“Surely it is a decisive word, and it is not a joke. Surely they plan a plan, and I plan a plan.”  Holy Qur’an 86:13-16

How important is the power of communication, especially in what is called the end of time?

The most recent events over the last few years, especially last year and now, that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has done should cause you to think deeper into world events and our place in it.


Now back to the book I quoted last article: The UFO Conspiracy:

“Yet, and here lies the rub, these nations (except one or two who are refreshingly open) play a dangerous game, double bluff. Their records and their actions speak for themselves. I have not conjured up some imaginative scenario, but have based this story on official documents and statements by people from the heart of the matter.

“These demonstrate a total concern about the UFO mystery. However, in strange contradiction of this, the public statements of these people mislead and sometimes lie. They downplay importance, denounce witnesses, refute investigations, and cast around a smokescreen of apathy that would be extremely worrying–if we could think for more than a moment that it was not a charade.

“To disregard the awesome facts staring blankly at us all would be a demonstration of ineptitude and incompetence so enormous that none of us could sleep soundly in our beds. For we trust our very lives to these people, who now hold in their hands many ways to destroy our planet–not the least of which is an electronic arsenal of deadly weapons.

“It has to be inconceivable that inexplicable objects dancing across our skies would get the categorical brush off after four decades of study. They do not. These official investigations continue; which, any applications of logic will tell you, means we have made some discoveries of apparent importance. No government in these economy-conscious days throws money down the drain after a non-existent phenomenon.

“That said, ask yourself one question. Why are you being told that the phenomenon is non-existent?

“If the major powers consort to deny something they are all taking very seriously, we are left to speculate. Of course, we might be wrong in such speculation, but it seems appropriate to assume that they have good reasons for the perpetuation of the myth of UFO nonsense. Reasons that may also be potentially disturbing.

“Put these facts together in a bowl and stir. Whatever combination of the truth emerges is up to your own credibility threshold. I am not about to try to force any option onto you. I contend very simply that one thing is clear: the public is being deceived on a colossal scale. Ordinary citizens are being labeled ‘fools’ for honestly describing what they saw. The media is being manipulated by force-fed information that directs it towards required goals. Science is being hoodwinked by the powers-that-be, who may well want to preserve the monopoly they hold for research within the secret services.

“I submit that this does meet the requirements to be called a conspiracy.”

I just ended the INTRODUCTION of the book titled: The UFO Conspiracy; Subtitle: From the official case files of the world’s leading nations, by Jenny Randles.

More and more people are thinking and talking about the end of time. That number is increasing.

Everyone, who reads this article, will agree, that their view is based on their view of evil or good, generally speaking, and God will end evil and more. “Generally speaking” means just that. But is their view 100 percent correct and are we living in that time?

Among those who are planning for the next world, in terms of their view, are their views in the process of being proven to be untrue in terms of God’s view, which is 100 percent correct?

This planet is filled with wicked people, in terms of the teachings (words) of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. His view came from the Supreme Being, who he met in person and then the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan saw and heard his teacher–the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in 1955! Many people know of his experience.

Have you ever studied, and then thought deeper, of why the Holy Qur’an mentions Moses and Aaron together? I’m about at the end of this series.

Now, I’m continuing Minister Farrakhan’s words from “The Divine Destruction of America: Can She Avert it? Done June 9, 1996 at Mosque Maryam in Chicago.

“What is your position, Black man, in this judgment? Whether you know it or not, you are the reason why God is judging America. Even as it was in ancient Egypt, it was Pharaoh’s mistreatment of the Children of Israel that caused God’s appearance and His judgment.

“It was the Hebrews in Babylon, their presence and their mistreatment that caused God’s judgment of Babylon. It is your mistreatment at the hands of White people that has caused God to send down His judgment on America.

“The Book of Revelation talks about a mystery Babylon. There was an ancient Babylon that we know about, but John the Revelator was talking about a mystery Babylon.

“According to the English interpretation, the word mystery means unknown, uncertain, obscure, concealed, a secret, something locked up, something that has not been or cannot be explained. In theology, it is a supposed truth or fact of great religious importance, which is beyond human comprehension. In order to understand the mysterious one, we have to know something about the known in Babylon.

“In ancient times Babylon, under the kings Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar, was a great city of idol worship and evil. She was the queen of evil, rich and well fortified. Mystery Babylon refers to a future city or a future people. No city or people answer the description of a mystery Babylon better than the cities and the people of America.

“How is God going to destroy America? What instrument is He going to use? Whenever God gets ready to destroy any people He sends that people a warner, and the warner is always raised from among the oppressed. That’s God’s pattern.

“If America is going down, and she is, who are the oppressed? It’s either the Native American or you (Blacks). You have suffered worse than the Native American because the Native American can still speak some of his language; he knows something of his history. But you have been totally destroyed. And that’s why God is angry with America.

“You may forgive her but I don’t know that God ever will. She is going to have to do something real big to get out from under what’s coming. I intend to make this known very clearly to America.

“Look at the warner that comes to Babylon. He tells his people to come out of her (Babylon) that they be not partakers of her sins and of her plagues, for her sins have reached unto heaven. He’s saying don’t integrate with her. Come out of her way of thinking. Come out of her name. Come out of her false worship and come into a righteous code of conduct that will allow you and me to escape what God has purposed for her. Now the question is have you heard the warner?

“The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said America is a preserved area. No foreign nation will destroy America lest they get the credit. God will do it Himself. He said America is number one on God’s list to be destroyed. He talked about the four beasts: America, England, Germany and Italy.

“These are four White nations that have acted with great wickedness against the darker people of the world. He says the more you fight against Elijah, the more God makes perfect through me. Elijah Muhammad said, we will make the truth so plain that a fool will find it hard to err.”

The previous and this one are excerpts from an address delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on June 9, 1996 at Mosque Maryam in Chicago.

How important are his words now?

More next issue, Allah willing.