My last article ended with these words: “…what do you see?” To put these words, in better context, I ended my last article with these words:

Malcolm: No teaching is more public than ours and I don’t think you will find anybody more blunt in stating it publicly than we do. I don’t think you can go anywhere on this earth and find anybody who expresses their views on matters more candidly than we do.

Agent: I can only agree with you. You are right.”


“I’m asking you to read this article, carefully–what do you see?” Now, I’m asking us, to think about this question:

How many of us, saw and heard the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan state that he is going to see his teacher? I’m among those who agree with him, 100 percent.

Now, I’m continuing this article with these words: From “This Is The One” pages 170- 172, we read:

“At this point the F.B.I. agent went on to probe, to try to get Malcolm to give them the names of those who followed the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. At first Malcolm dodged the agent. Then indignantly told the government official that his request was not only an insult to his intelligence, but, in effect, was an unflattering reflection on their own.

“The agent made clearer their motive. He pointed out that there were people in groups who would, under the right circumstances (this was implied), work with them. As he (the agent) put it, “–You never know until you ask. That has happened so many times. Sometimes you are convinced, but sometimes money brings out the information. I don’t intend to insult you here.”

Malcolm: According to the Secretary of the Treasury, this government’s money is in trouble. According to government economists, the dollar itself is in so much trouble a person would be a fool to sell his soul for one of these decreasing dollars.

Agent: I couldn’t agree with you more. You would be a fool to sell your soul even if the dollar were increasing. This has nothing to do with selling your soul. If you’re gonna look at it that way, okay.

Malcolm: Depends on how you look at it. I, frankly, believe that what Mr. Muhammad teaches is 1,000 percent true. Secondly, I believe that everything he has said will come to pass. I believe it. I believe it more strongly today than I did ten years ago because I have seen too much evidence. But today all of your events that are shaping up total up to too much evidence toward what he said is coming to pass. World events today would make me stronger in my convictions than they would have made me ten years ago.

Agent: I don’t want to sneak around the bush and try to trap you into saying anything. There is no point to it, because I have in mind a long-range cooperation between you and me or somebody else.

Malcolm: Well, see, my religion teaches me that you don’t have any long-range anything because time is running out.

Agent: Well, that is fine. That is all right if you believe it.

Malcolm: I say that with all due respect.

Agent: I know almost everything you have said at the meetings over the years, I am very familiar with it.

Malcolm: I think the mistake that White people make when they listen to what we say is they think we are just saying it. We believe it. At least I believe it.

Agent: Some just go for kicks …

Malcolm: You can put someone on me twenty-four hours a day and they will come back and tell you what I am there for.

Agent: Frankly, one of the reasons we picked this particular time to contact you is because of the suspension.

Malcolm: The suspension was brought about by my own doing.

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Agent: Exactly, but who knows what was in your mind when you did receive the suspension. In other words, bitterness could have entered into it. It would not be illogical for someone to have spent so many years doing something, then being suspended.

Malcolm: No. It should make one stronger. It should make him realize that law applies to the law enforcer, as well as those who are under the enforcement of the enforcer.

Agent: You’ve taken an attitude toward the thing that’s almost un-human really. You have taken the attitude that Mr. Muhammad wants everyone to take if he chastises them, which is fine. More power to you. But you can see it from our viewpoint, that there is at least a chance and this has happened with other members of the organization suspended for some reason or other that we talked to them.

Malcolm: Well, I can’t get bitter when I know that what I was reprimanded for was something that I actually did. What kind of person would I be to get bitter?

Agent: Well, that is what we came to find out.

Malcolm: I know. I continued, in “This Is The One,” page 172, we read:

“There is a growing number of White ‘experts’ on Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam. I find it highly interesting, that with their supposed expertise, and self proclaimed sense of “fair play,” they have not taken the time to interview, or gain factual knowledge from those members within the Nation of Islam, who walked, and talked, and broke bread with, and engaged–day in and day out for years– in the struggle to improve the condition of Black people (and others) throughout America. This speaks volumes concerning their true motivation.

“How would these ‘experts’ deal with the implications of the above interview between Malcolm and the FBI? How do they deal with statements, or evidence, contained in books, by some of Malcolm’s admirers–which of course these “experts,” I am sure are fully aware–to the effect that towards the end of his life Malcolm was seeking a way back under the leadership of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. And the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, more than once, made publicly and privately clear that he expected Malcolm to return repentant.

“The evidence is overwhelming that the United States government did all that it could to promote friction, not only in this situation (involving Malcolm), but among Black leaders and groups nationwide.

“Furthermore, when one gathers and examines ALL of the evidence it becomes clear that White men, such as Professor Axford, wittingly or unwittingly, are a part of the continuing conspiracy against the rise of the Black nation.”

I intend to come back to this. There’s more, but I’m ending this article with these words:

My purpose was and is to help others, to see the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, fully in perspective. All of us need this. Me too. Why? He is growing day by day and he is going to meet his father-teacher-soon.

A short definition of the word “perspective” means “clarity, exactness, explanation.” It involves a true understanding of the relative importance of things; a sense of proportion.”

Understanding him involves the understanding of the depth of his mission.

More next issue, Allah willing.