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( – It was a scene like no other. Traveling by any means of transportation available; airplane, car, bus and train, thousands upon thousands of men, women and children from around the country packed Allstate Area in Rosemont, Ill., Feb. 27 to witness the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan deliver the keynote address at Saviours’ Day, the annual convention of the Nation of Islam, commemorating the birth anniversary of its founder, Master W. Fard Muhammad.

Minister Farrakhan’s keynote address, “God Will Send Saviours,” impacted the hearts and minds of those in attendance and for some, the sheer depth and magnitude of what they heard, inspired them to delve deeper into what is happening in the world to gain a better understanding. “Minister Farrakhan’s lectures are like college courses, each lecture is like six months to a year of study, this has been beautiful,” said Nyese Joshua of San Francisco.


Ms. Johnson said what stood out most to her was the Minister’s warning of the American media potentially manipulating people’s perceptions of what is going on in Libya, the Middle East and other parts of the world. She appreciated the clarity with respect to world events Min. Farrakhan shared with the audience.

With tears brimming his eyes, Nation of Islam pioneer Arthaniel Muhammad, 74, from Miami said he had been waiting for this message from Min. Farrakhan for a long time. “The words he said to the people is so plain, it’s a joyful day for me,” said Mr. Muhammad, who became a registered Muslim in 1957 in Philadelphia under Minister Jeremiah Shabazz. “This Saviours’ Day message was special because it gave the people hope, he brought Satan out of the closet,” Mr. Muhammad told The Final Call.

Minister Farrakhan’s awe-inspiring yet direct message and bold leadership was not lost on Angela Williams and her 11-year-old daughter Lena, both of Chicago. “I like the fact that he said he is ‘The Leader,’” said Mrs. Williams. Young Lena agreed saying that as a competitive person, she admires that position. Mrs. Williams added that if anyone is confused after today’s lecture that Minister Farrakhan is The Leader then, “shame on you,” she said.

Chicago-based attorney Lew Meyers, a close friend of Min. Farrakhan noted, “I really appreciate his spirit of bringing our people together, his vision and insight always moves me.” Imam Ahmed Mubarak delivered the kutbah or sermon at Friday’s Muslim congressional prayer service, and was moved by Minister Farrakhan’s “do for self” message and his way of galvanizing oppressed people. “The message I will take back is that leadership has a responsibility,” said Imam Mubarak.

“I was so happy to see him telling the entire world frankly and with complete courage that Israel, Zionism, is controlling the United States of America and it is time to see America become sovereign and independent,” said Ali Baghdadi, international Palestinian journalist and Middle East activist.

Chicago radio personality and former city councilman Cliff Kelley said Min. Farrakhan said exactly what he was hoping he would say, particularly about Libya. “He said to all of these people he’s not going to say anything bad about Bro. Gadhafi. I love what he said, ‘I’m not a punk,’ and he certainly is not. He is a real man and I love him.”

Shellia and John Ross, aunt and uncle of Frederick Jermaine Carter, whose mysterious hanging death in Mississippi has outraged many Blacks attended Saviours’ Day as representatives of their family. Both expressed their love and gratitude for Min. Farrakhan and have been inspired to return for future conventions. “As far as tonight goes, he was right on point and this is what we need and my major concern is if you’re going to be a Muslim, be a true Muslim. If you’re going to be a Christian, be a true Christian. Do not half-step, sellout,” said Mr. Ross.

Even before he graced the stage and addressed the audience, people from all walks of life anticipated receiving guidance, analysis and prophetic words from Min. Farrakhan through the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Whether coming to hear the Muslim leader for the very first time or for those who were Saviours’ Day veterans, many said they felt a special pull bringing them to this year’s event. Many youth felt special attraction to come and hear what the Minister was prepared to share.

Clark Johnson, a 21-year-old barber from Baton Rouge, La., was in Chicago for the first time and says watching DVDs of Min. Farrakhan has changed his life so he felt compelled to travel and hear the word in person. “I was only 18 when I first heard him and it changed my whole life, I stopped eating meat, I started reading more, I started to do better and changed the people I hang with. I feel if more young people could hear his words it would help,” shared Mr. Johnson.

Lawrence Lewis from Chicago’s south side could hardly express in words how overwhelmed he felt about the chance to see and hear from Min. Farrakhan again. Mr. Lewis says the Minister is “just awesome” because of his powerful voice to unite the people and he receives personal inspiration every time he hears him speak. “He inspires me to take the word to my people and do as I can as a righteous human being.”

(Charlene Muhammad contributed to this report.)