“And every nation has a term; so when its term comes, they cannot remain behind the least while, nor can they precede (it).” – Holy Qur’an 7:34.

There was a term for the people of Noah, Lot, and Moses. This also holds true in the life and death of individuals – all is under the control of Almighty Allah – especially when a divine beginning and ending has been appointed for the accomplishment of a certain work that must be done by the life or the life of peoples.

The above chapter and verse of the Holy Qur’an is a warning to the present nation whose term is now coming to an end. If we know what is said to us and what is written by the prophets for us to read, study and ponder over, and if we understand, we should not fall victims to misunderstanding and disbelief.


The trouble with the Black man in America is that he is heedless of the truth, for he was reared by slave foster-parents who were his enemy (the White race). They caused him to become heedless. It was the intention of the enemy to make the Black man an enemy to the truth as he himself was and is.

This the enemy was successful in doing, for the aboriginal Black man in America is referred to as being blind, deaf, and dumb, and in many instances as dead. This is the work of the enemy.

Therefore, it took one who is our friend and not our enemy, to do good to us and restore us to life (mentally). The children of the fathers (slave masters) who took our life (mental) are working just as faithfully as their fathers did.

However, since 100 years have elapsed from the time of their slave-fathers, the children are wiser and educated more in methods to keep the aboriginal Black man in America blind, deaf and dumb.

In the days of servitude slavery – of our grandparents – the White slavemaster did not even give them good food. Today, you can buy good food if you have the money. However, much of it is poisoned (by chemicals used). The slavemaster would offer a piece of fried chicken and a biscuit with a little butter on it to a so-called Negro as an inducement for him to teach or preach what the slavemaster wanted him to, to the other slaves on Sunday morning. The slaves did not have the theology of the scriptures and he made his other brothers spiritually blind, deaf and dumb.

The same goes for the preachers of today, as you can see. They preach for a reward from both White and Black. I have tried them for many years. They are as their fathers were. They desire the exaltation of the White man. They want him to give them better positions and they will offer to cut off the heads of their Black brothers if it will please “master.”

Although I live in a neighborhood with White neighbors, I do so for the purpose of proving that I can live in their neighborhood just as cleanly and noiselessly as they do. White people do not like you to come into their neighborhood, jumping on them and licking them in the mouth like a puppy.

They do not want their friends to think that they are taking you for an equal. He will talk to you as a friend when he is not in the presence of members of his society. They do not like you coming into the block beating your wife or girl friend and drinking in front of their houses. No decent and intelligent person likes this, whether he is White as snow or Black as the ace of spades.

You can go to the jungle and the pygmy will not want this. Late at night he and a gang of monkeys will come out and beat you up.

The American so-called Negro has been made out of himself and kind by the White Americans . He must now be reformed. In fact, God has promised him a new body. The Bible and the Holy Qur’an teach us that we will be a new people altogether. He was destroyed and acts ignorant and foolish. He is not aware of his ignorant actions because he has become a part of ignorance.

Now the end of the term which was set for the White man has come. The average so-called Negro, the lost found member of the Black nation does not know that this is the end of the world of the White man (his rule over the Black nation). He will not listen to one of his own kind who tells or teaches him of the time and doom of the world that we have known (White man’s world).

They offer high positions and money to the so-called Negro intellectual politicians who will work against the good of the Black American people. They will accept such gratuity, for they have been deprived of love for self and kind. What so they care about the millions who are sprawled in the mud of civilization? They are content as long as they eat the buttered biscuit and the fried chicken (as their slave-fathers did).

You would not think that they would hire themselves out to be stool pigeons – White man’s bootlickers and Uncle Toms in these modern times of advanced education – but they are doing just that.

They do not want the praise and exaltation of God and their own Black people. They want it from the slavemasters’ children. The slavemasters’ children will give it to them as long as they reject themselves and kind and worship and exalt the White people.

The White man is very clever in making a public fool of the Black man. They show the brown, yellow and red man what a good job they have done on the Black man in America and throughout the earth. He is doing what nature bids him to do.

I do not blame the White man anymore for making fools of our people. It is the nature of the White man to make a fool of our people, but it is not the nature of our people to allow him to make a fool of us.

