Ever since the ’30 s America has been struck by drought and dust storms. The outlook is for hail and snow storms, great flooding rains, earthquakes, terrific cold and ice. These blasts of the elements will ruin crops, highways, railroad tracks, bridges and street pavements.

The Holy Qur’an prophesies Allah sending a calamity to destroy crops and generally plague man. It could be locusts, insects already here. If they were multiplied into unlimited numbers they would terrify man and drive him to distraction.

The members of the Black nation who refused to believe and submit to the truth will be burdened with overwhelming grief and hounded by bitter regret. They will find no relief or rest day or night.


The things of which I have spoken will come upon America and its people within the next 6 years. You will separate yourselves automatically when these things come to pass before your eyes.

Who can be saved, you will ask?

The Muslim believers who have submitted to the will of Allah and his religion, Islam, and those who faithfully followed and obeyed His Messenger. Let us try to do something for ourselves.

Give praises to Allah for converting the people to me and blessing us with peace and security. Allah is one God. He is independent and has no need of us, but we have great need of Him. It is He the Prophets predicted would come in the last days of the world seeking us, the Lost People, to save us and restore us to our own.

I declare to you that He has come in the person of Master Wallace Fard Muhammad by (1) a summary of His work for the past 33 years and (2) by the Messenger, who believes in what has been revealed to him by his Lord, as do the believers. They believe in Allah and His prophets and His books. We make no distinctions in his Messenger. We hear and we obey.

It is difficult for me to advise my followers on taking part in the corrupt politics of our enemies, who are in complete control of the political affairs.

There are many Black men and women who make splendid politicians. They could accomplish considerable good if they–like the White politician and his people–were given proper and equal recognition and justice for themselves and their people.

If our politicians are to serve us, they must have no fear of the White man when they lead our case in the White courts before White judges.

The strongest politician of our kind–or the person who comes nearest as far as I know, to giving us political justice in the White courts (if he had our complete backing)–is Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., though he is not a Muslim. A Muslim politician is what you need, but Congressman Powell is not afraid and would not be easily bribed, for he is not “Hungry.”

There are two other good politicians, but I will not mention them by name at this time. If they could shed their fear, they would make excellent political leaders to guard our interest.

We must give good Black politicians the total backing of our population.

Your program–the one I have given you which is carried in the first part of this chapter–should be put before Congress. The Civil Rights Bill and integration will not stand and can never bring independence to you and your people, no matter who is President.

The wisest and surest way to success is to unite behind me. I assure you that, with the help of Allah, you will accomplish your goals–money, good homes, and friendships in all walks of life.

(Text from “Message To The Blackman“, 1965.)