“And thou art not (engaged) in any affair and thou recitest not concerning it any portion of the Qur’an, and you do no work, but We are Witness of you when you are engaged therein. And not the weight of an atom in the earth or in the heaven is hidden from thy Lord, nor anything less than that nor greater, but it is (all) in a clear book.”
–Holy Qur’an, Surah 10, verse 61

We have entered into a technologically advanced scientific age. The Caucasian people have taken the lead in their dominion over scientific studies and are exposing the irrationality of superstition and taboos which have undermined and degraded the majority of the world’s religious societies. The White Race has ruled and mastered his present time and has subdued the aboriginal population of earth who have gradually been diminished. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has stated that Yacub’s civilization now veils the entire world. In order for the White man to rule in his time, the original people will be put to sleep and have suffered almost 100 percent mental and spiritual death.

(left) The Dome of The Rock mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Photo: David Baum (right)Green Dome above the tomb of Muhammad

This process of the White man’s rule has been going on for thousands of years so that the Holy City of Mecca, the home of the original Black man, is no longer ruled by the original people. Although gradually, teaches the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, our original scientists are coming back into power, rule and authority. The White Race did not begin on the basis of nothing. He built his world on the basis of what he found by the Black wisdom and civilizations that preceded him. In 1975, within three months of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s departure, I began my first overseas travel, accompanied by my eldest son, Ishmael, and my eldest daughter, Madeeah. We embarked on the first leg of our journey landing in Cairo, Egypt, and continued from there to Arabia. Afterwards, we traveled to Lebanon, to Palestine, Turkey, Greece and the Island of the Aegean Sea.


During this journey we made preparation for our first visit to the Holy City of Mecca to perform the three-day visit called Umra. After arriving in the seaport city of Jeddah, our guide met us at the airport and accompanied us to the Holy City of Mecca. The heat was extremely exhausting as we crossed desert lands driving in a vehicle that had no air conditioning. When we arrived in the Holy City Mecca, we were introduced to our Meccan guide, a real Black man, with piercing black eyes, almost reddish in glow. He was dressed elegantly in his white official garb, with his white headpiece covering his head. I remembered how kind and gentle he was as he took our hand as if we were little children, leading us to the Ka’bah to perform our seven circuits and to kiss the black stone. We continued on to the hills of Safa and Marwah where we repeated the runs to and fro where Hagar and her son ran back and forth looking for water to keep her and the child alive. An angel appeared and pointed out to her the well of Zamzam which all pilgrims drink from to this day.

A picture of people performing Tawaf (circumambulating) the Kaaba. Photo: Muhammad Mahdi Karim

My son, Ishmael, remembers this experience with the same feelings that he had then, particularly about our noble guide in Mecca. He seemed to know us and acted as if we were familiar friends as he greeted us with a pleasant smile. I wondered to myself if this was a sign of what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad meant when he stated that the original man was gradually coming back to prominence at Mecca. Following our journey to the Holy City of Mecca, we prepared for our first visit to Medinah where we checked into a hotel and were given a room overlooking the square below where the mosque and burial chamber of Prophet Muhammad (May the Peace and Blessings of Allah be Upon Him) was located. I began to weep as I lay on my bed looking out through the window onto this glorious site. I thought about the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Almighty God Allah who allowed us to take this journey alone and how blessed we were to be at this sacred site within only three months of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s departure.

I thought about what had been written in the history of Muhammad that next to his grave site was a place prepared for the burial of Jesus. I wondered if this had any connection to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and some future time. The Dome of the Mosque in Medinah is green, the favorite color of Prophet Muhammad. The color green is also the favorite color of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. As we departed from Arabia, we traveled to Jordan and then to Jericho and Jerusalem where we visited the famous Dome of the Rock and the nearby Al-Aqsah mosque. It is from this place that Muhammad made his ascent into the seven heavens before finally returning to Mecca in his Night Journey of Majesty. I thought about the Honorable Elijah Muhammad once again and wondered if this experience of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was also the life journey of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad on his way back home to meet his Lord.

When revisiting the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s Vision-like Experience in his ascension to the Mother’s Wheel in 1985 where he communicated with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, I realized that in this age of scientific discovery and advanced technology that a New World Order is being prepared for the righteous, as we speak, and that we, too, are being prepared to make our ascent to meet our Lord. We must suffer severe trials and tribulations in our struggle, which is the truest meaning of Jihad, to overcome our own shortcomings, barriers, impediments and superstitious thoughts in order to be elevated to higher states of mental and spiritual consciousness. To see the reality of God is to be consumed in His Divine Light. His reality is beyond religion. His reality is the science of knowing the in-dwelling spirit that exists in every human being; it is the essence of eternity and immortality. Is it not written that we are the gods and the children of the Most High God?

“Now surely the friends of Allah, they have no fear nor do they grieve–Those who believe and keep their duty. For them is good news in this world’s life and in the Hereafter. There is no changing the words of Allah. That is the mighty achievement.”–Holy Qur’an, Surah 10, verses 62-64