Or, thinkest thou that the companions of the Cave and the Inscription were of Our wonderful signs? When the youths sought refuge in the Cave, they said: Our Lord, grant us mercy from Thyself, and provide for us a right course in our
.”–Holy Qur’an, Surah 18, verses 9-10

When I first came into the Nation of Islam during my senior year in high school in Detroit, Michigan, I visited the temple, as it was then called located on John C. Lodge. The name Temple was designated for Muhammad’s houses of worship or meeting places which is similar to the names described for Masonic meeting places. The name of the street where our Temple No. 1 was located was John C. Lodge which contained the names also associated with the Masonic Order where the candidate or new member begins his initial training in the first three degrees of the “Craft.” The term brotherhood embraces a society of men calling themselves brothers which is included of sisters arranged in their ranks is fully incorporated in their greetings to each other. This is well known within the universal brotherhood of Islam.

The statue of George Washington wearing the Masonic apron. George Washington was a 33rd degree Mason and master of the lodge in Virginia as the first president of the United States.

In our visit to the Masonic Temple located on Temple Street, in Detroit, Michigan, our masonic guide who was a 33rd degreed mason wanted us to refer to him as Brother John. He shared with us much informative data that has never been heard by us before. In his description of the Temple steps located in the Egyptian Room, he pointed out the first three steps, followed by an adjacent five steps, followed thereafter by seven steps, leading to the top platform. When these numbers are added together, we get 15. It was only afterwards while reviewing the Divine Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, that my thoughts went to his teachings on the meaning of Jacob’s Ladder, with its 15 rungs. He stated that these 15 rungs were referring to Yacob’s history in the making of the White race. He taught us that the 15,000 year history began nine thousand years ago with a 6,000 year time limit to Yacob’s civilization which ended in 1914.

Now, let us note that 1914 when added together equals 15 (1+9+1+4=15). Also 19 added to 14 equals 33. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad described to us that there would be angels ascending and descending these 15 rungs, bidding believers into the kingdom of God, following Satan’s rule. He also stated regarding the first three initial degrees in masonry as also studied by Black masons, takes them into the history of slavery; but the Black mason was never taught its true significance by the White masons, who ritually reenact the murder of their central figure in the drama of Hiram Abis known as the great Architect of Solomon’s Temple. Hiram Abis knew the secrets of the mysteries of the “Craft” and was assaulted eventually by the ruffians named Jubela, Jubelo, and Jubelum. When these names are totally combined, they spell Juwess (Joo-ees). By taking the pronunciation of letters, numbers and syllables, we find the symbolic answer to what happened to the Black man during the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade being brought on a westerly course to America to serve 400 years in bondage to strangers in a strange land of our captivity.

Photo of nine presidents who were Masons with the first President George Washington in the center. This remarkable photo was exhibited on the wall adjacent to the glass cabinet that contained masonic fezes bearing the name Moslem.

We, like Hiram Abis, were victims to these three ruffians who hit us in the head three times, striking us on both the right and the left temple of our heads and finally in the forehead, killing us and making us totally blind, deaf, and dumb to this very day. King Solomon, being so aggrieved over this violent act, sent out his messengers to find his lost architect and people found buried in the West, in the northeast corner of North America under the Temple. This search by the messengers was insufficient to bring the dead architect back to life. So King Solomon had to go out himself to restore his dead people and resurrect them into new life again. This explains in part the divine work and mission of Master W. Fard Muhammad, who came alone to North America, to find us and introduced himself as the Son of Man or God in person that we have been looking for all our lives. He designed for us a series of Lessons written in the language that would only be understood by a few who would arrive and return to their own.

Those who have kept this knowledge a secret are now being revealed as the Man of Sin who had ruled only by keeping us blind, deaf and dumb to the knowledge of self and our own. We read this history of Solomon’s divine work and mission in both the Holy Qur’an and Bible and through the proper study of the Science of Words, Letters, Syllables and Numbers, we are able to break the code and the chains to our consignment in this country by Satan’s scheme to totally exploit and annihilate us. Master W. Fard Muhammad reveals himself fully to us in English Lesson No. C1 in answer to the sign of King Solomon that special Son of Man who goes after the dead architect of his father’s house to restore him (his nation and people) back to life again.

In this process, he identifies the English Slave Trader who deceived our foreparents bringing them on this Westerly course to America through deception and fraud. In this same Lesson, he identifies the presence of approximately three million Moslem sons and (or Masons) who have now attained a higher degree of Supreme Wisdom as taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, but cannot yet speak openly until the proper time.

Brother John (a Masonic Son) shared with us at the Masonic Temple a story of our former President Truman, who slipped away one evening from the White House without alerting his security guards to go down the street to a gathering of fellow masons not far from the White House. When his security caught up with him, they found that they were not permitted to enter the lodge room to accompany the president because there was a guard seated at the door with a scimitar or sword and forbade them from entering because they were not masons and did not speak the proper language.

“So We prevented them from hearing in the Cave for a number of years, Then We raised them up that We might know which of the two parties was best able to calculate the time for which they remained.”Holy Qur’an, Surah 18, verses 11-12

To be continued.