But , you have been given the knowledge of yourself, the nature in which God created you, and you still allow the enemy to make a fool of you, then you do not have the sympathy of God and the righteous, not after knowledge.

The divine term that was given to the White race to allow them to make a fool of the Black man and rule him with tricks is now up. The devil with his tricks must be removed.

He was given this chance to deceive you with his tricknology; and therefore, God will not hinder the devil from tricking you if he can. This is written in the Holy Qur’an, chapter 7. But God promised hell-fire to both the devil and his followers whom he can get from the Black Nation.

Therefore, you and I – after knowledge of the devil, his tricks, and his term – should not blame anyone but ourselves, if we allow the devil to trick us, for that is the job of the devil. It is his nature. We blame ourselves and not the enemy.

You lust for his half-nude women and thirst for whiskey and beer. You desire gambling, robbing and killing each other for the personal property of others. This is the work of the devil upon you. You do not have to allow him to cause you to live such a life. Do not blame them, blame your foolish self.

It has always been the policy of the White man to use a Black man against a Black man – especially leaders. Look at history. See how he has deceived and killed off the Black leaders of foreign lands and then they took over themselves. This should be a lesson for you and me.

We, the Muslims, have watched our people who have come among us as eyes and ears (stool pigeons) for White folks. When they have become converted to the truth and join us, they confess that they are ashamed that have worked against us, for the sake of a few perishable dollars.

We know that the White man is our enemy and wherever we are, he offers some silly so-called Negro a higher office and higher pay to work against us Muslims, the righteous, or any so-called Negro. Whether he be a Baptist, Methodist, Holy Roller or Sanctified, some lazy so-called Negro will work against him for the White man.

It is a shame in such modern times to see Black politicians and preachers accepting positions to work against their own Black people for a few dollars from a race whose time has come to an end.

We are justified in taking it if the White man gave us a billion or a hundred billion dollars. We deserve it. But we are not justified to sell our lives for such a gift in this day and time.

Declare yourself a Muslim and see how much the devil will give you. He would say , “We will give it to you if you preach that we are not the devil.” We would answer, “that is just the same as saying, ‘If you do not teach the truth of me, so that I can continue to deceive the world of your kind, I will help you.'”

Remember what the Bible teaches us that Satan said to Jesus, “…All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.” Matt: 4:9. And he showed him the kingdoms of the world.

Perhaps you will be offered the world of the wicked pretty soon. If so, The Bible says, “What profit a man if he gain the world and lose his own life (soul)?” This is a warning to the preachers.

The little money, with its dying value, will not help you against God’s aims and purpose of the resurrection of the dead Lost-Found members of the Aboriginal Nation. You will lose your lives for so doing- and you should, for you cause innocent ones who are blind, deaf, and dumb to go to hell with yourself and the enemy.

Allah, (God) came forth in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praise is due forever, the Son of Man, as it is written, seeking to save that which was lost and to restore again that which had gone astray.

He said to me that He would eat rattlesnakes to save our lives and that He would walk forty miles up a mountain to teach just one in order to save his life in exchange for our safety and return to our own.

I have taken Him for my God and my Saviour. I advise you to do the same, regardless of the offers of money, which is fast becoming worthless.

Jesus refused the money and dwelt upon the truth that is written that we must not worship Satan. Satan’s place is behind us and not in front of us.

It is the nature of Satan to try and deceive the very angels in heaven; not to think of the fools who are in his hell. In the Bible (Rev.), it is written that you would accept the enemy and go down in a lake of fire with him.

Read the following passages of your Bible which dwells on the time and yourselves: Prov. 14:12, 19:20, 25:8, Isa. 9:7, 46:10, 2:19, Eze. 7:2, 3, 21:25, 35:5, Dan. 5:6, 11:45, I Pet. 4:7, Rev. 21:6, 22:13.

Holy Qur’an translation by Maulana Muhammad Ali – Chapters 104:1-7, 75:1-15, 35:40, 7:22, 103:2, 4:117-120, 7:20,21

(Excerpt from “Fall of America,” 1973.)