ASKIAM and Ashahed M. Muhammad Final Call Staffers

Minister Farrakhan adresses crowd in the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL for Saviours’ Day 2011.Photos: Mikal Veale

ROSEMONT, Ill. ( ) – The tumult the world is witnessing in Tunisia, in Egypt, in Libya, in Bahrain is headed to America, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan warned thousands during his annual Saviours’ Day address at the Allstate Arena here.

“You’d better prepare because it will be coming to your door, America,” Minister Farrakhan told a crowd of over 16,000 with thousands more watching globally via live Internet webcast.

During an over four-hour lecture in which Minister Farrakhan looked and sounded strong throughout, he informed the audience that this is a time of war–as it says in the scriptures–and the time of the deliverance of God’s people is at hand.


He also advised President Obama should remember his words to other nations concerning freedom of assembly and the freedom to protest. These disturbing events now seen on foreign shores are a sign that the Great Mahdi–God Himself, the Saviour–is in the world today and all tyrants will be set down, the Muslim leader warned.

(L)Crowd listens to message. (R) Min. Farrakhan points to an image on the screen at Saviours’ Day 2011.

“God is indeed present and he has made His choice of the people for His glory,” said Min. Farrakhan. God has chosen the Black people of America for himself and the Nation of Islam is a vehicle established to fulfill that purpose, he said. “And the Scripture says, ‘even the Gentiles will come to the brightness of thy rising.’ Maybe you don’t know it but there are many Whites who are now writing to the Nation of Islam and telling us that they believe in the teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and this is a sign of what many of the Gentiles have always known, but they have not been strong enough to say it. But they see and hear us saying things that are in their hearts and they see us rising and they are now saying boldly that they will help us,” he said.

God has chosen Blacks for a specific duty and function, the Minister said.

“We are that people–then God will have to free us from the people to whom we are bound and since they have already let us go–but they do not want to say it openly–we want to force them to say ‘yes, we let you go,’” said Min. Farrakhan. “But then, you have to provide us with a good send off, and if you don’t provide us with what is required to let us go, then God will fight you, and now is fighting for our deliverance.”

Each year, the Nation of Islam holds a celebration marking the birth of its founder Master W. Fard Muhammad. This year’s convention was filled with informative workshops and demonstrations attended by thousands from all over the world.

“This man, Master Fard Muhammad, Elijah Muhammad said of him, he came to us from the holy city of Mecca. He was born February 26, 1877. He knew his future when he was six years old. He saw himself pushing the DuPonts, the Rockefellers, the House of Rothschild–this Synagogue of Satan–into a lake of fire when he matured. He was made from Black and White so that He could slip in among us undetected, as the Bible says, ‘He would come as a thief in the night.’ ”

During this year’s Saviours’ Day convention, a plenary session was held dealing with what are commonly referred to as Unidentified Flying Objects. Master Fard Muhammad taught the Hon. Elijah Muhammad of a “dreadful looking plane in the sky” referred to in Nation of Islam teaching as the Mother Plane, “a half-mile by a half-mile humanly built planet.”

The Minister drew parallels between the dual function of the Saviour, and the two functions of the Mother Plane.

“It was he who pointed out to us a dreadful looking plane in the sky–a half-mile by a half-mile–a plane that had two natures and two functions–like himself. He is a saviour but he also is a destroyer and that Wheel that is above our heads has those same two functions–one to heal, one to save, one to replenish, one to renew the earth and the people on it, but one that is to destroy the enemy of peace so that those who live on our planet after such a destruction will never again have to worry about a mischief maker or a peace breaker breaking the peace of the members of the human family.”

“Think about a God so angry at the condition of his people, and the misuse of the power of the oppressor against his people, that his own fury upheld him,” said Minister Farrakhan.

“The Bible teaches, ‘He had for a long time held His peace, but now He would cry out like a woman in travail.’ Isaiah saw Him treading the wine press alone. His garments stained with the blood of His and our enemies,” he continued.

