I started this article today, Saturday, on what is called Christmas.

Why did Master Fard Muhammad give a copy of the Holy Qur’an written in Arabic to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad? What happened? He said he could not read it. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad then gave it back to Him. Master Fard Muhammad then gave him one in English.

Then he gave him, another copy of the Holy Qur’an. This also was written in English.


He read them and more before Master Fard Muhammad left him. After a few months (I cannot get into the details that I know here but) he had to leave Chicago. That was/is an important part of “history.”

When he was in Washington, D.C., at a certain point, he called his wife for the list of 104 books. He was given parts to read and study from those books.

How does all of this relate to you and what happened in Chicago, Detroit and Milwaukee and other places at that time? How do you know how the Supreme Being helped him?

Many people think they know the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s history and they spread their ideas. They imagine and think they know him now. Many people are not like that and that helps to produce humbleness. That helps them and others. How do I know? How does all of this relate to the helping of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and his mission?

If you think that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is dead and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan will not meet him, you cannot really answer this question properly. I thought of these short questions and more earlier today, on December 25th, and decided to include it in my article.

I thought of these serious questions. What is His reaction to this situation and what comes after that, that all of us are involved in–the Nation of Islam?

On Sunday the 26th of December 2010, I was blessed to hear Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad. I loved every word from him! I would advise all to look at his address he made right there in Chicago. It was and is beautiful.

After Student Minister Ishmael ended his address, he came back up and gave excellent words of advice, regarding this holiday weekend. I totally agree with his words, which contains wisdom. I know this article will not appear in our newspaper until after the holiday. But I must bear witness to the truth of his words, now.

These words ended Vol. 30 No. 13 “WHY WERE THOSE WORDS PUT IN THE BIBLE AND THE HOLY QURAN?” (If you have not read the previous article and don’t have it, please read it.)

Two days after Student Minister Ishmael ended his address, I was blessed to hear Minister Farrakhan’s address. And then I wrote my ending to this article that included a little of some of my response to his words and a little of some of Mother Tynnetta Muhammad’s experience when the Honorable Elijah Muhammad “departed.”

My response to Minister Farrakhan’s address was very long, so I could not place it in this article. I was “juiced up!”

It produced a much longer article than I intended. I did not see that at that moment. So, I decided to send this one for two reasons. I will, Allah willing, give all my response to Minister Farrakhan’s address and include the rest of Mother Tynnetta Muhammad’s words in a few articles.

Some years ago, I wrote these words as I was writing a book. I wrote this to back up Minister Farrakhan, which I’m not changing at all in this article.

“I put the above chapter from a book, which provides an idea of some of what the public read, which was reported in the print media, as the news went worldwide that the man who led the Nation of Islam in the West was dead. Of course, there were continuous reports on television and radio for several days following his announced death and developments within the Nation of Islam.

“There was no censoring of the news that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was dead. While there was great grief, sadness and a great sense of loss in many, over this news, there was also quiet and private gladness and a sense of relief–even satisfaction and glee–in others.


“There are F.B.I. memos that are available to the public, in books and in reports, that show their extreme frustration, over their inability to do to the Nation of Islam that which they, the C.I.A. and others, in government and otherwise, who work with them, that which they were able to do to other groups, and to other nations when they destroyed them.

“There is one memo that indicates that they had decided to wait until he died, of ‘natural causes.’ However, it goes on to say, they were pinning the next stage of their plans to take over the Nation of Islam on a certain person’s ‘high up’ in the group.

“The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was aware of their thinking and, among his responses was to quote the Holy Quran, wherein it reads: ‘They await the evil accidents of time for you.’ ”


“A major factor making the United States of America the most powerful nation on earth is the fact that she is the leading nation in communications technology.

“However, when it comes to God, she has experienced a massive breakdown in terms of communicating His truth. I must hasten to add, however, that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s presence and work qualifies this ‘breakdown.’

“America has, what she calls, a free press. She has the most sophisticated communications system in the world. Yet in certain crucial areas of information, she is not a well-informed society. In fact, in terms of the most critical of all knowledge, she is most ignorant of … .

“Americans are exposed to more information now than ever before in the history of this country. The citizens of this country are exposed to more information, at a greater speed, from throughout the world, than was available to our country’s leaders not too many years ago. Recent advances in communications technology followed by the current explosion in computer sciences are keys to why this is so.

“Constantly we are told that we have arrived in ‘the information age.’ The sources from which we gain our information are diverse. The communications technology and systems are sophisticated. The time people spend with the media is another indicator.

“So the problem is not a matter of the quantity of information that is available. It’s the quality of that information.

“We live in the most dangerous time in history.

“For example, when something starts to go wrong in your personal life, there generally are some warning signals that alert you to the problem. If you are a rational person, you normally act upon that information in an effort to solve the problem.

“So too, it is with a society. When a problem arises, there should be a warning signal–information–that alerts citizens that something is wrong which needs attention and resolution. An aware and informed populace could then influence its leaders to act upon that information in an effort to solve the problem. This, unfortunately, is not the case in the United States.

“The United States has serious problems that need to be resolved if we are to succeed and survive in the future. Most are not yet fully aware of the scope of these problems nor do they have all the critical information required deal with them.

“Despite the quantity of news and information being disseminated around the clock, most Americans have and are not being told what is critical to know and that they have a right to know. Without full information about the affairs of this land, people cannot function as good citizens. More serious that this is … . (From a book that avoids it 100%.)


“Despite the extensive research that is done every day in America, with well qualified staffs, on a host of vital subjects, most people are oblivious to one of the most far reaching and momentous events, or news items, ever generated anywhere at anytime on this earth.

“Really, the whole populace of this country missed it; even though the announcement of this most momentous event is contained in that ancient source most people claim is the base of their most cherished values.

“It was, and is yet just about the most important news item, that people living in America–or anywhere–could possibly know. This information, as will be shown, is to be found in the most unlikely of sources, from the point of view of the overwhelming majority and those who have ruled this world.

“The news of which I’m writing involves the very title of this chapter. More directly, the subject is the fact that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is very alive, despite the all out attempt to murder him. The most unlikely source of the announcement of his escape–or his resurrection–is the scriptures; specifically, the Bible.

“This most consequential of all information, and its most unlikely source, is related to a very interesting law, which works in the nature of knowledge and power. One of the ways it’s been expressed is: the more improbable an event the more information it yields. And, broadly speaking, knowledge is power.

“When the event also includes the improbability of the source of the information and power, (potential or otherwise) we have then moved closer towards the very core of knowledge and power.

“Therefore, the most improbable of all events, according to this logic, is generated and yields the greatest power.

“So, if we can get to the core or source of all knowledge then we have arrived to that which generates and explains all other knowledge in that area of information.

“Although this concept, or law, is further examined in a later chapter, the question here is: it does relate to the question, which is the title of this chapter: Did He Escape?

“ ‘Yes,’ said the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. This improbability took place in Chicago, Illinois, before about 3,000 people, in February 1981.

“At that time Minister Farrakhan announced that not only was the Honorable Elijah Muhammad not dead, but that he had in fact escaped from a death plot, six years earlier.”

More next issue, Allah willing.