Removing the veil, revealing true history

(l-r) Ava Muhammad, Jehron Muhammad, Dr. Larry Muhammad and Dr. Ridgely Muhammad.

ROSEMONT, Ill. ( – The Nation of Islam’s Historical Research Department lifted the written words of “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews: How Jews Gained Control of the Black American Economy” off the pages when they presented irrefutable, long-hidden facts about the imbalanced, degrading, and capitalistic relationship between Blacks and members of the Jewish community during the organization’s first plenary session of its annual Saviours’ Day gathering in Rosemont on February 25.

In a session broadcast live via webcast across the globe, scholarly, academically, yet without vitriol or unbridled emotion, the researchers skillfully defended the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan from false accusations that he is anti-Semitic and a teacher of hate.


“We feel so confident and comfortable with what we have learned from the book and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s example that we will challenge any scholar anywhere with what we know … not out of arrogance, but in confidence,” said Jackie Muhammad, who moderated the session.

Brother Demetric Muhammad, an author and student in the ministry at Muhammad Mosque No. 55 in Memphis coordinated the workshop. Panelists were: Sultan Muhammad (NOI E-Security Team and researcher), Ashahed M. Muhammad (author and The Final Call’s Assistant Editor), Cedric Muhammad (author and economist), Attorney and Student Minister Dr. Ava Muhammad, journalist Jehron Muhammad, Dr. Larry Muhammad (Director, Muhammad University of Islam) and Dr. Ridgely Muhammad (Manager, Muhammad Farms).

In his opening remarks, Bro. Demetric set the tone for the session by declaring that Min. Farrakhan is not today, nor has he ever been anti-Semitic as some Jews charge.

According to Bro. Demetric, they are angry because Min. Farrakhan is an equal opportunity analyzer of injustice. No ethnicity should be off the table when it comes to addressing the injustice experienced by Blacks during and because of slavery, he said.

A Matter of Record

“All of Min. Farrakhan’s good works have been denied,” Bro. Demetric said, as he cited a few. One was the Dope Busters under the helm of then Fruit of Islam Captain of Muhammad Mosque No. 4, Brother Abdul Sharrieff

(l)Jackie Muhammad (r)Cedric Muhammad

Muhammad, and now, Southern Regional Student Minister. He explained that members of the Fruit of Islam in Washington, D.C. helped clean up drug and crime-riddled housing projects, however, a campaign spearheaded by the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith led to congressional hearings and ultimately, the denial of federal funds.

Another was the NOI’s People Organized Working for Economic Rebirth (POWER) initiative that Min. Farrakhan launched in the mid-80s to employ Black men and women while providing healthy cosmetics and toiletries to our people. Major Black owned distributors and banks backed out after initially agreeing to be a part of the plan aimed at urban economic renewal.

Again, the false charge of anti-Semitism and pressure from influential Jews resulted in difficulties moving the project forward.

History of the controversy

Part of the historical evidence presented during the session included a video montage of Min. Farrakhan speaking about aspects related to the Jewish people. His comments regarding Adolf Hitler were played in full context. It was clear that Min. Farrakhan was not lionizing Hitler, and stated, “…But don’t compare me with your wicked killers,” he added. The full quote is never reported in the media or those writers who use his so-called “praise” for Hitler to “prove” their specious claims of anti-Semitism.

Min. Farrakhan said his controversy with the Jews really stems from his declaration that Blacks in the Western Hemisphere are the real Chosen People of God.

In another clip of his historic October 1985 address at the Madison Square Garden in New York, Min. Farrakhan revealed that his Jewish critics’ aim was to discredit the power of his message, undercut his magnetic attraction in his own people, isolate him, and ultimately murder him, but it’s not working, he said.

An Awakening

According to Min. Ava, the Historical Research Department’s members were inspired by Min. Farrakhan to go into history books and research in order to prove to the world by actual facts the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. They were also inspired to protect Min. Farrakhan’s message and his peace of mind.

“He does not deserve to have his creative energy drained and impeded dealing with the enemies of our world,” Min. Ava said. Some may think it doesn’t matter what people say about Min. Farrakhan, but the false charges of his enemies and the enemies of God absolutely matter and there are several reasons why, she continued.

The group has used their diverse skills as attorneys, journalists, economists, agriculturalists, educators, and researchers to uncover the intricate role of Jews in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and to clear Min. Farrakhan’s good name.

Collectively the group has written some 43 articles defending the Minister, as well the contents of both volumes of “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews,” and a companion book “Jews Selling Blacks.”

The articles have appeared in the print and online editions of The Final Call as well as other publications and websites around the world.

When Bro. Jackie announced that a study guide had been created to accompany both volumes of “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews” those in attendance again erupted in applause.

According to Dr. Larry Muhammad, Min. Farrakhan commissioned the guide as part of his effort to ensure that children who attend the MUI know that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s teachings are designed to help them become gods and that can only occur through study.