After a long pause and a moment of reflection, Minister Farrakhan said, “That’s the One I represent today,” and the crowd exploded in applause.

The title of his message was: “God Will Send Saviours.” The Great Mahdi–The Saviour–would send and has sent Elijah Muhammad, and his representative to deliver Black people in America from the clutches of their open enemies.

The Saviour wants to free Blacks from White control and domination, in a land of their own, said Min. Farrakhan.

God’s judgment and divine upheaval

The scholarly, passionate, address was filled with quotations from the Bible, the Holy Qur’an, and from American historical documents, writings and speeches of this country’s Founding Fathers, as well as timely references to contemporary events: precisely the kind of analysis people around the world look to the Minister to receive, because of his sterling reputation for integrity, and insight into complex world problems.

He also referred to the words of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad regarding the four great judgments of America–rain, hail, snow and earthquakes.

America has been hit with one weather battering after another, causing strain on many major cities during already financially tenuous times for most.

Major earthquakes have been experienced globally.

The Minister reminded the audience about the words of the Holy Qur’an, the Muslim book of scripture, in which it says there would be “calamity after calamity until the enemy is laid low.”

He then discussed events within the political landscape of the United States and world affairs

“I don’t know what’s going on in Libya,” said Min. Farrakhan. “But Muammar Gadhafi has always been my friend. People tell me I should distance myself from him, but I’m not that kind of weak-kneed person,” he said.

Minister Farrakhan noted that every nation on earth has citizens that do not agree with their governments. The governments of this world, including the Middle East, arein upheaval as a divine change takes place, the Minister explained.

In Libya’s case, however, we cannot be sure of exactly what is happening and why, he continued. But, Min. Farrakhan said, the unrest in the country has erupted after Libya sought closer relations with America.

Min. Farrakhan had warned Col. Gadhafi about rapprochement with America, saying the United States would not cease in attempts to overthrow the longtime revolutionary leader.

Similar to Iraq, violence was come with the involvement of America and Western forces in the name of peacemaking, the Minister said.

President Obama should also be careful about warning Libya about not harming peaceful protestors as upheaval and angry protests are headed for America, Min. Farrakhan warned.

He also warned against a double standard in the name of justice.

“I listened to our president the other night. I watched the way he talked about his friend (deposed Egyptian president Hosni) Mubarak. Mubarak’s been there for 30 years–the friend of every American president–so whatever he was not doing for his people, America sure knew it!

“When did we (the United States) find out that we should be ‘for the people?’ After the people rose up, America tried to get in behind the cart,” observed Min. Farrakhan.

America lied about going into Iraq in search of weapons of mass destruction, thousands of innocents were killed, and there have not been calls from the U.S. for trying former President Bush and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld for war crimes, said the Minister.

“They need to put America out of Iraq, out of Afghanistan because the trouble didn’t begin until the trouble maker came in. … When they set up the embassy, practically all the members of the embassy were CIA. They aren’t for peace! They’re there to destabilize! The people are still gathering in Tahrir Square (in Egypt)–they’re not satisfied. Well that fell off the radar,” he said.

The Great Compromise of 1877

The Minister also discussed critical events in the history of Black people in America–the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and The Compromise of 1877. Despite the fact that both had major implication for the conditions Blacks are in today, many know nothing about them, however, much of the information is contained in “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews” Volume Two.

Mother Evelyn Muhammad, Mother Tynnetta Muhammad, Sister Khalidah Farrakhan, Sister Karen Farrakhan,

The Minister explained that in 1865, the 13th Amendment legally abolished slavery, however, the presidential election of November, 1876 ended in a deadlock between the Republican Rutherford B. Hayes, who represented the Northern sentiments, and Democrat Samuel Tilden who represented the former slaveholders of the South. The two sides fought over the result for weeks, and there were even threats of another civil war.

