We say “modern” when we refer to something comparing it to the past. This name “Babylon” begins in Genesis 10:10 (Bible). In Gen. 10:10 it is spelled “B-a-b-e-l.” But the same name seems to have changed itself into the name Babylon as we come to the most late-day history of this name.

Babel (Babylon)–According to the history of Babylon throughout the Bible, Babylon is referred to as something prophesied as having a failure upon her progress and rise.

In Psalms 137:18, David prophesies that Babylon was made to be destroyed. We know of nothing other than the devil and his works that was actually made to be destroyed spiritually.


The devil was not made to exist forever. This is verified by both the Bible and the Holy Qur’an and by all writers and teachers of scripture. So, here, Babylon seems to refer not only to some town or city, but it also seems to refer to a race or a nation of people.

Ancient Babylon, as is known by all of us, was a city under the reign of Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar. The fall of Babylon was final. Babylon was never to be rebuilt after her fall. And Babylon was never rebuilt.

This points to the same prophecy of the devil and his kingdom in the Revelation of John (Bible)–that Satan and his kingdom would be burnt up and it would never rise again.

In the Epistles of Paul there is a prophecy of the devil and his kingdom “that the devil was made for fuel for the fire.” The Holy Qur’an refers to this prophecy in these words: “Fuel of hell is men and stones.”

So the “fuel of hell is men and stones”–we do not know why stones are put there with men–it could be referring to the hardness of the stone and to the hardness of the heart and the hardness of the wicked against truth and righteousness.

The book of Revelation (Bible), it is prophesied here that an angel heralded a warning to the people that Babylon is falling. He then tells why Babylon fells. Babylon fell because she….”is become the habitation of devils, and the hole of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.” The “foul spirit” here is used to tell us that the people of Babylon were filthy.

The term, “a cage”–this tells us that her cities and her country became a cage for people of filth. The Bible teaches us that the God referred to the people of Sodom and Gomorrah as being people whose doing and work was such that it came up and stunk in His nostrils. (But I think that if the God would get a good smell of this modern wicked filth here He would think the smell of Babylon in His nostrils was like the smell of a flower compared to the wickedness of today.)

Babylon is used as an example for some distant people or their history. According to the prophets, this name Babylon is something that begins in Genesis and ends in Revelation. It is found throughout the entire Bible; therefore, we must not look at it as one personal part. We must not look at it as spelling out to us the ancient only.

In Jeremiah, (Bible) we see a daughter of ancient Babylon. He calls the people “the daughters of ancient Babylon.” These people are not the old parents, but they are the daughters from those parents.

The daughter of ancient Babylon refers to a more late and modern civilization whose people give themselves over to the practice of the same evil that the people of Ancient Babylon practiced. But, the modern people were more capable of improving on the practices of the people of ancient Babylon. Therefore, he calls this modern people “the daughters of ancient Babylon.”

Isaiah (Bible Is. 47:1) asks this people, the daughter of Babylon, “Come down, and sit in the dust, O virgin daughter of Babylon, sit on the ground: there is no throne….for thou shalt no more be called tender and delicate.”

The daughters of Babylon seem to have been a very rich people and they had fallen from a state of great wealth. Isaiah used Babylon as a pretty girl whose lovers used to be plentiful because of her wealth and attractiveness; now she has become ill-looking and has no more attraction upon the people. So he said, sit down in the dust, you are no more respected and attractive to the people.

The prophet Jeremiah warned ancient Babylon that she had a daughter coming. This daughter meets the fate destined for Babylon: she was made to be taken.

Satan was made to be taken and destroyed. Why? Because she had become a place where evil was practiced. She was like a bird that goes out and associates with birds other than her own kind, and then she becomes a hateful bird–she is hated by the other birds.

Babylon fills herself up with people of that sort. The U.S.A. came into the Western Hemisphere and chased and all but annihilated the Indians. But America invited every one of the poor class who wanted to come from Europe to make themselves at home here in America, the Indians’ country.

Since we the Black people were kidnapped and forced into this world (of the White race) we must be forced out of this world. It is not that you my people will accept by just having the freedom to accept of your own choice. No. You will have to be punished, divinely beaten and destroyed until you accept Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praises are Due forever, as your God and Saviour, as I and thousands of my followers are doing.

Do not think that the 144,000 prophesied of, are the only ones who will be saved. The 144,000 refers to the first converts–”the first ripe fruits to God and His Messenger, the first ripe fruits of God and the Lamb.”

(Excerpt from “The Fall of America,” 1973.)