The Cultural Revolution Begins | In Search of the Messiah

“And whoever turns himself away from the remembrance of the Beneficent, We appoint for him a devil, so he is his associate. And surely they hinder them from the (right) path, and they think that they are guided aright.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 43, verses 36-37

Our life-giving teachings of the Supreme Wisdom, spiritually coded in our Nation’s Sacred Book of Lessons leads the student to higher dimensions of spiritual consciousness unlocking the keys of the Universal Order of things. This study lays the base for the New Teachings of the Ultimate Truth revealing the new life of the Hereafter. Such beauty and happiness has been prepared for the faithful who are breaking the mental chains of bondage in this period of the Spiritual Resurrection of the Dead the world over. As we come to the completion of our report on the last expedition to the Costa Chica region of Mexico, participants in the Encuentro XII (Meeting) will continue to give their reflections on the importance of the moment and the unification with our people in Mexico and beyond. We continue with the words of Sister Angela Muhammad from Columbus Ohio:


One of my most rewarding experiences on the trip was working with the women that prepared the meals for the Encuentro. It was refreshing to see a group of women working together in unity to produce enough food to feed everyone present. The women were very self-sufficient (slaughtering the animals themselves), using very crude/basic, but effective tools at their disposal. They were very open, and welcomed me into the fold when I asked if I could help out. I was blessed to learn how to make Pacaritas and Tortillas from scratch. Talk about a wonderful M.G.T. cooking class. I was inspired to “dig deeper” to understand the process of converting corn into various foodstuffs ranging from breads to soups.

I was even taken to a home where a “screw agar” machine was kept that turned swelled corn kernels into “Mixtamal,” the dough used to make the flat breads. I also gained a true appreciation for the women’s ability to find multiple uses for everyday items. For example, drained coconut shells were used as a heating source to grill fish, and plastic garbage cans served as a container for the various beverages. Even though the preparation areas were not as sanitary as I am accustomed to in the highly regulated Food Industry (where everything is cleaned, sanitized, and the results quantified), I enjoyed every morsel without succumbing to illness.

As a matter of fact, all of the food was wholesome, tasted good, and was presented well. These women have mastered the “Cooking” Training Unit. I learned a lot, and am now more inspired than ever to develop recipes/formulations for items that may one day be marketed under the Mxodus Brand of products. I would also like to complete a curriculum I am developing for children ranging in ages from 3 to 18 that would teach basic principles of Food and Culinary Sciences in conjunction with Business and Entrepreneurship fundamentals.

Sis. Chaava Muhammad, from Atlanta, Georgia, offers the following observations and reflections as a participant in the Encuentro XII:

On April 14, 2010, I was blessed to embark on another expedition with Mother Tynnetta and the MXODUS team in the country of Mexico. We arrived in Mexico City once again headed down the Pacific Coast side of the country into Acapulco. The first thing I noticed was that the spirit of the participants in this tour was extremely high. In addition to the MXODUS team members who usually take this trip into Mexico, there were many new smiling faces, filled with energy and great expectations and expertise. This trip taught me how to be of greater service, to share, gather and process information better.

At El Encuentro — The Gathering in HueHuetan Guerrero, we shared with the students a donation of art supplies and Mother Tynnetta presented books and tapes of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Louis Farrakhan to conveners and guests of the Encuentro. As ambassadors, sisters shared the 7 units of M.G.T.&G.C.C. in a universal language, demonstrating a skit on how to act at home and abroad.

Dr. Runoko Rashidi shared with us and the Afro—Mestizos community their history before their enslavement In Mexico. He presented a slideshow that showed images of Blacks indigenous to countries all around the world. He also showed the Great Kings and Queens of Egypt who ruled over vast dynasties. This lifted many spirits at the Encuentro. One very dark sister in the community expressed her gratitude for the information and expressed if she had known these things earlier, she would not have had to feel so humiliated growing up. It was a painful, yet rejoicing, moment. I could not help but shed tears as it reminded me of the plight of so many of all of our people in the Americas.

Bro. Dr. Ridgley Muhammad shared a presentation on agriculture and we learned much about the needs and ways of indigenous farmers in Guerrero. We learned of the Maringa plant which the seed is used as a natural water purifier and the leaves can be made in a tea for a natural blood purifier.

The women worked together to prepare the meals for the entire community; they worked in unison over stoves constructed of stone and open flames. The sisters of the M.G.T.&G.C.C. learned and shared in making tortillas and empanadas. It was a beautiful moment. One of the many things that caught my attention is that the children look like children in stature and spirit; I believe this is because of them not being overdeveloped because of hormones in the meat. We watched as the women of the town slaughtered chickens of normal size, not with humongous breasts and thighs, fresh fish was cleaned and scaled. In the M.G.T.& G.C.C. skit of the seven units under “How to Cook,” we were able to share with our sisters the importance of why we do not eat the pig.

The university on wheels—our tour bus was a constant circle of learning, sharing and bearing of witness of the Universal Teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad–testimonies and bearing of witness from Mother Tynnetta, Bro. Jabril and elders such as Bro. Sylvester and Brother Thomas Jihad were priceless. Mother Tynnetta elevated our frequency of thoughts to the heavens reminding us that the root of our universal teachings given by Master Fard Muhammad is in astronomy.

“Until when he comes to Us, he says: O would that between me and thee there were the distance of the East and the West! so evil is the associate! And as you did wrong, it will profit; you naught this day that you are sharers in the chastisement. Canst thou then make the deaf to hear or guide the blind and him who is in clear error?” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 43, verses 38-40

To be continued.