“Benignant, Hearing, Knowing God! These are the verses of the Book that makes manifest. We recite to thee the story of Moses and Pharaoh with truth, for a people who believe. Surely Pharaoh exalted himself in the land and made its people into parties, weakening one party from among them; he slaughtered their sons and let their women live. Surely he was one of the mischief-makers.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 28, verses 1-4

Might it be that the unfinished pyramid over which hovers the “All-Seeing Eye” on the reverse side of The Great Seal of the United States represent an unfinished work of “Divine Providence” with the Presence of the Almighty God Himself in person, making his appearance at the end of the world that we have known? Is it possible that the cutting of the reverse side of the seal as intended by the founding fathers and is stipulated in the law and acts of


Congress of 1782 and 1884 could not be completed until the Coming of God Himself? The Number 13 is repeated over and over again in the Great Seal’s symbolism, which includes the 13 step truncated pyramid leading to the open space above the pyramid showing the triangle with the “All-Seeing Eye.”

The date inscribed at the bottom coarse stone of the unfinished pyramid written in Roman Numerals, 1776, refers to the July 4th declaration of America’s Independence Day is also equal to the Number 13. This date July the 4th, 154 years after the date 1776, which is 1930, marks the exact date of the appearance of Master W. F. Muhammad, the Finder of the Lost-Found members of the Nation of Islam in America. Are we, the ex-slaves of America, the missing symbol or piece to be placed at the top of the pyramid to complete and fulfill the biblical prophecy? The symbolism and sign of ancient Egypt appears over and over again in the design of The Great Seal. This symbolism inculcating the Number 13 is printed on the one dollar bill which contains both the truncated pyramid and the “All-Seeing Eye” on the reverse of the seal. The one dollar bill also shows the obverse side of the seal showing the eagle and all the symbols of power and rulership encrypted in the Number 13.

Looking a little closer at the one dollar bill, we will find the Number 19 appearing in the number of clouds encircling the 13 stars. Within the 13 stars, we see the imprint of the Star of David. All of this symbolism is placed above the eagle’s head or crest. A further explanation demonstrates that letter per letter and number per number printed on the one dollar bill comes to the

Number 19. Here is the proof, looking at the back of the one dollar bill carefully and we see in each corner the numeral one over which appears the word one, spelled O-N-E. Counting letter per letter and number per number, the result is 16. If we add the letters of the word O-N-E in the middle of the one dollar bill, we get three letters. When this three is added to the 16, we get the Number 19. The Number 13 and the Number 19 are the two outstanding numbers in the encrypted design and symbolism of the United States’ Great Seal.

We will in future articles, be it the will of Allah, speak in more detail about the significance of these two numbers in the destiny of America and the world in the establishment of the New World Order and Kingdom of God on earth. What is now emerging in our examination of letters, numbers, words and symbolic language used by the rulers of this world is now passing over to the people who were considered to be no people at all through the Divine Presence of Almighty God, Allah, in the person of Master W. Fard Muhammad. We will note that the spelling of his name, letter per letter is equal to the Number 19. This secret code embedded in the Great Seal and other documents of the United States Government corresponds to the Master’s coming and intervention in our affairs and his identification of his lost and found people chosen to complete the prophecy and Divine Providence to become the heirs of a New World Kingdom and government.

America’s ruling elite, executives, judicial and legislative branches of government know this truth and are trying to keep it hidden from us. There are a few who are entrusted to do something to help us who reside in the chambers of government. This may explain why Master W. F. Muhammad met with the former president of the United States, Herbert Hoover, and knew the hidden Masonic language framed in the foundation of this country and identified this group as being among the Masonic Orders and Shriners, numbering approximately three million. This language is carried over into the lesson plan and assignment called the Supreme Wisdom wherein this group is identified to the new students and converts of Islam. With the proper use of language, we will receive the promise made by Almighty God, Allah, to us of luxury, money, good homes, and friendships in all walk of life. We will remember that in the biblical story of Moses and the Exodus of the Israelites from bondage in Egypt is a metaphor documenting what is taking place in America today in her relationship with her ex-slave.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s writing in “Message to the Blackman in America,” states in the section on Program and Position, under the title, Misunderstanding And Misinterpretation the following words we read on page 187: “In this country, Allah desired to make Himself known as He did (for example) in Egypt, only this time it is universal, coming first to the lost and found members of the Black Nation of America. That prophecy of the Bible from Moses to Jesus must be fulfilled. There is much taught against the divine work that is going on here in America by Orthodox Muslims and Black Christians of America. … The Holy Qur’an refers to the days of Allah, meaning in the years of the resurrection, and it often repeats that the people will meet with Allah in Person, not in visions. He will return to them or give them a knowledge out of that which they have done, good or evil. … They must be taught a thorough knowledge of their people and the devil. They must be Muslims to be liberated. They must have the Name of God, which means one of the 99 names that comprise the Name of God. The names are now being given.”

In conclusion, the expression of The Great Seal of the United States Government is a sign of the Coming of God in Person who is making himself known to His lost and found people and to the United States Government and the world over that the time of this world is at hand and the beginning of a New World Order of True Freedom, Justice and Equality is now beginning!

“And We desire to bestow a favour upon those who were deemed weak in the land, and to make them the leaders and their heirs. And to grant them power in the land, and to make Pharaoh and Haman and their hosts see from them what they feared.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 28, verses 5-6

To be continued.