(FinalCall.com) – The following are excerpts from an interview with the Nation of Islam’s Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan which took place on September 13, 2010.  The interview conducted by veteran journalist, Riz Khan was aired live on the Qatar based Al-Jazeera’s English language channel.

Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan: Since 9/11: Yes, the flames of hatred for Islam are being fanned. And even though we have a Black president, who has spoken out very forcefully, that America will not go to war with Islam; that it is not Islam that is the problem, it is those who are fanatic in their zeal, supposedly for Islam, that America sees, and the Islamic world sees, as the problem.

But under President Barack Obama, there’s the FBI that have been planting agents in mosques around the country, stimulating those who are hateful of Israel, hateful of Jewish people; inspiring them to acts of terror. And then capturing them, and putting that on the television as though this is the “norm” in mosques throughout this country.




Muslims lost their lives! Christians, Jews, people from all over the world lost their lives in that tragic event! So, it should not be that Islam is held hostage for the acts of some who are claimed to be Muslims.

I put this before the world: Mullah Omar, the Taliban leader of Afghanistan, said to President George W. Bush while Osama Bin Laden was living in Afghanistan; he said, “Show me the proof that this man is guilty of this heinous act, and I will turn him over to you.”

What proof have we heard from these wicked deceivers that in fact it was Osama Bin Laden?! As a Muslim, we should force them to show us the proof!

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