“O thou who wrappest thyself up, Arise and warn, And thy Lord do magnify, And thy garments do purify, And uncleanness do shun, And do no favour seeking gain.”
—Holy Qur’an, Surah 74, verses 1-7

Saviours’ Day 2011 opened fully to the public the archives of the Secret Knowledge and Supreme Wisdom bequeathed to the members of the Nation of Islam, founded in 1930 upon the Coming of Master W. Fard Muhammad. He visited America during a period of 20 years under disguise searching and finding his lost-found people of his Father’s House biblically identified as the blind, deaf and dumb, impoverished and hidden under their former task masters as chattel slaves in America. We were left dying in the blood of our mother’s umbilical cord and there was no one to help us to restore us and

Sisters in attendance of special health training seminar on the island of Maui, Hawaii. They are as follows (L-R): Dr. Darnita, Florida; Sis. Antonio, Atlanta; Dr. Ayanna, Maui, Hawaii; Mother Tynnetta Muhammad, Sis. Callie, Columbus, Ohio; Sis. Karen, Columbus, Ohio and Sis. Queen, Phoenix, Arizona.

redeem us back to the top of civilization from whence we had a great fall. This Secret Knowledge of our identity and our place in the Godhead was only known by a few scientists on our planet, making up a circle of 12 adepts who held back the secret knowledge of God until today.

This past Saviours’ Day address delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan lifted the veil of secrecy that had never been experienced before in our nation’s history since its founding by Master W. Fard Muhammad. When he made himself known to the public, he chose the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as his first oracle messenger-saviour, as the first begotten of the dead. Through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, yet another Messenger-type Saviour was born from this illustrious classroom of God to open the final chapter in the fulfillment of prophecy that would bring us through this present hour of turmoil and crisis safely across to the other side of our journey to ultimately meet with God Himself.

Within 24 hours of my return home from Chicago’s Monumental Saviours’ Day, I received a communication from one of the members of the MXODUS team, Jeanet Housman, who had arrived on the grounds of Mexico’s Costa Chica region, along the Pacific Coast, in the small town of Pitahayo, where the XIII Assembly or Encuentro of the Black Mexican people of African descent were meeting. Poor communication and inability to organize our MXODUS team in time to participate in this year’s Encuentro (meeting) as we had done in the last two years, left me alone with the task and challenge of making a decision to go to this important assembly with only one traveling companion, Alicia Reys, who agreed to accompany me to Costa Chica to share with our families there our Saviours’ Day triumph.

When we spoke by phone one day prior to our departure, she stated that it was difficult for her to say no. Allah guided us to prepare to leave the next day taking a bus headed for Alcapulco, in the state of Guerrero, a five-hour trip where we awaited a driver to take us another four and a half hours on the road to meet our destination in the states of Guerrero and Oaxaca. While en route, the subject came to me that I would share with the communities assembled at this meeting the success story of the Nation of Islam’s marvelous Saviours’ Day event and the title came, “The Oracle Nation of Islam, the Voice of Prophecy at the End of the World We Have Known.”

What does it mean to be an Oracle Nation? Why did these words come to me following the impact of a Saviours’ Day message and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s worldwide address: “God Will Send Saviours”? There it is in the title of his address; thus we have been ordained the oracle nation of saviours’ being sent out to the world as it is collapsing on its heels in the momentum of time to save, to warn, and to redeem the remnants of our people and of fallen humanity wherever we may be on our planet.

Mother Tynnetta Muhammad speaking to a group of islanders on the island of Maui at a Sunday morning meeting arranged by Dr. Ayanna at the Temple of Peace, headed by a reverend from the Maori Nation from New Zealand. Photos: Queen Ali

Just prior to Saviours’ Day, a call had come to a few of us from the Hawaiian island to participate in an unusual health seminar on the regeneration of cells and organs conducted by Russian and German scientists. We answered the call and arrangements were made for a few of us to travel first, to the capital island of Oahu, Honolulu, and within a day from there, we flew into the island of Maui. We were warmly received by our host upon our arrival to both islands. I will share more details of the significance of this journey in a later article. Let it suffice to say that within a few short days, we had made wonderful friends and were invited to tour the island and to speak on the day before our departure at an assembly of Islanders at the Temple of Peace.

Webster’s dictionary definition of the word oracle means to speak: A person (as a priestess of ancient Greece) through whom a deity is believed to speak. b: A shrine in which a deity reveals hidden knowledge or the divine purpose through such a person. c: An answer or decision given by an oracle. 2. A person giving wise or authoritative decisions or opinions. b: An authoritative or wise expression or answer. We are answering the call of deity (Almighty God Allah) to speak the truth following the guidance and instructions of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan to reach global humanity in the face of enormous calamities and destructive forces that are erupting from revolutions and wars to meteorological and seismic disasters happening at an ever-increasing pace. In this Divine work, we call to remembrance the Divine Word and Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad who was taught by the Master, the fullness of these prophetic events that are taking place on our planet in the 81st year of his first public appearance in 1930.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan following in his teacher’s footsteps is warning the nations and the United States government with all the force of truth without compromise, the events that are reshaping our planet and cosmic existence. Thus, the community of the believers are being prepared as the new oracle nation of divine prophecy for a whole New World Order and Civilization. America is surrounded by a Ring of Fire gradually coming in upon all her sides from above and from below that will gradually shake America to her knees and her well-deserved doom. Truth shall prosper and win in the end and we will be lucky by God’s Grace to escape the present world destruction if we take away with the Messenger as the Divine Oracle of our present age. We have now multiplied as a nation of Saviours’ being sent out to the entire world.

“For when the trumpet is sounded, That will be–that day–a difficult day, For the disbelievers, anything but easy. Leave Me alone with him whom I created, And gave him vast riches, And sons dwelling in his presence, And made matters easy for him, And yet he desires that I should give more! By no means! Surely he is inimical to Our messages.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 74, verses 8-16

To be continued.