Bringing truth to a troubled nation

Click here to view the full TVOne interview with Minister Farrakhan

Cathy Hughes has already enshrined herself in history through building the TVOne cable network and the Radio One broadcast network. She has a reputation for courage and outspokenness, in particular from her days as an on-air personality and owner of WOL-AM radio station in Washington, D.C.


But her May 9 interview with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, a two-hour special that was highly promoted by her cable network, was a great piece of journalistic work and an example of an independent-minded Black woman and media person.

The program was taped at the Minister’s home in rural Michigan and was a wide-ranging discussion that was complete with historical footage and allowed a brief look at his family.

Ms. Hughes, whether seated comfortably with Min. Farrakhan inside his home or walking on the property, engaged him in important and poignant conversation, bypassing the tired lies and offering viewers the opportunity to hear about the Minister’s mother and her influence on his life as a proud Black woman; his talent as a musician and how his wife accepted Islam before he did.

But beyond offering a more personal and poignant portrait of the Minister, the TVOne program allowed the beloved leader to lay out solutions to a country struggling with seemingly insurmountable problems and divided along volatile lines of race, politics and class.

The Minister was able to provide valuable spiritual and practical lessons, point out how the poison of racism has affected the country and how hatred has led opponents of the president to attempt to stymie him at every turn, regardless of the consequences to the country as a whole.

Min. Farrakhan again warned the powerful and the violent in America to keep their hands off of President Barack Obama and to do him no harm. We can afford to lose an election but we cannot afford to see First Lady Michelle Obama widowed and her children deprived of their father, he said. Such a wicked act would bring dire consequences to this country, Min. Farrakhan said.

The Minister shared how Mr. Obama’s political success has taken the limits off of the minds of Black boys and girls. They can never again be limited to song and dance and sport and play alone. Mr. Obama has shown Blacks have the capacity to be world rulers and that “genie” can never be put back in the bottle, Min. Farrakhan noted.

Lastly, the TVOne interview allowed the Minister to offer America solutions to her “Negro Problem,” noting that the funds spent to do something with Black folks, especially in urban areas, have failed. If the government backs the Nation of Islam with resources, we can solve the problem by giving our people knowledge of themselves that will create love and banish self-hatred, self-destructive activity and violence, he said.

Ms. Hughes deserves great credit for her work, which not only brought truth to the public, but also offered a divine man the opportunity to speak a word of warning and guidance to a troubled nation.

Click here to view the full TVOne interview with Minister Farrakhan