Part of the effort includes an online petition ( to make it mandatory that the history of the Black experience, including the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, be taught in all K-12 curricula and that it be funded through the U.S. Department of Education.

Dr. Larry said he believes that TSRV1 & TSRV2 should be taught in all classrooms throughout America. He recalled that when he was in school, the only introduction to the traumatic part of Black history known as slavery was through the late author Alex Haley’s series, “Roots.”

Black students were so embarrassed that no one talked about it at school the next day, so studying the book and study guide can help children as well as adults learn the secret that’s been hidden from the world, Dr. Larry Muhammad said.

“Forty Acres & the Jews”

Historically, Abraham Foxman, the ADL’s national director and others, have maintained that Jews played only a small role in the African slave trade, but they were actually at the center of the dehumanization and Bro. Sultan Muhammad addressed how.

(top)Crowd applauds after video presentation. (l-r)Sultan Muhammad, Ashahed Muhammad, Jasiri X. Photos: Mikal Veale

Bro. Sultan, who has traveled with Min. Farrakhan to more than 70 countries, read directly from the book’s section named “Forty Acres and the Jews,” and highlighted how the research has dispelled the notion that Blacks experienced any freedom, justice and equality in the South after the Civil War, and that Jews avoided settling in the South because of its culture of extreme racism, as they had claimed.

They went to the South with a mind to reorder and strengthen their economic underpinnings, Bro. Sultan Muhammad read. Not only did they settle in the South but they profited off the backs of Blacks who picked cotton. It was the America commodity most associated with the crime of Black African slavery, he read.

“The point is that we have to have a better perspective of history and a better perspective of ourselves,” Bro. Sultan Muhammad said.

Hide and seek oppression

“These books, and this book in particular (referring to Volume Two) is going to be responsible for a paradigm shift in the way that the history of Black people in America will be studied from here on. There will never be falsehoods sent out to the public that will be allowed to stand as truth,” said Bro. Ashahed Muhammad.

Currently, TSRV1 is in 115 libraries throughout the world, including Yale, Harvard, Princeton, the Jewish Theological Seminary, Brown University, and the Cambridge in London, Bro. Ashahed Muhammad said.

Until the Historical Research Department presented its research, the Jews tried to hide their influence and didn’t even want to admit to what they said was their “minor” role, he added.

Some of what the HRD’s research uncovered was that among a small group of influential Jews 10 of 13 Jewish pioneers were inextricably linked to the Slave Trade and the other three certainly weren’t abolitionists. Little known facts like these show the importance of history and research, he said.

“When you hear this being sent forth, that ‘We were always your friends. We worked with you. We were always there,’ well now we are starting to look and see that these aren’t the actual facts. It’s not true,” Bro. Ashahed added.

The actual facts are in the most meticulously researched book on the history of Blacks and Jews, which includes 1,800 footnotes that directs readers to where they can find the information recorded not by Min. Farrakhan, but by Jewish scholars and rabbis themselves, Bro. Cedric said.

“Take every single thing that has been written negatively about this book and then get it for yourself, and then look through the 1,800 footnotes and the beautifully written narratives, and then watch the three ‘Who Are the Real Children of Israel’ tapes and messages of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and it will almost be like a revelation. There is not one ounce of truth in their lies and how this book has been represented and the Minister’s words,” Bro. Cedric said.

A video message to the youth

Student Minister Jasiri X from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is also a conscious Hip-Hop artist. He performed his song, “Real Gangstas,” which he said was inspired by Min. Farrakhan and the book.

Making music has always been his passion but it is an honor to be able to help the Minister in this day and time, Bro. Jasiri told The Final Call.

His video began with Min. Farrakhan speaking about real gangsters during a lecture at Mosque Maryam, the Nation’s flagship mosque in Chicago, Illinois.

As Bro. Jasiri rapped about how government politicians, regulators, and banking and housing organizations robbed millions of Americans in the Wall Street and housing crisis, photos of the Rothchilds, Rockefellers, U.S. politicians and some popular Hip-Hop artists that claim gangsterism flashed across the screen. “Learn what was to know what it is,” the video ended.

18-year-old Alonzo X and 21-year-old King X of Bridgeport, Connecticut both said they found the panel’s information to be as clear and compelling as what they’ve read in the books. They also appreciated Bro. Jasiri’s video because the Hip-Hop community has a lot of influence on youth.

“This information is critical to get out, especially to the youth because the youth don’t know their history. The school system’s not teaching the children,” Bro. Alonzo said.

A call to action

There are many ways to get involved with the sustained campaign surrounding “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews,” Bro. Ashahed informed. Anyone interested should first get the books and read them, and complete the study guide. They also can visit the websites and for electronic archives of articles written by the researchers. They can make a commitment to forward the weekly articles that are distributed by the research group’s white papers to others via email, chatrooms and listserv groups. And of course, they can use social media such as Twitter and Facebook to post information.

“Just share the facts,” Bro. Ashahed said.

(The entire two hour plenary session is available for viewing at