Today, October 31, 2010, I picked up The Final Call newspaper. I intended to read it more carefully later on that day.

Then I turned to the page where my article appears, on page 26, I was shocked when I saw the photograph of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as part of my article.

I did not send that photo as the part of my article. Somebody(s) else was involved in this.


The next day, I was emailed a layout of my next article, after I wrote a letter to The Final Call staff and others.

I have not sent any photo with these articles, after I stopped sending photographs of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Everything contained in my articles is to bear witness to the truth of Minister Farrakhan and then where he is going–to meet with his father!

I intended, several months ago, to send two photographs with the articles, after I end this series, that bear witness to what I just wrote this year–it goes deeper. I never told anyone what I have in my mind.

That involves Minister Farrakhan’s life being saved and then being put in a position to do what he’s doing now. Remember that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that the Nation of Islam would fall and that it would rise never to fall again. How much do we really understand Minister Farrakhan and his work!

I hope you will continue reading our newspaper and anything that bears witness to it.

There’s something that Mother Tynnetta Muhammad put in her book that connects to a big situation all of us is in, all over the planet!


Jabril Muhammad: Was there a phone in the room?

Joshua Farrakhan: No that was intensive care and it was about–the funny thing about it, The Messenger didn’t have his own room. A man of that magnitude, was in a room with about six to eight people, other people, which one of the patients could have been faking, just laying up in there. All these things ran through my mind.

JM: How many beds were in this dorm altogether?

JF: It was about six to eight.

JM: And every bed was filled up with somebody?

JF: No. There was one empty bed, but I remember the ones near him had people in them, and the only thing separating the two–him from anyone else–was a curtain, if it was drawn. And they didn’t draw the curtain until they started working on him. But other than that, the curtain was left wide open.

Dr. Charles put cotton on his lip, right up under the nostril to see if he would blow it, you know, from breathing, and he took a mir-ror and put it up to his mouth to see if there was any moisture. Nothing. So I went to the phone and called my father collect, and Sister Rita answered the phone.

She didn’t really accept the charges right away. She asked the Minister to come to the phone, and then he said he would then ac-cept the charges. So I told him, “Dad, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is dead.” And he said, “How do you know?” I said I’m on post outside of the hospital room, the room at the hospital. Dr. Charles, his doctor pronounced him dead. I guessed my father knew who Dr. Charles was, that he was the Messenger’s physician, and he never thought (I don’t believe) that I would never call him and kid on something like that, because I was a firm Believer in the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and I would never joke like that.

So, he paused, you know, he said “Are you sure?” I said ‘I’m sure, dad. He’s dead.” He paused on the phone. It seemed like an hour and a half, but it might have only been two or three minutes. It was just silence. And he said “O.K., son. As-Salaam-Alaikum,” and he hung up the phone. Then I hung up the phone.

I walked to the end of the corridor back to where the lounge area is, and all of a sudden, from an early nice sunny day, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, there was this huge, black monstrous-looking cloud, al-most like the kind you see in Poltergeist, where rolling clouds–I don’t know if that’s what you call them–but it was a scary-looking monster, the cloud. And it was very dark, and it was carrying a storm with it. You know, rain, and electricity … .

JM: Lightning?

JF: I saw a little lightning. The lightning seemed like it traveled in the cloud, instead of striking down or out. You know, right across the cloud. Very thick–

JM: Coming toward–from which direction was it coming from?

JF: Coming from over the lake. Coming towards–I could see the lake, and I could see part of, you know, downtown.

JM: Hold your point, don’t lose your point. If we, maybe today, tomorrow, or when ever, next week–if we went to the hospital, you think you could point out the room?

JF: Yes.

JM: O.K. We need to do that, because I want to see the direction this cloud came from. And, you’re saying now it came from rolling in off of the lake?

JF: Uh hum (yes)…

JM: I want a picture of you pointing up to it. I don’t know how, but we have to get there and find the right ground, if we can do it. A wide-angle lens would take care of it. Go ahead, continue please.

JF: So we were standing there, and Kamal said, “Man this is strange!” I said “Man, this thing …”–

JM: I should ask you–now 7:00, 7:30, 8:00? with Alif. What was Kamal doing during that period?

JF: He had disappeared for a while. I didn’t see him. But he told me that he was at the other end, at the other lounge area, because on each end of the floor, there was a lounge. But this particular lounge was more comfortable, but I asked him where he was, and he had told me he was in the other lounge.

JM: When did you ask him this?

JF: Probably around 8:20.

JM: This is after they said he was dead, and after you made the phone call, and after Dr. Charles came in?

JF: Right.

JM: Now you were intensely involved–

JF: Involved in that.

JM: You didn’t think about Kamal–

JF: Didn’t think about him, but I didn’t see him though.

JM: About 8:20, you didn’t see him at all–

JF: Didn’t see him.

JM: At a crucial moment he wasn’t even there.

JF: Wasn’t even there. But he said he was in the other lounge.

JM: So he didn’t know what was going on. Is that what he said?

JF: That’s the way it had appeared. Like he didn’t know what was going on.

JM: What was his facial (expression) like?

JF: Very firm. Stern. For a young man, his face looked too seri-ous. So, we was sitting there talking, and the cloud just rolled in, But the strangest thing is that the storm cloud–seemed like if I could push the window open I could touch it, that’s how close it was. And it stopped, right there at the hospital! It just didn’t move no more, it just stayed right there.

JM: Did it blot out visibility?

JF: Oh man, at least a mile! It was huge! You couldn’t see nothing, where it was once sunny and daylight, it almost turned into night, in that area where the cloud was.

JM: Now was that the lounge window, was it pointing in the same direction that you looked at–

JF: As the cloud was approaching …

JM: As the Messenger’s window?

JM: This is a very crucial point in timing. Correct me, and be as accurate as you can on this point: When it was a quarter to 8:00, ten to 8:00, 8:10, right around in that time, and the doctors come in, were you noticing–first of all, let’s go back a minute. The question I was asking was, did that cloud that came in the direction of the lounge window, or was it the same direction as his (the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s) window?

More next issue, Allah willing.