“And it behooves not a believing man or a believing woman when Allah and His Messenger have decided an affair, to exercise a choice in their matter. And whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger, he surely strays off to manifest error.”
Holy Qur’an 33:36


Two articles ago (Volume 29, Number 27) I placed a photograph that I made of one of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s daughters, some years ago.


She is Sister Betsy Jean Farrakhan. I took it because she and her son, had an experience that had a strong effect on her and her son. Me too.

She was sharing that experience with an audience, in Chicago, filled with the laborers of every Mosque, all over America. That means all of the laborers, in each and every city of America. One of the reasons why I’m sharing this is because I was there when she spoke.

I wanted the Nation of Islam to see it. I don’t know how you can get that tape. It should be in existence.

Her experience was a witness of the truth of her father’s experience. It is related to the “wheel”–the Mother Ship. Her father, Minister Farrakhan has made known the truth of it to the world.

I have and am bearing witness the truth of Minister Farrakhan’s experiences, when he tells the world that his teacher gave him a message in 1985 from the “wheel.”

His experience, has had a powerful effect on the United States and the world, that from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, through him.

I’m not going into his experience deeper now. But his experience was among my experiences and occurrences of others, that bears witness to the truth of Minister Farrakhan’s very public address that has made a powerful impact on the world.

Now, I’m continuing from my last article that focused on words in the Holy Qur’an that are contained in it. I wrote that article on April 1, 1988.

In that article I wrote: “The Honorable Elijah Muhammad loves Minister Farrakhan. I know this and ‘how’ this relates to you. Allah willing I intend to make this very, very clearer. How does this relate to you?

One of the facts, or truths, is that you are reading this, right now. Why?

Have you ever read when Moses and Aaron begged God Almighty, to give them more time to convert the people to bow down to Him?

Pharaoh and his people, made of God’s people slaves, according to the Bible and the Holy Qur’an. They were in that miserable state when Jehovah appeared, to change that situation.

Then He raised Moses and Aaron. Almighty God gave Moses and Aaron, proof, after proof, after proof that He had appeared. He backed them up, with supreme power the wicked did not have.

Now, I’m continuing from the article from what I wrote some years ago that I put in and sent to The Final Call, last week.

“Still it is put this way, in another translation edited by Malik Farid: “Moses said to him, ‘May I follow thee on condition that thou teach me some of the guidance which thou has been taught?’ He replied, ‘Thou cannot have patience with me; and how can thou have patience about things the knowledge of which thou comprehend not?”

Moses made a strong statement, to the effect, that by no means would he disobey; that he would be patient.

In that translation note, that he (the student) said, he would be patient, “if Allah pleased.” Smile.

The teacher asked him (the student) to demonstrate this by not questioning him about anything until he tells or explains it to him. He was saying, OK, if you are to travel with me, you can show that you’ll live up to your word, by being quiet. Your mouth can or will, interfere with what I am doing or will do. It could impede my moves. You could hurt things of benefit–to you and others–due to your expression of part knowledge. Just keep quiet. All right?

He was saying: Look, in making this trip, with me, you are traveling a road, and by a method–both of which you are unacquainted. Your knowledge and experience, up to this point, is inadequate to enable you to comprehend all that we are about to encounter, as we go forward.

You cannot use yourself–and whatever else you bring to this endeavor–as the measure, or as the yardstick by which to comprehend that which you will see, hear and even see me do. You will understand, however, at the proper time–God’s time.

But what happened? The student did not only question his teacher, he charged him with evil motives, in the first instance, said that what he did was grievous. In the second case he charged his teacher with a capital offense and stated that what he did was horrible. And on it went, until they parted company.

What did the wise man do? His student saw him put a hole in a boat that belonged to others, by which, as the scholars state, the owners used to earn their living. He saw this man, from whom he expected to learn more of God and His ways, kill–in apparent cold blood–a young boy. The student saw nothing in the boy’s behavior that merited death at the hands of his teacher.

What did the student think of his teacher? And what explanation was he given, by his teacher, just before they parted?

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad did not put holes in boats, nor did he murder anyone. He did guide us, however, on a path, and by a method that we knew not. He was raised among a sleeping mentally dead people, to whom he introduced unsurpassed wisdom–even that which no man had ever taught to the public.

Thus a totally new thing, or phenomena, was introduced by all through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. They and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad worked to produce, Minister Louis Farrakhan, who is leading us on that same path–the path that is filled with the wisdom of Allah-the Supreme Being.

Now, how does all of this relate to the origin of wisdom–the wisdom of God Himself?

The possibility of wickedness was present with the first God’s creation, but it took a long, long time to show itself–trillions of years. This God, Master Fard Muhammad, Who taught the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is in the process of erasing even the possibility of wickedness forever.

More next issue, Allah willing.