(FinalCall.com) – You must look at the first Fruit, the first Fruit whom we now know as the Christ. One of the titles of Christ is “The Saviour.” Another title of Christ is “The Redeemer.” Another title of Christ is, “Christ, the Lord.” Another title of Christ is “Christ, the King.” Well, since we are subjects of the King–or as the scripture calls us, the body of the Christ–then the body does not make the decision, Christ makes the decision. He gives the direction. He’s the sole boss.

Well, if Christ is “The Saviour,” that’s the number one title of Christ. When he becomes God, He exercises that power to save His people. From what? From their sins, the scripture says. “And He shall save His people from their sins.” And the Messenger of Allah said He’s not here to save us from our sins, he’s here to save us from the sins of White people that we have adopted.

Master Fard Muhammad is known as “The Saviour.” But you didn’t know Him. I didn’t know Him. He saved one man: Elijah Muhammad. And that one man becomes the Saviour of us all under His (Master Fard Muhammad’s) power.


The HEM taught us that Master Fard Muhammad studied 42 years to deliver us. Listen to me carefully now. He studied 42 years to deliver us. He was God but He had to study. He was God, He had that potential, but He had to grow into that potential through study. And so the pictures you see of Master Fard Muhammad, you see Him reading a book. Because the only way you can save the people is if you know the wisdom that is found, not just in the newspaper or in some book that you were trained in in college, but you must know the wisdom in the book that is designed for the salvation of the Blackman. Do you understand? Christ, the Saviour.

Well, if the Honorable Elijah Muhammad who was among us, laying a foundation for us to work today, has now left our midst but deposited in us his word and the same course of study that Master Fard Muhammad gave him, then why should we study? It is because you must study to save and deliver the people. On Saviour’s Day 1981, I said, and I am quoting now, “It is written in the scriptures, ‘ I will send Saviours, plural, after them.’” I will send Saviours, plural, after them. Who is the “I”? The “I” who is doing the sending is the one who is the Christ. He says He raises up disciples and He sends them. He is raised, and then He becomes a sender of Saviours. That’s heavy, brother. A Saviour. A Saviour. Pick up your dictionary and look up the word Saviour–one who saves. And when you look in the mirror at yourself, “I am sent as a Saviour of my black brothers and sisters. I am a Saviour. I am a Deliverer. I am a Redeemer.”

Think about those words. You and I are acting under the Saving Grace and Power of the Saviour–The Most Honorable Eliah Muhammad who is acting under the power of the Lord of the Worlds. So we got power to save. How do you know we got power? Because the word of God coming through me saved you. And the word of God coming through you will save anybody who will listen to you if you will study and qualify yourself for your work as a Saviour of our people.


You are a Saviour, Blackman. You are not a destroyer, you are a healer. You’re not a killer, you’re a Saviour.

(Excerpted from The Meaning of F.O.I. by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, published in 1983.)