(L-R)Fernando Correa, Antonio Urzi, Dr. Roger Leir, Giorgio Carillo with translator, Donald R. Schmitt, Ademar Gevaerd, Dr. Jaime Maussan

ROSEMONT, Ill. | Stephens Convention Center (FinalCall.com) – The phenomena known as “Unidentified Flying Objects”–which have been witnessed and even documented by thousands and thousands of people in all walks of life for several decades in the United States and all over the world–are in fact evidence of intelligent beings, an international panel of scholars and researchers told a packed ballroom at the Nation of Islam’s Saviours’ Day 2011 conference on Feb. 26.

Slide presentation of film footage presented at UFO plenary session.

The sightings in several U.S. cities, in Brazil, China, Russia, and many, many sightings in Mexico confirm one of the core beliefs since 1930 of the Nation of Islam. “Master Fard Muhammad pointed out to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, a dreadful looking plane in the sky, a half a mile by a half a mile, a human built planet,” the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said in a lecture which was excerpted as part of a film introduction to the plenary session. “I said, before you can make mockery of me you’ll see these wheels over the major cities,” the Muslim leader continued. And so it is.

“The witnesses have described these craft as disk-shaped, or cylindrical shaped, or spherical,” a television news announcer continued, recounting the typical description of what have been known as “flying saucers” since a well known incident in Roswell, New Mexico, on July 8, 1947. “These objects are capable of both hovering and high-velocity flight, usually, completely silently. I believe, these gentlemen believe, that this planet is being visited by beings from another world,” the announcer continued.


Because of the superior, advanced technology these craft demonstrate, along with the inability of modern authorities to explain them, most commentators insist that the beings operating these craft must be “extraterrestrial,” or inhuman beings from other worlds.

Slide presentation of Brazillian government’s inquiry into UFO phenomenon.

“You want to give the credit to somebody from outer space?” Minister Farrakhan continued in the lecture excerpt. “It ain’t no outer space. You want to know where they come from? They’re made from here.” The evidence from the seven experts, from Mexico, Brazil, Italy, and the U.S. who addressed the panel, largely confirmed the Muslim leader’s conclusion.

The expert presenters–Ademar Gevaerd, Brazil; Dr. Roger Leir, Donald R. Schmitt, and Seve Colbern, all from the U.S.; Antonio Urzi, Italy; and Fernando Correa of Mexico–are people who have “dedicated their lives,” are the best in their field, who have “credibility”, according to Dr. Jaime Maussan, Mexico’s leading UFOlogist, director and founding president of Producciones Maussan.

“Of course aliens exist and they are our brothers, and plus, not recognizing the existence of other advanced civilizations in space is underestimating the creation of God,” the official astronomer of The Vatican has said, according to Mr. Urzi. His investigation looked into one of the largest real mass contact with people by UFOs in Europe in 1956.

Another myth about UFOs that was debunked by one of the panelists is about their hostile intent toward all humanity. UFOs have never committed any aggressive acts, according to Dr. Maussan. “They are so advanced that they could destroy us in a flash, in a moment, in a second,” the former journalist told The Final Call.

Min. Farrakhan at UFO plenary session. Photo: Mikal Veale

“Yes, we know there are some abductions. We know they experiment with humans as we do with some minor species. But that doesn’t mean that they are against humanity, because the technology they exhibit would prove that they are so much advanced that we couldn’t match them if they decided to do something against us. There is not a single evidence of an aggression, a massive aggression against human beings,” he continued.

The UFO technology is so advanced, one panelist estimated, that it is 80 million years ahead of the most advanced science in the U.S., Russia, or China. The behavior of the UFOs themselves demonstrates what is clearly “intelligence,” panelists insisted. The craft have been sighted alone, in pairs, and “sometimes in thousands,” standing still, making formations, some even resembling “big parades” in the sky.

Slide of crop circle believed to to have been made by UFO.

And while the governments involved do not report the incidents, UFOs have been sighted by astronauts on and near the International Space Station, as well as by countless pilots and other military personnel.

The most famous UFO incident, however, remains the July 1947 incident at Roswell, New Mexico, where the craft itself crashed in the desert. There were more than 600 witnesses of that event, according to Dr. Maussan, and the U.S. dispatched 50 to 60 troops to search for every piece of physical evidence anywhere near the crash site. In addition, he said, there have been four official archeological digs at the site, but the U.S. government is simply trying to “play out the clock,” until all the living witnesses are dead.

Governments in other countries, however, have been more open concerning UFO information. France, Spain, Italy, Canada, Urguay, Chile, the United Kingdom, Peru, Norway, New Zealand, the Vatican and Argentina have begun opening official files for public investigation. Brazil alone has declassified more than 4,000 pages of documents related to UFOs.

Slide presentation of Brazilian government’s declassification of UFO documents.

“We will drive the government of the United States to open the files and make known to the American people the existence of this reality,” Minister Farrakhan promised attendees after the session.

“I personally am deeply grateful to Dr. Jaime Maussan and his colleagues. We are grateful for what they have shared with us, and I say to you and to those who may be listening in Tempe, Arizona (where a conference attended by other UFO scholars was taking place), these men have suffered much to tell the truth. Their colleagues in Tempe, Arizona, have suffered much to share with the world their experiences,” Minister Farrakhan continued.

“Many have died or been killed to keep from sharing what they have seen. Today on February 26, they meet a community that is unafraid of any government interference, and we will make known what we have been taught and what was shared with us today by these great scholars.

“So, they have in us, allies. They have in us, their protectors. They have in us, those that will help them to gain the finance to keep up their research. They have in us the community that He who pointed out The Wheel to us 81 years ago, they have Him and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, backing their work,” the Muslim leader said.

Hundreds pack the main ballroom at Stephens Convention Center for UFO presention.

The respect from Min. Farrakhan was reciprocated. “The dream of every people around the world is to have wise and loving guides in this life,” said Mr. Urzi. “(This is what you have) in Minister Farrakhan. He has led me to believe that every people’s dream can become reality.”

The UFO evidence is that “the people are one,” said Mr. Urzi, and the UFO phenomena are proof that “the people are the same who have accompanied all the great prophets in the history of humanity.”

The UFO phenomenon “simply stated is a sign of the end of one world going out and the beginning of a new world order coming in to take its place,” Mother Tynnetta Muhammad, wife of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, wrote recently.

There is a “new reality” of a “new people” in the truth about the existence of UFOs, according to Min. Farrakhan. “And if you noticed, in the final messages (in unexplained crop circles which have appeared on farms waiting for harvest), a crescent and a star,” the Muslim leader told the session. “A crescent in the first quarter, representing a new day, a new Islam, a new Christianity, a new religion that will do away with dogma.

“Religion rooted in science–a scientific analysis of the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Let us stand and give this panel our deep and abiding love and respect and honor for what they shared with us today.”

(The entire plenary session is available for viewing at  http://www.noi.org/sd2011/ufo_symposium.shtml | Click here to order the high quality DVD Video.)