[Author’s Note: We apologize for the misspelling of the second name published in last week’s article as Hiram Abis. It should have read Hiram Abif.]

“And nothing prevents people from believing, when the guidance comes to them, except that they say: has Allah raised up a mortal to be a messenger? Say: Had there been in the earth angels walking about secure, We would have sent down to them from the heaven an angel as messenger.” Holy Qur’an, Surah 17, verses 94-95


In my current research covering some of the deeper roots of modern Masonry with its use of symbolic language and signs, it appears that traces of its cryptic messages can be traced to the history of Moses, the Great Law Giver and Builder of modern Western civilization. It is the Jewish people in particular who emerge as the greatest benefactors of Moses’ teachings causing them to excel over their other brethren of the Caucasian Race. To better understand this historic background, we must turn to Moses’ work and mission which converges into two distinct assignments. On the one hand we must review the biblical account of Moses in Egypt and his freeing of a few hundred thousand Israelites,a sign of the Black Man’s history in America today, and a little known history of Moses,as taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, which shows him as the great civilizer of the White Race in the caves and hillsides of Europe. In the Jewish Kabbalah system, the language used to conceal great truths centers around the use of letters, numbers and words with cryptic or hidden meanings behind the scriptural texts which is generally only known or interpreted by the Jewish Rabbis and other scholars.

Inset) Red fezzes bearing Arabic names are showcased on a wall inside the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia. In 1922, construction began on the Detroit Masonic Temple. It’s made of white limestone, houses over a thousand rooms and is the largest Masonic Temple in the world. Photo: Courtesy, ‘The Million Man March Book’

This cryptic or symbolic language may have been taught to them by Moses who had a knowledge of the ancient Egyptian wisdom and was raised by Almighty God, Allah, to bring them into Rulership over others. Knowing that the White race would be given the dominion and the rule over others, the Jews emerged as an elite group in the mastery of this symbolic language and the skills of Tricknollogy. With these skills, they were able to master and rule over their White brethren and to exercise their dominion over the Indigenous populations of the earth. This secret history of the White race and the Jewish people was taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and revealed to the public for the first time upon the Coming of His Master Teacher, W. Fard Muhammad, the Great Mahdi.

While studying some of the secret rituals that have passed into Masonry, the study of our Nation of Islam’s Lessons demystifies the secrets of their successful rule. We read in our lessons how and why the White race was caste out of Arabia 6,000 years ago due to their mischief-making and causing trouble in the Holy Land as we read in the Book of Genesis about Adam and Eve’s exile from the Garden. They were literally gathered together and exiled across the Arabian dessert into West Asia or Europe where they were left alone without a guide until the coming of Moses (Musa) 4,000 B.C. They were made to walk 2200 miles and were stripped of their garments except for a covering or apron to cover their private parts.

Everything was taken from them except the language. It’s interesting to note that the Hebrew language is composed of 22 letters, (2200 miles), witheach letter, as in the Greek language, representing a number which is associated with extensive inner meanings. By using this literary technology wisely, they can keep back the truth of its meaning from the masses of the people while they continue to rule while hiding the Truth, until today. While crossing the Arabian desert, soldiers were mounted on camels with scimitars or swords directing them on their way.

We find this emblem of the sword being shown prominently among the Shriners and Masons who display it on top of their red fezzes and in their secret fraternities that can be traced back to their early history beginning 6,000 years ago. Upon entering the first three degrees of Masonry, their wearing of the apron, and their being stripped of all worldly goods and money are part of the formalities associated with their initiation replicating what happened to their forefathers for disobeying God’s Divine Laws, whether they are aware of this secret Knowledge or not. When they arrived in Europe, they were abandoned and remained in a savage condition for 2,000 years until Almighty God, Allah, sent them Moses or Musa to civilize them. Moses taught them how to build a home for themselves, how to stand upright, and how to cook and season their meat rather than eating it raw.

Moses also taught them how to master the Original Man and People for a certain period of time and helped them to prepare for a higher civilization in which they would dominate and subordinate all others? They were taught the careful use of language and symbols to hide the Truth while keeping the masses of the people ignorant, blind, deaf and dumb to its inner meaning. Returning to the masonic ritual, we were told by our 33rd degree masonic guide at the Masonic Temple in Detroit, Michigan, that when the 33rd degree is conferred, there is a place set for the President of the United States and other dignitaries to be in attendance. During the ceremony, a ring is bestowed on the finger of the 33rd degree candidate which is passed down from the previous wearer of which they are never the owners. We were also told that the highest Commanding Officer of the Marines must be a 33rd degree Mason.

What does all of this secrecy mean being practiced in our midst? It means that the hiding of truth in symbolic language is known by the elite ruling class of this world and is hidden from the masses until a certain period of time, which is now, when all Secrets are being revealed. Almighty God, Allah, (the Son of Man) has appeared at the end of this World’s Order of Satan that has ruled under Falsehood and Deception; and the Truth that has been Hidden has been Revealed among the People who sat in the Darkness of ignorance to bring about a Universal Change in World Civilization. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s writing in Chapter 4 of “Our Saviour Has Arrived,” speaks on the consequences of, “The Hidden Truth,” in these words: “They are doing everything they possibly can to deceive the Black man and woman into thinking that they (white people) hold out greater and better promises for a future to the Black man and woman in America than Allah (God). This will deceive many of our people.”

“Say: Allah suffices for a witness between me and you. Surely He is ever Aware of His servants, Seeing. And he whom Allah guides, he is on the right way; and he whom He leaves in error, for them thou wilt find no guardians besides Him. And We shall gather them together on the day of Resurrection on their faces, blind and dumb and deaf. Their abode is hell. Whenever it abates, We make them burn the more.”Holy Qur’an, Surah 17, verses 96-97

To be continued.