I’m among those who have come from an experience in Clearwater and Tampa Florida on October 17, 2010. I saw and heard my Brother–the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. I could not stop smiling as I studied his words.

Everyone should get and study everything he said.

Before I get back to my experience, when Minister Farrakhan told me, of his experience with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad back 1985 I must continue my interview with Brother Joshua–Minister Farrakhan’s son.


JABRIL MUHAMMAD: Was there a glass you could look through in the room?


JM: Could you see him in the room?

JF: Yeah, I looked in the room, anyway, even though Alif told me not to. I was hesitant to do it, but I did. Whenever Alif went to the other end of the hall I would look in at the Messenger. He was all hooked up. He was hooked up to some machines. He had tubes going up in his nose, in his mouth, intravenous in his wrist. So, I would look in and out.

The strangest thing that struck me was there was like an old janitor with a bucket with a mop in it, you know, pushing the bucket with the mop and he went right into the room. So, I–well, basically before he got into the room, I had stopped him. I told him he couldn’t go in. And Alif told me get out of the way and let the man do his job, you know, so I let him in.

So, when he went in, I stood right on the inside of the door, with the door maybe twelve inches open. I was watching him mop the floor, because I had watched so many of those James Bond movies, you know, you see that this is how they just slip in to do something. They come in disguise. So, I watched the man and he mopped and everything, and he came out.

Then Alif told me that he would sit in front of the door, and I could sit down at the other end of the hall with Brother Kamal, and when he got tired he would come and get us.

So we were discussing some things about what if the Messenger died. And then I tried to excuse–

JM: You and Kamal talking?

JF: Me and Kamal. I tried to excuse that from my mind. After I brought up the question, I said, ‘man I would just jump out the window. I would kill myself,’ you know? So Kamal said, ‘man, don’t talk like that. The Messenger’s not going to die. He’s not going to go anywhere.’ I trusted this brother’s words, because he was one of these young men who could see in the water, who was a visionary, who could look into the future. So he walked out of the room, and I wanted to test his skills, so I was–

JM: Now where are you all now? Are you in a different room?

JF: There’s a lobby at the end of the floor. And we both were in there, but Alif was down in front of the–

JM: Where you all were, could you see Alif?

JF: No, not unless we looked out the door. If we looked out the door, it was like looking down this hallway to the blue room. Brother Kamal had a very stern, bothered look on his face. And I guess, I did too if I could see myself, because the whole idea of me being on post was an honor, but it bothered me.

So, I said I wanted to see if this brother really got these skills, you know, because he’s telling me, don’t worry, the Messenger’s not going to die. So he went down the hall and I tried calling him mentally three times. And when he came back into the room, about ten minutes later, I said, ‘man, you ain’t got no powers,’cause I was trying to call you.’ He said, ‘I know, three times.’ This shut me right up! (Laughter) So I said ‘why didn’t you answer me?’ He said, ‘man, there’s something going on.’ He sensed something. He said ‘something ain’t right.’ So he told me, ‘let’s just keep our rounds even quicker, instead of fifteen minutes around the corridor; let’s do them every five minutes.’

JM: Now what time is it now, would you estimate?

JF: It’s around five in the morning. So there was a lot of snow. You know, the February 25th-look in Chicago, It was very cold, but it was a clear sky. You could see the dawn coming in.

JM: It was clear at that moment?

JF: It was clear, there was hardly any clouds, you know. It was just clear. Scattered, you know, a scattered cloud here, and there a scattered cloud–but they were white clouds.

JM: Now, all the night, did you get a chance to look at the clouds to see… .

JF: Yeah, it was a little motion.

JM: Were there windows you could see through?

JF: Oh yes, there were big picture windows there in the sitting area.

JM: So all throughout the night, by reason of doing what you did, you were noticing the fact that it was not cloudy, or there were only a few clouds.

JF: Right. I was just looking around, saying, what kind of day is this? You know, the Messenger is sick. I’m a young kid up on the floor watching him on post. It’s cold outside. No clouds, you know, that type of thing was going on in my mind.

So, it started getting lighter and lighter.

So I’m making more rounds, I open the door and I’m looking at the Messenger. I’m looking at the Messenger and he looked very hopeless, you know, eyes closed, his mouth was pretty much open. He looked wasted. It hurt me to see him in that condition. I would walk over to the bed, rub his feet. He was warm. And I said a prayer over him, you know, just praying, asking Allah to help him come out of this–they said it was a coma he was in.

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JM: What did Kamal and Alif–did they do anything similar? What were they doing?

JF: Kamal did go in the room one time to say a prayer. I told him what I did, and he said that was a good idea and he wanted to go pray. But we did this without Alif’s knowledge, because Alif would take a break and go sit in the lounge. We would have the front post, the front door post, or whatever you want to call that. We would slip in and say a prayer and ask Allah to strengthen him and bring him out of it.

So this type of thing was going on through the night, or through the morning. We were still discussing the possibility of the Messenger dying. At that time, it seemed strange, but he said he got a funny feeling like something was going to happen. I don’t know if someone was contacting him or not, but most of the time he seemed spaced. And if he could actually read what I was trying to tell him at one point, then I knew that if there was someone else that he could tune right into him. So I left him alone.

JM: Did it look like he was concentrating every now and then?

JF: Bro. Kamal?

JM: Yes.

JF: Yes, very much.

JM: Did he give any hint that he–looked like a person being contacted?

JF: That’s what I thought it was. Because I asked him why couldn’t he talk to me? He said he was busy doing something else and that sort of thing–‘I didn’t have time.’ My thing was that he was just walking up and down the corridor, but why wouldn’t he have time to speak back?

JM: He wasn’t doing anything.

JF: He wasn’t doing anything but patrolling the hallway. So it occurred to me that he might have been talking to someone else. Maybe, he could have been trying to reach the Messenger himself, because the Lord was in the next room.

JM: Either that or he was in communication, either sending or receiving, or both. Was that possibility or that thought in your mind?

JF: So the time was going by, and the sun broke or came out.

JM: It’s still no clouds.

JF: No clouds to speak of. Sun came out.

JM: About five, six, something like that?

JF: Around seven. Seven thirty. There was sunlight.

And then I believe it was about 8:10 when they announced him dead. But the alarm had went off and the doctors rushed into the room. I slipped into the room, and watched them.

(I made this part bold to emphasize his powerful experience. I hope you will continue to read his experience).

More next issue, Allah willing.