By Alan Muhammad -Guest Columnist-

( – The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered part three of his monumental lecture series, answering for all time the question, “Who Are the Real Children of Israel?” He spoke eloquently to those gathered at Mosque Maryam about The Messenger’s teaching on Yakub:

“When they make mockery of what God has revealed to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, they say that Yakub was an evil scientist. Wrong! Yakub was a scientist who saw in the genetic makeup of the Black man that he could bring out of us a new people, the opposite of the original. That is not evil. That is high science.”

Since the June release of The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Vol. 2, Ashkenazi (or White European) Jews have scrambled to create a diversion away from the unanswerable 512-page indictment by ridiculing the history of Yakub. The latest open attack was orchestrated by the ADL’s Abraham Foxman, with the milquetoast acquiescence of radio host Michael Eric Dyson. Foxman brought along with him the disaffected negro Judeophile Stanley Crouch to defend him against The Minister’s crushing indictments revealed in The Secret Relationship.


Foxman had Crouch to question The Messenger’s teaching about the origin of the White man, but all that Crouch could muster was the following: “You can’t call Farrakhan a truth teller–a guy who has a, has a religion, purportedly, based upon the idea that the White man was invented 6,000 years ago by a mad Black scientist.” That sentence is the substance of his entire challenge to the Yakub story. So, let us look into Crouch’s concerns.

The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches that the White man first appeared 6,000 years ago on the Island of Patmos (or Pelan), in the Aegean Sea, where they had been “made” by a 600-year process of selective breeding called “grafting.” Under the auspices of a brilliant Black scientist named Yakub, and by divine authority of Allah Himself, the Blacks who came with Yakub to the island were placed under a system of laws by which mating was based on skin color and in which only lighter-complexioned babies were allowed to survive.

Over the course of many generations, the population of Patmos began to grow lighter and lighter until, after 600 years of this dedicated grafting process, the people became very pale with blue eyes and blonde hair. From this island-based tribe of white-skinned albinos came an aggressive race of rulers who then spread into every corner of the world–namely, the Caucasians, who now represent 9 percent of the world population (that’s 1 in every 11 human beings).

But The Messenger is not the only source to address the origin of the White race. There are many echoes of this account chronicled by other histories, religions, and folklores, including Judaism. The ancient rabbis use the biblical account of Jacob’s grafted flocks of sheep and goat to bear witness to the teachings of Mr. Muhammad. Genesis 30:35 says that Jacob (English translation of the name Yakub) was able to produce unusually colored livestock through the use of a skillful breeding technique. Significantly, it took Jacob six years to successfully change the color of the flock (Genesis 31:41). The book of Jewish traditions called the Midrash Rabbah actually uses this Bible story to explain the birth of White children to Black parents. The rabbis present this parable:

The king of the Arabs put this question to Rabbi Akiba: “I am Black and my wife is Black, yet she gave birth to a White son. Shall I kill her for having played the harlot while lying with me?” Said the other, “Are the figures in your house painted Black or White?” “White,” he said. The other assured him, “When you had intercourse with her, she fixed her eyes upon the White figures and bore a child like them.”

These Caucasian rabbis, who ALWAYS present themselves in their writings as superior to both the “Arab” and the Blacks, use this apocryphal passage to explain their own racial origin in terms of a breeding process.

And with the assistance of Lawrence Guthrie’s powerful little book, The Making of The Whiteman, we are led to other more recent testimonials. The Baptist theologian Bernard L. Ramm explained:

By scientific breeding we can shuffle these genes with their characteristics and breed traits in or breed them out. …The laws of heredity plus principles of separation or selection operating over a period of time will produce the various races of the world.

But religious leaders are not the only ones alluding to a created man. Men of science have also grappled with what they saw as the unusual appearance of this odd human anomaly, the White man. The Dutch anatomist Lodewijk “Louis” Bolk wrote in Origin of Racial Characteristics in Man, “White skin … started from an ancestor with a black skin, in whose offspring hair and iris color were suppressed more and more.”

The notable English naturalist Charles Darwin concluded that without some form of selective breeding, such skin color differences simply “cannot be accounted for in a satisfactory manner”:

“We have thus far been baffled in all our attempts to account for the differences between the races of man; but there remains one important agency, namely, Sexual Selection, which appears to have acted as powerfully on man as on many other animals.”

The English physician James Cowles Prichard likewise concluded that the physical differences between the races of man could only have resulted from a method comparable to “the process of artificial selection carried on by plant and animal breeders.” It seems, he said “probable that the fairest races of White people of Europe, are descended from … Negroes.”

American biologist Dr. Edwin Grant Conklin wrote in The Evolution of Man:

[I]t is evident that distinct races could not have been established and perpetuated except by the aid of isolation, chiefly geographical.

The ancient Egyptians worried about an immigrant-tribe of blue-eyed people among them that seemed to have a proclivity for trouble-making. They had red or blonde hair and blue eyes and lived at the edge of the desert. The Egyptians called them Tamahu–the created ones–a clear allusion to their unnatural origins. More recently, a Jewish scientist at the University of Copenhagen confirmed that all blue-eyed humans have a single, common ancestor. Dr. Hans Eiberg refers to this condition as a “genetic mutation” and he says it occurred 6-10 thousand years ago.

According to Mr. Elijah Muhammad this is EXACTLY when Mr. Yakub’s work began on Patmos! Further, Dr. Eiberg and his team found a specific gene, known as the OCA2 gene, which if altered would result in human beings without melanin in their hair, eyes, or skin color–a condition known as albinism. Thus, this OCA2 gene was targeted and manipulated by some force or event around 6,000+ years ago.

In a 2006 New York Times article is yet more proof of a drastic alteration of genetic structure within this 6,000-year time frame. It reported that researchers at the University of Chicago had found “where genes appear to have been reshaped by natural selection …within the last 5,000 to 15,000 years.” Incredibly, Dr. Jonathan Pritchard estimates that the point in time when the genes of the Asian and European populations were altered was 6,600 years ago–the exact date that The Messenger said that Mr. Yakub began his grafting process!

The scientists say that “the selected genes, which affect skin color, hair texture and bone structure, may underlie the present-day differences in racial appearance.” How exactly they were “selected,” why, and by whom or by what process the scientist cannot or will not say, but in a human timeline of millions of years this recent genetic alteration is drastic indeed and suggests a purpose-driven effort to create this incredible change.

These are extraordinary testaments to the truth taught by the Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad, and believe it or not, none of the aforementioned witness-bearers have ever been members of the Nation of Islam. These scientific sources have never been impeached or even interrogated by the mischievous voices of mockery that have yet to account for the independent findings of all these White scientists. Despite the recent radio hijinks of Foxman and crew, it is the truths revealed by The Messenger and his most powerful Servant, The Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan, which are vindicated by science, and that still stand alone.

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(Alan Muhammad is a citizen of the Nation of Islam.)