not heard; nor had it ever entered the mind of anyone to ever conceive of that divine wisdom.

“Jesus worked the divine will and power that he was given by his Father, through Paul and others from his exalted place, out of the public’s eye, at the hand of the Father, high above the nations of the earth.

“When Jesus was physically with his followers, and said what he did, as quoted above in John 14:12, he was speaking from his knowledge of the future.

“Again, he stated: ‘I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.’

“This explains why Jesus said, with such certainty, that ‘He will do greater works than these because I am going ‘NOT TO THE GRAVE IN DEATH, BUT ALIVE’ to the Father.”

“All of this was written of us today, as if it already happened about 2,000 years ago. Whether or not it fully took place 2,000 years ago, it yet provided for us a picture of people and the events of our times and what we are all experiencing and living through. (It did not happen at that time.)

“Although the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, one day, urged the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, to be like Paul; not Peter, he knew that his servant had to go through a stage like that which Peter went through before he would be ready for the enormous task that he would undertake-as he has since 1977.

“The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan was destined to go through the Peter, Paul and then the Jesus stage. He was. He is. He is still becoming what Allah wills for him. He is well on his way to the next and the final journey. In brief the ultimate goal of this journey-that we are all invited to make is oneness with Allah Himself and His Christ.

“Minister Farrakhan is a fuller man because of his teacher’s (the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s) fullness. As just mentioned, he has not yet become what he is becoming. So it is with each of us.”

I hope my words produce the exact picture they were intended to produce. I can back up every word and I have done it over the years, although some people don’t believe it. (Some others have done it also.) They will. That back up will come from God Himself.

I intend to make myself clear why I use the word “explain” next article, Allah willing, and I also intend to quote from Mother Tynnetta Muhammad and explain why I quoted from her in this series.

More next issue, Allah willing.