“… the LORD hath a controversy with the nations ….” Jeremiah 25:31

I had an experience on the morning of December 20, 2010. I was awakened with a strong, loud ringing in my head/ear. I got up immediately, walked in the room and looked at the clock it said 1:30 AM.

After several hours, my doctor, Dr. Patina, asked me why I was so irritated. I told her about the ringing in my head/ear earlier. I could not tell her, why I was irritated, as it was not clear to me. I thought of what I learned some years ago from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. But I’ll write that later.


Later, that day, we heard from a Brother what happened to the Westside Mosque in Chicago. A few hours after that we read news reports on the Internet.

I then went back to work to end this series of articles in The Final Call I started February of this year.

This series started earlier this year. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan made public, wide-spread throughout America and the earth his address titled: The Time And What Must Be done; The Wheel. Minister Farrakhan named it.

Then the most powerful Jews in America reacted to him.

Then what is referred to as “UFOs” reacted.

Minister Farrakhan continued his addresses. He made his position very clear. He invited the most powerful Jews, Black Leaders, Government Leaders, etc., to sit down with him, on the basis of mutual justified respect, to get to the next level of solving this very critical problem.

Now, these words come from the book, Closing The Gap and I’m asking my Brothers to put these three pictures with this article. I’m making part of my statement in this article.

Brother Jabril: So we are in that–what’s the word–

Minister Farrakhan: We’re in like the door. That’s the best way I can describe it. ‘I am the door,’ Jesus said. Well the door means you exit out of one thing and you enter into another.

We’re at the time of the end of one thing and in the beginning of another and that’s a very dangerous point, because you can go either way. You could fall backward into the old in the difficulty of perusing the new. Or if your heart is the right material, you’ll be strong enough to enter the door, close the door on the old and remain fascinated by and fastened to the new.

Brother Jabril: So Michael comes right in the start of the new beginning. He is called a protector of his people; a great prince; a champion. He is divinely placed in the position that he occupies. He’s put in this position, right in the–I’m trying to think of the word–

Minister Farrakhan: Nexus.

Brother Jabril: That’s it! The nexus! This makes his stand produce what the book says it would produce.

According to the work of scholars, in Strong’s Concordance, a major part of his name means: “Who is God?”

We talked a little bit about this on the phone, when you were in Atlanta, a few weeks ago, when I raised the question: Why would a man be given a name that’s defined by a question?

Minister Farrakhan: Because what he does, answers the question. Because everybody believes that there is a God–most everybody. Most everybody believes that the One, Who created the heavens and the earth and all therein, is the God.

Most everybody in the world understands and has felt and been manipulated or moved or destroyed by the power of the ruling powers of the present world.

As they see the present world in trouble and they see that they too are in trouble and in a time of trouble everyone starts calling on their God. This is as it was with Jonah when he was in the ship and the waves started battering the ship, everybody started praying. But their prayers were of non effect until they found Jonah in the ship. Then they asked him to pray. Then when he prayed (because he knew the God was after him) it was effective. So it was his prayer that brought peace to the troubled waters.

It was Jesus’ prayer when he was in the boat with his disciples and the waves and the winds came up and they were so afraid, they awoke him, he stood, looked at them and said, “Peace be still.” And the waves calmed and the winds calmed and then he looked at them and said, “Oh ye of little faith.”

Well they were with Jesus, but they still did not know the power that he had and the potential power, that they had.

His stand should then answer the question: “Who is God?” So today Michael’s stand ends the confusion, because no one is willing to go, where he’s willing to go because in a time of trouble, people want to hide from the attacks of the enemies of their rise.

But here’s a man who stands up in the midst of all of it. He stands for a people who are cowardly in fear, not knowing what to do. He answers the question for them, “Who is God?”

The scriptures, the 37th chapter of Ezekiel, when the winds begin to blow it was then that the bones stood up and the scripture says, “When I have raised you out of your graves, then shall you know that I, the Lord, am God, and beside me there is no Savior.”

It was an act of prophesying unto the winds that put life in the bones that caused the bones to come up to see who is God.

Here, the interview ended. It’s a witness of the fulfillment of Exodus 4:10-16, (from a bible translation titled: The Message) which reads: “Moses raised another objection to GOD: ‘Master, please, I don’t talk well. … .’

GOD said, “ … who do you think made the human mouth? …. I’ll be right there with you; with your mouth! I’ll be right there to teach you what to say.”

He said, ‘Oh, Master, please! Send somebody else!’

‘Don’t you have a brother, Aaron the Levite? He’s good with words. I know he is. … In fact, at this very moment he’s on his way to meet you. When he sees you he’s going to be glad. … I will be teaching you step by step. He will speak to the people for you. He’ll act as your mouth, but you’ll decide what comes out of it.’


More next issue, Allah willing.