(FinalCall.com) – Since the media group, Wikileaks began posting thousands of leaked classified U.S. embassy documents on November 28, the organization, its founder, Julian Assange and it’s network of websites have become the subject of international uproar consisting of intense praise and criticism.

U.S. Secretary Hilary Clinton has been very vocal regarding the American government’s displeasure regarding the leaked documents which have caused considerable embarrassment for the Obama administrations saying, “It puts people’s lives in danger and undermines our efforts to work with other countries to solve shared problems.”

Countering criticism of Wikileaks in an Op-ed appearing on the Truth-out.org website, Bill Quigley, legal director at the Center for Constitutional Rights and a law professor at Loyola University in New Orleans said those who direct Wikilieaks and were responsible for making information available to the public should not be condemned, but praised.


On Tuesday, December 7, Mr. Assange turned himself over to British authorities for questioning and promptly jailed without bail after apearing before a judge on an extradition warrant. 

Prior to his arrest, Mr. Assange wrote an editorial, “Shooting The Messenger” which was published in the The Australian, defending Wikileaks and highlighted what he considered some of the key facts in his organization’s recent “Cablegate” disclosure of documents.

While the original Wikileaks Cablegate site had been under constant cyber attack and its .Com and .Org addresses being taken down, it’s Wikileaks Facebook page quickly gained over 1,000,000 fans.

Mobilizing it’s considerable worlwide support base, Wikileaks put out a request to help it stay online and within hours, thousands of Internet activists had developed over 1000 mirror web sites and thousands more tweets.

Below is a partial list of Wikileaks mirror websites from Twitlonger.com:

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