The American Bankers Association met on January 26, and then again on Feb 7, to strategize in the midst of the controversy. The Emancipation of the Black man had undermined the very source of their fortunes–Black slave labor.

It was thought that this political standoff could provide the opportunity to radically change the course of the nation–in their direction. If Tilden won, they thought, he would be facing a hostile Republican congress. They believed that their plans would be received better under a Hayes administration. Southern politicians, whose votes would be needed for these major projects, could be convinced to go along with the promise of an enormous capital investment and a return to the old racial order.

After that, a group of politicians from both parties secretly convened in Washington, D.C. to attempt to resolve the conflict and save the union from political disaster and possibly a second civil war. After days of negotiations they finally agreed that if Rutherford B. Hayes were awarded the presidency, he would remove the federal troops in the South who were protecting the Black ex-slaves, and the former Southern slaveholding class would be returned to power where they could establish new forms of slavery free from federal control.

The agreement in effect put the bankers and industrialists in control of the Southern economy, and it forced Blacks back into the cotton fields to finance it all. After twelve years of “emancipation” Blacks would be returned to virtual slavery, denied civil rights, and assigned to permanent political, social, and economic inferiority. Jim Crow laws took immediate effect and Ku Klux Klan terrorism exploded. Lynchings, rapes, and mass murders against America’s Black so-called citizens escalated. Black property was stolen, schools were destroyed, voting rights abolished. Whites ran Blacks out of the skilled trades and industry, effectively locking them into plantation labor and domestic service.

That decision would in effect nullify the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the Constitution, and it all started when the Jewish congressman from Louisiana, William M. Levy representing Jewish railroad and cotton investors like the Lehmans, Seligmans, Belmonts, and Kempners, gave an impassioned speech on the floor of the U.S. Congress convincing those lawmakers that this wicked agreement, that scholars call “the Great Betrayal of the Negro people,” was indeed the best policy for the United States of America.

“The most profound part of this, however, is that on the same day that White America decided on the complete destruction of the Black people, Allah decided that The Saviour to the Black man would be born. Both events–the two most significant in the history of Black America happened on February 26, 1877!”

“We have given America the best we have in Barack Obama,” the Nation of Islam leader said of the U.S. president who is often vilified by Republican politicians and conservative commentators. “With the right minds he could probably help America, but he was selected for a purpose. He is the head of a corporation that I don’t think he has any stock in.”

Minister Farrakhan then proposed a unique plan. After saying that he was proud of President Obama and his symbolic and inspirational importance to Black youth, he also said Mr. Obama was “a Black man in charge of White affairs,” and “a good man under control of bad people.”

He said it would be better for Mr. Obama, as eloquent and loved among Black people as he is, to lead a separate Black nation, on what is now U.S. territory or elsewhere.

But Min. Farrakhan also had a warning for President Obama, to not let himself be pushed into a war with Iran–a war that only serves the interests of Israel, not the United States–and to not let himself be pushed into intervening militarily in Libya.

In 1942 The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was sent to prison for five years when President Roosevelt signed an executive order taking him off the street because he was preaching to Black people that they had no interest in fighting in World War II, a war which only benefited White Americans and Europeans. Today, if the U.S. launches a war against Iran, another Islamic country–a war which serves only the interests of the Zionists in Israel–then Min. Farrakhan has promised he will speak out against it, increasing the danger that this President might issue an executive order to have the Muslim leader arrested on sedition charges.

Zionists dominate the government and the banking system in this country, Min. Farrakhan argued, and just as when the Roman ruler Pontius Pilate did the bidding of the Jews in arresting and crucifying Jesus, U.S. society responds to crush anyone whenever there is a perception that Zionist interests are threatened in the world today.

“What man do you see in America who is standing up to the Jews?” the Nation of Islam leader asked. “Farrakhan!” the crowd roared.

