I made a statement that opens my last article that appeared in our newspaper, The Final Call. It was part of my reaction to a meeting that was held on May 8th I wrote:

“Last week, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan held a Laborers meeting in Chicago, Illinois. I was there. It was more than powerful. That needs an explanation.

“I expect to read aspects of that meeting in our newspaper, The Final Call.


“Have you asked yourself, why Minister Farrakhan named our newspaper, The Final Call? If not, why not? Have all of our people read at least one copy of it, in your city?

“Have you had one conversation, with one person, why he named our newspaper, The Final Call? What came out of it? … .

“When you saw this newspaper and read it, did it cause you to love him–the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan? Why?”

If you say yes, then how deep is that love? Time will tell. What is “the time” telling us, right now?

How close are we at the “end of time?” What does that really mean? Is “the end” in process, right now? Are we prepared to deal with these questions? What are we doing about it? Do you hate these questions? If yes, why?

Minister Farrakhan has dealt with these questions, directly. He has answered them over and over. This involves that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has contacted him and he made that very public–worldwide.

That fact, or truth, involves all of us—100 percent! Minister Farrakhan has been very direct and very clear. He has made his message and position clear beyond a shadow of a doubt. I don’t believe that anyone can say you don’t understand him. He makes himself very, very clear.

You can say that you’re not a follower of his, but you can’t call him a liar. I could go further into this, but I will not now. I intend to go into this later.

In the meantime, what have we done to help others get through this serious time–right now?

In the Holy Qur’an, Moses and Aaron are mentioned, with each other, several times, or mentioned together in a certain context, in certain verses. That is obvious. But what does this tell all of us, who are living–right now? Do those verses relate to us, in America to this situation 100 percent?

How close are we to that day? Or do we see that we are in THAT DAY, RIGHT NOW? The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan gave the world his profound view of this day. He made it clear where his wisdom came from–the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who is backed by the Supreme Being.

A few days after Minister Farrakhan made his position very clear, the most powerful Jews reacted to him and they made their position-almost very clear.

Minister Farrakhan continued with several powerful consecutives speeches. He again thundered. They could not stop him. Right after the most powerful Jews reacted, what is called “UFOs” appeared again and again, and again. What happened?

This was made very, very, public! The world saw this. Do you know what this means?

If you do not know, you are missing that which affects your life and your family’s life and all that you love or even hate–right now! I’m only doing my little part, to help the very few, who read my articles. But, I’m doing my little part to help my Big Brother–Minister Farrakhan–and others who love him.

All kinds of civil wars are going on, right in this country. Much is being covered up. Some is easy to see, when you really want to see them, in the light of truth.

Anybody who lies about these dangerous situations, and then makes people to believe those lies, makes these situations, worse than ever. America is filled with problems due to liars who have filled the world with lies.

In the Holy Qur’an, chapter 50, titled, The Resurrection we read those words that lead up to this:

“On the day when We say to hell: ‘Art you fill up? And it will say: Are there any more? ‘ ” (Holy Qur’an 50:30)

Are we really in that day, now, or are we about to enter into that day?

I wrote on June 17, 1983:

“These articles were written over a period of time, beginning in the summer of 1981 for The Final Call and later they appeared in The Houston Defender. At the time of the writing of this Introduction the first ten have appeared in The Final Call.

Thirty-three of them, including the first ten, have been written for The Houston Defender. The 33rd is due to appear in next week’s issue of that newspaper.

“In addition, 27 articles have been written for The Houston Informer. The approach towards fulfilling the ultimate purpose for which that series is being written is somewhat different from the Farrakhan: The Traveler series.

The aim, purpose and objective, however, is the same: To help the reader think of Minister Louis Farrakhan in a manner that is pleasing to the Divine Supreme Being and His Christ, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

“When anyone disrespects another, they will, to some extent, disrespect and then disregard the words of the disrespected one; even when such disrespect is unjustified. Such disrespect leads to the underestimation and even (in its later stages) hostility. It can further lead to dislike and then hatred for the one who is the object of such disrespect.

In these cases, it starts out as disrespect and develops into contempt. And, in some cases, it’s worst than that.

“To disrespect Minister Farrakhan means that one will misunderstand the message he has from God for our guidance, welfare and the future both of our families and ourselves, regardless to your color, sex, age, profession, etc.

“It is my aim, in presenting these articles, to stimulate deep enough thought about Minister Farrakhan, which will increase our insight into this extraordinary man of God.

“One of the underlying purposes of these articles is to aid those who are joining Minister Farrakhan to help lift the name and works of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. How? By stimulating their minds to see the Minister more as Allah, His Christ and the original Writers of the Scriptures see him. Why? Because it is only by divine sight that we can properly relate to him.

Of course, this principle holds true in all of our relationships. The more accurately we see, the better we can relate to others; even to improving ourselves, so that we might relate even better to others.

“The Honorable Elijah Muhammad once said of and to Minister Farrakhan that he ‘… would rise to the pinnacle of success in this world’s life.’ This world’s life has existed for six thousand years. Now we are at its end.

This world rejected both the Supreme Being and His Anointed One, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, as it was expected. So did our nation (Black people of America), as a whole.”

Allah willing, I’ll complete what I wrote back in 1983 and explain why I’ve put this photo with this article, for you to see.

My space is “running out,” but remember, Minister Farrakhan arose in 1977 to rebuild the Nation of Islam, in America. That was then.

Now, as mentioned in this article, he made the most powerful statement that caused the most powerful enemies of truth, on all levels, to react to him and the Nation of Islam.

Then the Supreme Being and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and what America calls “UFOs” reacted to this situation and to them–the most powerful Jews and the hypocrites.

What does the word “show-down” means? Can it be delayed? How? When?

I started this article May 13th and I just ended it now, May 19th.

More next issue, Allah willing.