CHICAGO ( – Recent calls by Jewish organizational leaders for public denunciations of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan are part of a long history of avoiding honest discussion of their historical involvement in the slave trade and misdeeds involving Blacks.

“This is consistent with the Jewish movement under White Supremacy,” said Dr. Conrad Worrill, National Chairman Emeritus of the National Black United Front who battled alongside Minister Farrakhan throughout the entire controversy with Jewish organizations now spanning three decades.

“They do not want to face the truth. The Jewish Zionist forces have consistently not wanted to address the truth of their involvement in the slave trade, controlling Black institutions in the philosophical and educational arenas from a historical standpoint and the Minister has been consistent in calling on them to sit down and face the truth,” Dr. Worrill added.


Demonstrative of their efforts to demonize the Muslim leader and avoid any meaningful discussion of the topic, Morton Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America called Minister Farrakhan a “veteran jew-hater” and characterized two new books, “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume 2” and “Jews Selling Blacks,” both from the Nation of Islam’s Historical Research Department as “two volumes of hateful new works.”

Mr. Klein gave no specific examples of what material was actually “hateful” and still, no organizations nor their leaders have dealt with the substance of the over 600 pages of research gathered from prominent and respected Jewish sources.

Signaling the initiation of another phase in the controversy, on July 13, a leading anti-Muslim neo-Conservative ideologue, Daniel Pipes weighed in on Minister Farrakhan’s challenge to American Jewish Organizations that was picked up and circulated on Right Wing blogs and web sites almost as soon as it was published.

Mr. Klein in his statement directly called on Pres. Obama to again, publicly condemn the Minister.

“In this instance, in light of the fact of President Obama’s former church having honored Farrakhan; the president himself having helped organize and attend Farrakhan’s million man march in the 1990s; and the fact that Farrakhan has in effect solicited the views of the Administration by sending copies of the new anti-Semitic books to it, it would be of great value and appropriate for the President to publicly condemn Louis Farrakhan’s latest anti-Semitic outburst and threat to all American Jews,” said Mr. Klein in his statement on behalf of ZOA.

Ironically, it is Jewish organizations who have a history of calling for Minister Farrakhan’s death, and not vice versa. Members of the Jewish Defense League and Jewish Defense Organization during the mid-80s would chant, “Who do you want? Farrakhan! How do you want him? Dead!” And during a tumultuous time in Rev. Jesse Jackson’s historic 1984 presidential campaign, Minister Farrakhan assigned members of the Fruit of Islam to protect Rev. Jackson and his family when hostile elements within the Jewish community were threatening violence.

As Minister Farrakhan stated in his June 24 letter, “As you have constantly labeled me and done everything within your power to hinder me and us from the civilizing work that Allah (God) has given to The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and myself to do, I ask you to find one act committed by me or those who follow me that has injured one Jewish person, stopped Jews from doing business, hindered their education, injured their families, sullied or desecrated their synagogues. You will not find one,” he wrote.

An article written by Ed Lasky posted on the web site for the American Thinker, a conservative daily internet publication, seemed critical of the fact that Pres. Obama’s Special Envoy and the head of his Office To Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, Hannah Rosenthal, for failing to condemn the Minister’s recent letter and recent speeches.

“Let us not forget that Barack Obama marched in Farrakhan’s Million Man March, referred (during the campaign) to Farrakhan by his honorific ‘Minister’, and–also during the campaign–declared that “nobody has spoken out more fiercely on the issue of anti-Semitism as I have,’” wrote Mr. Lasky.

This is not the first time during his presidency that members of the Zionist community have pressured and criticized Mr. Obama, despite his efforts to assuage their fears.

Pres. Obama actually went and offered prayers at The Western Wall (also called The Wailing Wall) in Jerusalem, however, it was reported by the Times of London that he was heckled. He visited Yad Vashem, and in 2009, became the first U.S. president to visit the Buchenwald concentration camp. However, that did not stop the brother-in-law of Israel’s hawkish Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from calling Pres. Obama anti-Semitic.

It was widely reported by American and Israeli news organizations that Hagai Ben Artzi, the brother of Mr. Netanyahu’s wife told Israel Army Radio “There is an anti-Semitic president in the U.S.”

“I think overall, the pressure on Pres. Obama from White Americans of every stripe is almost unbelievable,” said Dr. Gwendolyn Zohara Simmons, professor of African American religion at the University of Florida. “He (Obama) has done everything that I can imagine that is humanly possible to continually show his support for the state of Israel yet he is called upon to prove and reprove and then reprove that he is a friend of Israel and will not change foreign policy.”

While Dr. Simmons said she never thought that Pres. Obama’s election would mean that America was ready to deal with the subject of race forthrightly, she was surprised to see what came to the surface after the endemic racist thoughts prevalent in many White Americans were exposed. She also said Whites and others asking Black organizations such as the NAACP, to determine their agendas by what is comfortable for them were “paternalistic and racist.” She expects the attacks and calls to denounce strong Black leadership that addresses racism and the economic disparities that exist in America to continue.

“The Minister is touching the third rail when he critiques Jewish organizations and Israeli policy,” added Dr. Simmons.

Dr. Worrill said the research compiled by the Nation of Islam is “tremendous and profound” and the fact that members of the Jewish community are calling on Pres. Obama to denounce Min. Farrakhan is a testament to their influence.

“It demonstrates the kind of power and influence they have in the world, and a great deal of the power and the influence they have in the world is based on the financial benefits that they gained from our enslavement,” said Dr. Worrill.

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