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Joshua Farrakhan: So the time was going by, and the sun broke or came out.

Jabril Muhammad: It’s still no clouds?


JF: No clouds to speak of. Sun came out.

JM: About five, six, something like that?

JF: Around seven, seven thirty, there was sunlight. And then I believe it was about 8:10 (AM) when they announced him dead. But the alarm went off and the doctors rushed into the room.

I slipped into the room and watched them. They really didn’t try to revive him, as far as I’m concerned. Whenever someone’s heart failed, they would take these things with the electricity in it, cardiac machines, and give a charge to the chest. That didn’t happen. They didn’t do that.

They pumped kind of a few times and pushed on his chest with their hands and basically unplugged him from all of the machines. The doctor came out and told Alif, “Your grandfather’s no longer with us.” So Alif said, “What do you mean by that?” The doctor said “He’s no longer with us.” And he had a smile on his face. Alif couldn’t understand, “What do you mean he’s no longer with us?” He said, “In other words, he’s dead,” with a smile and a smirk on his face. Alif went straight to the phone and called Herbert.

I myself, I didn’t feel nothing. I said a few hours ago, I said I’d jump out this window if the Messenger is dead. I’d kill myself. I couldn’t live. And all of a sudden, they said he was dead, and I’m looking at him–

JM: Now you said that Alif went to the phone and called his father. What did you do?

JF: What I did was I wanted to–

JM: And after you tell me that, also talk to me about these clouds.

JF: I wanted to see the procedure that they were going to do to the Messenger, to see if they really were trying to revive him; to see if, even after they pronounced him dead, would they try to work on him longer. So I walked over to him and said –

JM: So you’re still in the room … .

JF: Yeah, I was in the room. I saw there were about four doctors, four white doctors, one white nurse, and a Black nurse. There’s about five or six people. So I saw them, what they tried to do, and they unplugged the Messenger and when they finished unplugging him and all, his arms just fell to the side, in the shape of a cross. They just fell open. And his mouth was …The doctor kept trying to shut his mouth and it wouldn’t close. So they just kept shutting his mouth and it’d drop right back. So then it seem to me that he was trying to be smart, because he knew he had no control over the jaw, or whatever, and why just keep flapping it . . .

JM: Like mockery?

JF: Like mockery. That’s basically, exactly what it was, really. So the Messenger just lay there. Then I went over to his feet and started rubbing his feet and I kissed his feet and said a prayer. I wanted Allah to take my life and give him my life so that he may live again because he was so much more important and great. But still I never had a feeling in my chest that he was dead. I never had that feeling.

Alif told me, “Don’t call no one. Don’t go to the phone. Don’t do nothing.” So, I took Alif’s advice for a minute, until Dr. Charles came, the Messenger’s doctor. I had gone out, and then I went back in.

By this time there was about three doctors who came to officially announce him dead. Dr. Charles–who was the personal physician of the Messenger–came and officially pronounced the Messenger as legally dead. Once he did that, then Alif, I believe, called Herbert back again and said that Dr. Charles was there and he officially announced him dead.

JM: Did he call from within the same room?

JF: There’s a phone outside maybe fifteen or twenty feet down from the room, a pay phone. So Alif went back and called again.

JM: Was there a phone in the room?

JF: No that was intensive care and it was about–the funny thing about it, the Messenger didn’t have his own room. A man of that magnitude, was in a room with about six to eight people, other people, which one of the patients could have been faking, just laying up in there. All these things ran through my mind.


Before I continue, I must insert these few words. Study these words very carefully.

In February 1975 the public read reports in the print media, TV and radio, as the news went worldwide that the man who led the Nation of Islam in the West was dead. Of course, there were continuous reports on television and radio for several days following his announced death and developments within the Nation of Islam.

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There was no censoring of the news that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was dead. While there was great grief, sadness and a great sense of loss in many, over this news, there was also quiet and private gladness and a sense of relief–even satisfaction and glee–in others.

There are F.B.I. memos that are available to the public, in books and in reports, that shows their extreme frustration, over their inability to do to the Nation of Islam, that which they, the C.I.A. and others, in government and others, who work with them, that which they were able to do to other groups and to other nations, when they destroyed them.

There is one memo that indicates that they had decided to wait until he died, of “natural causes.” However, what you can’t easily see they were pinning the next stage of their plans, to take over the Nation of Islam.

There are many books, etc., that exposes what they did, and how they planned to do it, and who helped them to do it.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was very, very aware of their thinking. He knew of their thinking. For a tiny example, in the Holy Qur’an, wherein it reads: “They await the evil accidents of time for you.” That book and the Bible have this and much more. He knew of that and more.

Despite the extensive research, that is done every day in America, with well qualified staffs, with much money, on a host of vital subjects, most people are oblivious to one of the most far reaching and momentous events, or news items, ever generated anywhere at anytime on this earth–that involves Jesus.

Really, the whole populace of this country missed it; even though the announcement of this most momentous event, is contained in that ancient source most people claim is the base of their most cherished values that it mentioned or announced in all kind of books, etc.

It was, and is yet just about the most important news item, that people living in America–or anywhere–could possibly know. This information, as will be shown, is to be found in the most unlikely of sources, from the point of view of the overwhelming majority and those who have ruled this world.

More directly, the subject is the fact that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is alive, despite the all out attempt to murder him. The most unlikely source of the announcement of his escape–or his resurrection–is in the scriptures, both Holy Qur’an and Bible–and both books are very public.

In America, consequential of all information, its most unlikely source is related to a very interesting law, which works in the nature of knowledge and power. One of the ways it’s been expressed is: the more improbable an event the more information it yields. And, broadly speaking, knowledge is power.

But is it more than this?

When the event also includes the improbability of the source of the information and power, (potential or otherwise), we have then moved closer towards the very core of knowledge and power.

Therefore, the most improbable of all events, according to this logic, is generated and yields the greatest power. So, if we can get to the core, or source of all knowledge, then we have arrived to that which generates and explains all other knowledge that comes from that.

Does this concept, or law, relate to this question? The question: is the Honorable Elijah Muhammad alive? This could be put in another way. Did he escape from a death plot?

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s first answered that question, in the public and then the world over, “Yes!”

This “improbability” took place in Chicago, Illinois, before about 3,000 people, in February 1981.

Moreover, he went on to announce, that his teacher was even at that moment very much alive and that he had come into tremendous power and was exercising that power in America and throughout the earth.

At that time, Minister Farrakhan announced that not only was the Honorable Elijah Muhammad not dead, but that he had in fact escaped from a death plot, six years earlier, in February 1975.

Minister Farrakhan then went on a series of addresses, throughout America, that his teacher’s return was imminent. Have you looked at the time or “context” when he made those addresses and how the people reacted? What led to that?

There were a few others, who loved the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who were convinced that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was not dead. For whatever reason they never believed that he died when that was announced. I know I must mention this. I don’t want to get into any arguments on this. I will not.

However, none of them were in the unique position of Minister Farrakhan with respect to that knowledge. None of them were given his assignment. So his announced conviction that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was in fact alive and very active in world affairs was very significant indeed. It was in fact pivotal!

Now, how often has Minister Farrakhan’s position, that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is not dead, been reported in America’s press–along with the basis for his assertion? Why not?

Now, back to Minister Farrakhan’s son’s experience. After you read all of it, does that involve Minister Farrakhan’s very public powerful statements that he madethis year?

More next issue, Allah willing.