His pointed criticism of the Black-Jewish relationship is not an anti-Semitic pogrom or attack because of any “hatred” Min. Farrakhan harbors against Jewish people, he pointed out.

“I’m not a hater of the Jewish people, but I know the truth,” said Min. Farrakhan. “Do you think I would waste my time if it was not important that you know Satan? My job is to pull the cover off of Satan so that he will never deceive you–the people of the earth again!”

Saviours’ Wanted

Minister Farrakhan discussed the mind and spirit needed to be a servant and saviour of the people swimming in sin, however, Black people need to be saved from the enemy and themselves.

Addressing the interaction between the Nation of Islam and the Church of Scientology, Minister Farrakhan said he found something in the study of L. Ron Hubbard’s technology of auditing that he believed could be of use to the Nation of Islam to better prepare them to become saviours of their people. He also spoke of his respect for Mr. Hubbard, and his importance to Whites.

“L. Ron Hubbard is so exceedingly valuable that every Caucasian person on this earth–all Whites–should flock to L. Ron Hubbard,” said Min. Farrakhan. The very reason why L. Ron Hubbard might be so hated is because he sought to end this world and civilize Whites by taking away their reactive minds, he added.

“Mr. Hubbard recognized that his people had to be civilized, he never wanted to continue this world nor did he try to save this world. He was trying to prepare a people to build a brand new world and a brand new civilization,” said Min. Farrakhan.

Regarding Min. Farrakhan’s words regarding the Church of Scientology, Mother Tynnetta Muhammad, wife of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, called their outreach to the Nation of Islam “significant.”

“They were in training for all these years under Dianetics or under the Scientology Church to turn out to be little saviours themselves and trying to unravel the mystery of how we are in this condition because we were reared by our former slave masters that have as the Minister put it–a psychopathic mind–that is the White man’s mind and that is what we have been dealing with for the last 6,000 years,” said Mother Tynnetta.

Reactions to the message

Mother Tynnetta Muhammad said Min. Farrakhan took the time that he needed to get his entire message over to the listeners and viewers.

“His address was an explosion–it can be compared to Problem No. 6 that speaks of the atom being exploded into 10 million parts and that message that he sounded was the beginning of the outreach to global humanity and the 10 million parts represents 10 million new converts that will come into the doors of the Nation of Islam because it is now a global mission,” said Mother Tynnetta Muhammad.

“It is a matter of the most sensitive material that he was dealing with but he was not playing with words and he gave a clear understanding so that afterwards people will not say ‘well he didn’t explain that part’ and then he got into Yakub and the Island of Patmos and Scientology and the real nature I would say of the existing systems and racists that are on our planet because we are going through a transition from the old into the new if we can survive the change that is coming on our planet at this time.”

Student Minister Hilary Muhammad, the Nation of Islam’s United Kingdom representative, described Saviours’ Day 2011 as “amazing.”

“The experience of being here is something that every Black man and woman who desires consciousness has to experience so they can actually see and believe and know for a fact that we can build an independent nation, independent of the wicked rulers who have destroyed our lives,” said Hilary Muhammad. “We need to see it, we need to ingest it; we need to be imbued by it and once we’ve had this experience, we can never be the same again. You cannot be the same again after being in the presence of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s followers.”

“I was very interested in hearing his take on world affairs,” Atty. Malik Zulu Shabazz, national chairman of the New Black Panther Party, told The Final Call. “Obviously, he has the greatest command of the people and the leadership so really I would have to say I will do whatever I can do to help him and I think that would be the position of most other leaders here,” he added.

“You can see–those of us who have been following the Minister–the strength of his delivery and the conviction of what he’s bringing tells us that the time is very short on this world and all of the things that are taking place everything is speeding up,” Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad, Min. Farrakhan’s assistant at Mosque Maryam in Chicago told The Final Call. “It was an absolutely magnificent representation of that truth that Allah has given to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad but that Allah is giving to him (Farrakhan) directly through him for us. We heard from God today.”