(FinalCall.com) – Wikileaks Founder and Editor Julian Assange walked out of a London jail December 16 free on bail and reportedly headed to a mansion of a supporter.

After putting up $310,000 in bail money, plus two further $31,000 each sureties, Mr. Assange greeted a crush of media and a throng of supporters thanking his lawyers and again stating his innocence involving the sexual assault charges brought against him originating in Sweden.

“If justice is not always an outcome, at least, it is not dead yet,” said Mr. Assange “During my time in solitary confinement, in the bottom of a Victorian prison, I had time to reflect on the conditions of those people around the world also in solitary in confinement, also on remand in conditions that are more difficult than those faced by me. Those people also need your attention and support.”


Mr. Assange was informed that he must report daily to police and wear an electronic tracking device at all times. Limited internet access was not a condition set by the judge, which means, Mr. Assange can be expected to conduct more interviews and perhaps release even more files.

At Final Call press time, only 1,621 of a reported 251,287 files have been posted on the Wikileaks Cablegate website and its various mirror sites that have sprung up worldwide throughout the internet. Since publication of the files began on Nov.28, diplomatic circles have been rocked by the revelations contained within.

American officials including Pres. Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have criticized Mr. Assange and the not-for-profit media organization for publishing confidential memos from diplomats worldwide. Recently, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder cleared the way for a criminal investigation.

Mr. Assange’s supporters believe that the publication of the diplomatic cables is in the best interest of the public and their right to know what the government is doing in their name.

The next extradition hearing in this case is set for January 11.

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