“So when the trumpet is blown, there will be no ties of relationship among them that day, nor will they ask one of another. Then those whose good deeds are heavy, those are the successful.”
—Holy Qur’an, Surah 23, verses 101-102

One of the emerging patterns of activity taking place on the Military Naval Base on San Andros, as reported in the documentary viewed on the History Channel is the alleged program indicating some type of inter-exchange of technology from so-called “Extraterrestrial Beings.” Further information also reported connects this location to ongoing research pertaining to the ancient Island Civilization of Atlantis revealed by the American psychic Edgar Casey. It is published in one of his readings that the re-emergence of this ancient civilization would appear in the latter days in this area of the Bahamas. In the township of St. Nicholes on the northern tip of St. Andros resides a couple who is dedicated to this research on the findings and rediscovery of sunken Atlantis. Other psychics have reported seeing in the depths of these waters, identified as the tongue of the Atlantic Ocean, spaceships or saucers piloted by robotic-type entities as seen through the crystal portals of their craft.

Mother Tynnetta Muhammad and her traveling companions, Sabrina Muhammad, Callie Muhammad and Dr. Darnita Muhammad, with pilot, Timothy Hennesy, who provided their private flights from Bimini to San Andros and their return.

It has long been speculated since the recording of an incident of a crashed UFO in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, that the United States government guided by branches of the CIA Intelligence Agencies and the military have been gathering information on UFO phenomenon and were exposed to advanced technology of a new civilization heretofore unknown. Continual sightings of UFOs have been reported near military installations. None of the purported centers of UFO investigation is named as the Wright Patterson Military Base in Dayton, Ohio, with subsequent covert operations exhibited at Site 51 in the Nevada Desert. Whether there exists such an exchange of technology from more advanced beings with the United States government and military remains to be proven. However, records of the Nation of Islam’s early history in the 1930s, as reported in Detroit, Michigan, shows evidence that a break-in of our temple properties ended up with the confiscating of drawings and literature pertaining to the advanced technology of the operations of our Great “Mother’s Wheel” and her contents of 1,500 in numbers of baby planes has been diligently studied, along with our Nation’s Sacred Book or Supreme Wisdom writings of Lessons. It would not be surprising to learn that some of these archives in possession of the United States intelligence forces and the Executive branch of the United States government have laid the base for their scientific research and studies of such phenomenon that they identify as UFO, Top Secret investigation files.


Promoting a war in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Persian Gulf and other parts of the Middle East for the protection of Israel and the United States’ interests is a pretext to cover-up the reality of their real scientific investigations with experimentation and testing of weapons into advanced technology and mechanics exhibited by the phenomenon of the Great “Mother’s Wheel.” We are at the present time coming into contact with higher and superior consciousnesses which are operating telepathically in conjunction with the mechanics of “The Wheel,” to raise the vibration of our planetary populous as we make our transition from the present world order of Satan into the New World Order of God and His Christ. Our open enemy and opponent of God, that Old Serpent and Devil, is making haste to learn the utmost of the Secrets of God’s Power that he may extend his life into the kingdom of God on land and on sea.

View of the BP oil explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. Graphic: MGN Online

This arch deceiver that has deceived the whole world is most certainly in battle array to destroy the remnants of the seed of the woman and the nations who are making this truthful testimony Seismic underground or undersea testing of Strategic Weapons of War, combined with weather related electromagnetic testing by HAARP (The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), as well as other highly activated programs of the military, is being permitted by God to ultimately manifest God’s victory in the final great war in the sky which is now taking place called Armageddon. God’s opponents are testing and manufacturing their full arsenal of weapons to destroy mass populations bringing them into the pit of hell. “And they had as king over them. He is the angel of the bottomless pit (BP): British Petroleum oil spill, whose name in the Hebrew Tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek Tongue hath his name Apollyon.” —Revelations 9, verse 11.

Note: The BP oil disaster carries the same letters applied to the words, bottomless pit.

“And those whose good deeds are light, those are they who have lost their souls, abiding in hell. The Fire will scorch their faces, and they therein will be in severe affliction. Were not My messages recited to you, but you used to reject them?” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 23, verses 103-105

To be continued.