The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told me, one day, “Some things must happen, so that other things can happen.” He told me that in April of 1972, in Phoenix, Arizona.

Then, in October 1977, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan stood up and announced, by the help of Allah, that he would re-build the Nation of Islam. Now, we are here, and he will see his teacher, one day soon, and after a few years, he will return.

I wrote an article, in the January 27, 1992 issue of The Final Call that was titled, by the editor, “God’s Grace Revealed.”


The subtitle given editorially was “Recent events in Minister Farrakhan’s life shows the Supreme Being’s mercy.”

His life shows that. I’ve tried to make that clear, ever since I’ve written in The Final Call and in books. I also did that, in talks, when I was able do that.

I did not name that article. Editors, they do that. I’m not an editor. But those words told the truth, but not the whole of the truth. But those words told the truth. I’m convinced he will see him soon.

This is the fifth in a series of articles about the huge events of October 7th and the 13th, of this year (1992) which revolved around glorious acts of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan.

It is written that one day God said to Moses that He was going to wipe out–kill–all of the people whom He commissioned Moses to teach and lead. He told Moses he would make a greater nation out of him.

What did those people do that caused God to want to wipe them out? How did Moses react to Him (God) and the people, at that time and why?

Moses begged God not to do so. Moreover, he humbly said to his Lord that if He would not forgive His people, then he asked his God to blot him off from the book of life.

Moses loved his God and God’s people, with an intensity that was of the same quality of the love in the same God Who produced him, to save His people. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad demonstrated this same kind of love, and then some, from 1931 right through the time that He departed, in 1975, and even up to this very moment.

At this point, I repeated a point I’ve made in another article, with significant additions. It was:

One day, nearly 60 years ago–maybe 1932–Master Fard Muhammad said to his servant, “Come on Karriem. We got about all we’re going to get.” The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, instantly, humbly and tearfully responded, “Master, if you destroy them, destroy me.”

He replaced His servant’s name, first with Karriem and later with the name Muhammad.

(How do I know? I heard these words from his mouth. I studied both him and Minister Farrakhan for years. That does not make me a “big-shot.” To use these events, or events like these, to make such people, a big-shot, is wicked to the max or to be proud, reveals such people, deserving total disrespect!!!!!!!!)

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When the people rebelled against their God, Moses and Aaron fell on their faces and begged God for mercy for such foolish people. Later, when God reacted to continued rebellion of the people, who feared Pharaoh and his hosts, (as they ought to have feared God), and when God threatened to destroy His people, it was Moses and Aaron who fell on their faces and begged God, to exercise extraordinary mercy and save their people–and the others who would be saved.

This connects to the fact that Master Fard Muhammad came, in part, to produce the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to save us–and others who would be saved.

Now, included in His purpose for coming, was to produce the Honorable Louis Farrakhan for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, that he (the Christ) may use him (the Minister) to get all of His people.

The Bible records that Paul, went through a period of intense pain, sorrow and grief, or depression, over the rebellious condition of the Jews and their unwillingness to accept–or properly accept–him whom God produced to save them. So did Minister Farrakhan pass through such an intense experience, a few years ago. Out of that came the study guides, plus, God ordered through him.

In an article that I wrote in 1988, I mentioned the fact that Allah only allows intercession under specific conditions or circumstances. He only permits intercession, through certain ones. The scriptures, tells us. And then they must be prepared by Him.

This is highly relevant to the specific series of events (that took place earlier this year culminating October 7th) initiated by the subtle, yet extremely significant coactions or interplay of actions and reactions between Allah and His Christ, on the one hand, and Minister Farrakhan on the other.

Minister Farrakhan could not, trace step by step, the events of his life (this year) which led to his prayer for us on October 7th and that which he also spoke on the 13th. His deep consideration for his audience and time limitations simply made it inappropriate for him to go as deep as he wished. We all need to learn those details, because we have in these events principles that help us to understand how Allah expands the breasts, or increases the capacity of the head and heart of such noble human beings, whom He would guide and permit (and how He involves Himself in the preparation of such noble souls) to serve as intercessors for us.

In other words, not only are there pockets of time, during which God allows intercession–and this is something very special–there is, what I will here briefly call, a special kind of mutual influence between the Lord God Almighty and a servant of His, for the benefit of others. We are witnesses and beneficiaries of such unusual experiences in the life of God, His Christ, and Minister Farrakhan. Remember, he called on God to enter our persons, in response to his prayer, to–among other things–help us to become more aware of Allah’s reality and intense love for each one of us and His mercy for all.

What should be our reaction? Gratitude or ingratitude? Arrogance or deeper humility? Fault finding and slander, or soul searching and the spirit of forgiveness? A flinging aside of time for prayer to Allah and the study of His word or increased stinginess and a greater measure of selfishness or an increase of acts of charity and greater sacrifices in behalf of Allah’s truths?

What should be our reaction to Allah’s to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad prayer for a helper–who came in the person of Minister Farrakhan?

Let us consider how such cases in America’s judicial system that embody and clarify such concepts as amnesty, pardons, clemency, etc., that grows directly out of the lives of human beings. And let us look at and reflect on incidents, in the lives of some of God’s prophets, who performed certain acts which serve as precedents for what Minister Farrakhan did for us–and others–on October 7th, which to the best of our knowledge was the birth date of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

My next article contained a definition of the meaning of “phony.”

More next issue, Allah willing.