By Richard Muhammad -Editor-In-Chief

Editor’s Notebook From Haiti (FCN, February 11, 2010)

( – Final Call editor Richard Muhammad is visiting Haiti for a firsthand look at conditions in the country and as a follow up to reporting earlier this year. He is traveling with the Haiti Support Project and a 16-member delegation that includes Dr. Julianne Malveaux, president of Bennett College for women; Florida State Rep. Hazelle Rodgers, Arrin Hackney of the Joe Beasley Foundation, journalist Herb Boyd and filmmaker Eddie Harris of Free Speech TV, college students, building code experts and others. HSP is headed by Dr. Ron Daniels and has been doing work in Haiti for 15 years and has donated nearly $100,000 to post-quake relief and support efforts. Follow the editor on and at


The Citadelle sits atop a steep mountain in northern Haiti.

Lionel Pressoir leads delegation on tour of huge fort.

Haiti Support Project group tours one of Haiti’s historical treasures.

The fort has over 200 cannons, all captured from enemies and carried to the Citadelle.

Cannon battery at the fort.

Group learns about Haitian history and resistance.

Ruins of the Sans Souci palace below the grand fort, which was built by King Christophe.